YOU ARE BEING ROBBED BLIND! Get Out Of The Dollar. By Gregory Mannarino

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The fact of the matter is most people are disconnected from reality, and they have no idea what is going on right under their noses.

Below is a chart of the US dollar ticker UUP dollar bullish ETF, and unless you are truly blind you can see the current trajectory of the dollar which is not going to stop.


It is very simple, President Trump wants the stock market higher and how will he achieve this? By making sure the dollar continues to bleed off purchasing power. Moreover, we have a runaway central bank which has printed, or added to a digital screen trillions of dollars which at one time is going to start chasing the same amount of goods. And what does this mean? Massive inflation.

The rise of cryptocurrency should be of no surprise to anyone who has even the slightest clue. The rise in cryptocurrency is reflective of a dollar which is in a lot of trouble.

Understand, every single day that the dollar loses purchasing power you in reality are getting poorer, and the only way to help yourself in this environment to diversify away from the dollar.

If you continue to leave yourself stuck in the dollar, understand you are holding an "asset" which has nowhere to go but lower moving forward as world central banks continue to kill their respective currencies by printing it out of thin air...

Global debt is going to get much worse, deficits are going to get much worse, and how will world central banks and their respective governments attempt to fix this?

By flooding the world with even more central bank notes...

Gregory Mannarino. "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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I just sold my Ether to Euro. I think Ether is very high and I wait for a pullback. Steem could be soon a very good buy. I wait a couple of days. Maybe Steem comes down around 4$ then I will buy. Upvoted and resteemed.

of course eur will rise against usd but long term holding fiats is suicide. Thing is I am long on eurusd from april 2017 with broker leverage. Made some money, but I would make much more buyin cryptos without leverage...EURUSD 1,1750 is very strong suport if u are above that level u r absolutely fine i think

@mastermindtrades...thanks for this advice. I stay in cryptos which I know better then EURUSD.

@mafsteem @mastermindtrades what is EURUSD ? I heard for the first time

good information

I don't have any Dollars and I don't want any. I own Euros and I don't want those either. I convert as many of these 'assets' as I can to cryptos, precious metals and some stocks.

Rule #1 of crypto-club. You don't talk about crypto-club.

Your speech is very strong.I just reply you.I have so much like this is truth that i totally agree with you

assets LOL. A piece of paper backed by nothing is not an asset :)

At this moment we are living in worldwide inflation time and the best currencies to invest are EUR, AUD, CAD, NZD for now. In the future when inflation will fall (and stocks too), then there will be good time to buy JPY, CHF and USD.

fiat currencies lose value. that is just waht they do. am i wrong?

The ECB is printing Euros each month in the billions.....worthless one day

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I'm really shocked they managed to push this market up to this level. Have you noticed that S&P RSI > 80. QQQ RSI > 78. DOW JONES RSI > 80.

This market is so overbought and yet they don't allow it to even have 2% correction!

Amazing work by the plunge protection team.

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never leave your money in the bank

Agreed, but what's the best way to deploy it in this market? Bitcoin overbought or just getting started? Dow to 30k this month or 20K (in which case I'd want to be in cash), precious metals, peer to peer, or all of the above? I have way too much cash but need to know how to get it moving in such a red hot market.

Renting out rooms to single people is a good money maker.

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Are we counting on Donald Duck money?


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I have mentioned elsewhere on here, it's not the value of the oil, milk, dope, sex or bitcoin going up, it's the Dollar going down!

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I keep finding myself thinking "I just don't want it to be sitting in dollars because it's always worth less." Meanwhile so many of the cryptos have been making steady gains. Even when you take into account the crazy volatility of the market, take almost any coin and look at the history on For most coins, the price of 1 year ago will astound you.

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Normalcy bias will stop too many people taking heed.
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Good advice. Diversify out of the dollar.

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Definitely resteemed this one. I have been talking about the coming dollar death for a very long time. & It’s been inevitable for a very long time. The crazy thing is even my most educated friends think it’s a decade away. I say look at the petro trade for gold that started in 2017.... look at cryptos.... look at the unsustainable debt levels. Look at the business cycle & fake recovery from the housing crisis. Very few people in this country understand the dollar discount & how different life can get in a hurry with real economic change

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What currencies are strong in your opinion? If you had to go long against the Dollar which currencies would you bet on. Thanks for all your content.

I like steem and gold although March is generally bad for gold.

Paper gold isn't gold, large traders have had their requests to withdraw physical pm denied in the past. Gold ETFs are not gold. Gold is as good as what you have your literal, physical hands on.

You can buy physical or miners.

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Whats the safest bet against inflation though? I'm not going 100% in on stocks because I think that 2008 type crash is imminent. I already got cryptos too. Bonds? Precious metals?

I agree most people have no clue of what's coming.

Do you think any of the cryptos are a place to park cash?

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The dollar is just the leper with the most fingers left. It'll be dead soon.

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Central banks are robbing ordinary people of their hard earned money.
Thanks for pointing that out Gregory.
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This has been going now for a long time and many have been told that the dollar is falling and will keep on falling. The only thing is that we intend to forget stuff and plus we don't believe everything that's being said. At the moment people don't know anymore what is true and what is not. I'm in europe with the euro so for now I'm ok but the euro :P What do you think @artakush?

I agree wit @minigunner it had to be foreseen long time ago, especially after #Drumpf sat into the chair. Also I agree @mmoosa where you can obviously see opposite tendency to EUR. Nowadays it's hard to find the truth, but if you keep searching the answers will appear before you.

And I meen when you see #Drumpf in action you just know it is not going to end up well. And still everyone is somehow blind or afraid to take hardcore actions.

It wasn't that long ago that people were leaving the euro for the dollar. Smart move, staying with euro for now. Wish I could get out of the dollar more than I already have. Inflation numbers are so fake, we already have inflated prices and smaller portions for the same price.

Yeah, I remember when the dollar was almost equal to euro but still, the euro can go down if European countries will decide to stop the euro in their country and get their currency back. So anything is possible in the future. Almost everything is fake these days @chipchik and that makes it more and more difficult.

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Get some hard assets while they are still cheap!

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Daylight robbery in progress!

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100% according to their assessments @marketreport, the governments of all the countries of the world have maintained a growing fiscal deficit, because of their inefficiency in how they manage the economy and they have always been the people who pay for the broken dishes, since governments cover their inefficiency by printing tickets ....
remember the case of 2010 when the American gov had eaten the money from Medicare and the people who had paid to be entitled to a pension say (the baby BOM) simply the government had disappeared the funds, then the bubble swallowed people with mortgage debt (most of the average American stock) is a strong example of this ...

That's why I believe in Cryptocurrency as the financial solution for the information and communication era

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It always depends what you compare the dollar too. It is still fairly strong against the Euro, just check two years ago.
But lots of countries are looking for alternatives now and might prefer Euro, Wong or even Cryptocurrency like Venezuela.
Therefor you might be completely right!!

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i think nowadays every cryptocurrency sucks

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