The 21 Step Program of MOBE

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I signed up a few days ago to yet another online business in a box. This program went from $97 to $49 to just $1!!!

So I spent a whole dollar on this 21 step program to build your own business through affiliate marketing.

I've heard of affiliate marketing when I was exploring online business options a few months ago. I had heard of it through Amazon.

This 21 step program comes with a free ebook called Limitless. I'm up to chapter 2 of the ebook and also have completed step 2 of the program.

This program comes with all the big promises of giving you a life of freedom. But of course only if you complete all 21 steps.

MOBE shows some pretty harsh but probably true stats on the percentage of people who actually complete all 21 steps. The number of people who don't even start is a shocking 3%.

But hey if it only cost you a dollar you probably won't care.

This idea of the more it costs the higher the priority is quite fascinating.

So I actually have the intention of completing the 21 steps. What have I got to lose?

Money. I have money to lose.

In the ebook the author mentions a magic number of $2500. And I'm assuming that's the level of investment they are expecting.

They also say horrible things like : the difference between profit and bankruptcy. Which quite honestly has me a little scared.

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