what is giving-hands

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Giving hands is and advertising service based matrix program with multiple levels.
For just $5 you can buy 500 banner ad views and 500 text ad views.

As an affiliate you can earn over $390,000 from sales.
Giving hands is an excellent opportunity for those with very little disposable income to start making some money from network marketing and advertising.

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Promoting scams is also a no-go

it's not a scam. I don't get involved with scams. The services I've purchased with this are real and work. a scam is when something is fraudulent. There's nothing fraudulent with this or anything I promote that makes money or provides a service.

bitconnect provided a service for a while. Doesn't make it legit.

So you saying that because Bitconnect was a scam EVERYTHING that enables people to earn online is a scam??
This is not bitconnect, it's not related to Bitconnect in anyway. The services provided are real and are of real value. I generated some good traffic for just $5 using this.
Believe me, if it was of no value I'd not promote it. My reputation is worth more than a $5 commission. ;-)

But I always advise that people do their own research into any company before parting with their cash and never risk more than you can afford to loose, because even with 100% legitimate businesses you can lose your money, in pretty much the same way as there's no such thing as a 'job for life' anymore.

No, but any site that has this kind of an image for marketing is.

It takes a blind man not to see that.