getmyads.....try and boost your business...

in #money4 years ago

REPOST....due to so much interest

the more i get used to steemit - the more i see the chances to give other people chances...

i always thought advertising is cost-intensive....till somebody showed me a possibility to
make my advertising and get the money back....

i know there are a lot of things in the world...but this got most attention in the last year...and is on the most visited websites worldwide...
watch this 12 minute video....and see if its worth...

here is an other good link where some strategies are compared - sorry its only german

here is the link...submit for free

If you have any questions please contact me....
if you have already experiences i would be glad to talk to you


This is spam which is not supported by the community.

why should this be spam....when i see a lot of other post which just have some fotos or nothing else...???

Thank you for posting.

thanks...if you have any questions...dont hesitate to ask....submit for free..and i will help you anyway...:))

I want to know whether its just for those in Europe if not can those of us in Ghana use it

yes you can use it nearly everywhere....just subscribe for free...and start....:)))
i will help you if you have any problems...:))

In Russia how to start, and is it possible!?

join and choose ghana as country...i will help you if you have any questions

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