La Vendedor - Lesson Six

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The robot was spotted trimming roses in Joey’s front yard as he hurtled towards the front of his house. The middle-aged salesman couldn’t conceal his excitement when the corner of his eyes caught Karla gazing at him.

“Hey Karla, I got great news for you!” shouted Joey.

“Great news?” the robot gave her master a puzzled look.

“Wonderful news actually. You don’t need to worry about leaving this house anymore. Frankie sold you to me at full price.” exclaimed the middle-aged salesman.

“Thank you so much Joey. It is good to know that you want me as your robot after all.” smiled the obedient Karla.

“Definitely Karla. How can I move forward without you and besides, I got great plans for the two of us!” chortled her master.

“Great plans?” asked the robot.

“Yup, life enriching plans!” Joey declared.

“Let me guess. I think I got it, you want me to help you make lots of money, right?” quizzed Karla.

“You are such a smart robot Karla and your guess is right on the money.” acknowledged Joey.

“So, when do you want to start?” the robot threw another rose branch onto the ground.

“Tomorrow morning. I’m going to bring you to my AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meeting to meet some old friends of mine.” replied Joey.

“No problem.” The robot concurred.

“That’s my girl. Trust me, you are going to have a great time!” grinned the middle-aged salesman.

He stood next to an empty liquor cabinet in his living room and readily invoked some past images of him collapsing onto the carpet after downing several bottles of bourbon. When he finally woke up from a puddle of puke and piss, Joey realized why Gigi, a female chimp had decided to leave him. Like all her predecessors, Gigi could no longer tolerate living with a drunken and impotent salesman whose only fetish was to fantasize about getting rich. The chimp had enough of this BS from Joey.

“Tomorrow is it my friend.” sighed the middle-aged salesman.

Stay tuned.

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