(VIDEO). The US Dollar Has Just Gone Critical. Get This Out! By Gregory Mannarino

in money •  2 years ago

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Friends the story again is the US dollar which has now gone critical.

In the video below a cover very important information regarding the continued death spiral of the US dollar.

As a personal favor, please share this Report.

Gregory Mannarino @marketreport
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Hello Greg! Upvoted and re-steemed as requested. I hope many people will listen to you; people also need to know this: Get out of debt if you can, if not lock in a loan at a low rate while you still can- if interest rates rise fast: it will cost a great deal every month in loan rates on those credit cards.


I'm looking forward to it. Higher rates mean lower priced property!

First again!

I fear something is coming very soon and not just the USA I think it's going to be a lot bigger unfortunately, great video cheers mike

Really good video as always Greg. I would say it's amazing that the MSM isn't covering the anchor move of the dollar but we know how that goes. Stagflation is knocking at the door and the FED is determined to hit their inflation targets. If you haven't diversified into dollar alternatives to protect purchasing power, now would be a good time to start doing so. Re-Steemed

I tell everyone who'll listen to prepare for the day when their fiat currency no longer buys anything. Seriously think about that and how you'd survive. There are plenty of steps you can do in advance to protect yourself!

I am a residential security expert, and part of residential security is disaster preparedness. If people are looking for assistance in that area, feel free to follow me on here and contact me for specific questions.

Getting people to understand the FED has been a hard fought 8 year battle personally...a few success's though

Thank you Greg! Resteemed.


Not really necessary because trust me...everybody and their sister has the exact same outlook as Greg does about the dollar. Cept me of course. :-)

Thanks for The Video! Cash is going to trash Scary times coming ~ you have to hold it to own and it lets not forget that pantry should always be full...

But, the stock market hit an all time high! And Trump said that was good. You mean to tell me he's not making the America Dollar great?

Hey Greg, I did 2 charts this morning. SPX with M1 overlay for the first chart. The 2nd chart was M1 to M2V (although I had already done a review of money velocity yesterday) and what I am seeing is we are coming on an interesting intersection regarding monetary policy. In short, it is likely that the Fed will only have 2 choices; 1) raise rates to support the value of the existing monetary base 2) curtail the monetary base to support DXY (what Hank Paulson did prior to the 2008 hayride). Either choice is bad juju for the economy and the equity markets. The question in my mind is 'which will they choose' since either choice will dictate which way we need to trade this.

yes really this video solve some our some confusens about dollar

Greg, I can only transfer so many dollars to eth per week lol

Seriously though, good luck to us all.

The dollar is crashing and anyone with a brain needs to get out of it. PROTECT YOURSELF FOLKS!! THE PARTY IS ABOUT TO END! Thanks greg!!!!



Yes you are right, the Fed always gets it wrong. Thanks.

Excellent post. Thanks for Share!

i think dollar i temprery down otherwise it so up after some time now here is big boom there for dollar is in under pressure

The US dollar does not stop going down damn
Slaughtered every single day


I think Greg is just trying to steal credit away from me on the coming "stealth" dollar rally by constantly spewing about how it keeps getting hit every day. Just a "theory" of mine though. I think he's going to be successful too. :-)

Just shared! You've gained a new follower. Follow me back @thatwilldopig and check out my post concerning humanitarian relief efforts! :)

Thanks Greg, resteemed. Hopefully more and more people are waking up to all that's going on due to people like you putting out the truth.

everything else to follow. See you in the bread lines with a wheel barrel ;)


Hopefully you're prepared already for the day when the fiat currencies of the world no longer buy anything.


not really. The clock doesn't tell me when to cash out so I have a little of this and that. If it all turns to shit we are all in the same boat. A bunker is not going to help me in the freezing winter.


I didn't mean cashing out. I have a little in specific stocks and one of my baskets is a fund based wealth management account. What I was talking about is how to feed yourself, protect you and yours, and heat your home. :)


Would you like a spatula? For your bunghole?

maybe USA need another president.lol


Everyone here knows that won't help though. They are just puppets. ;-)


yes maybe, but USD increased after That hype with Trump or smth

Good stuff Greg as usual.
The dollar is on the downside and the media is avoiding this but you gives us the inside updates.
Thanks for the video


America has been dead for over 20 years

Greg we agree and we upvoted and in order to help to get the truth that you speak out we will make sure that as many people in the world as possible will see it

very nice and informative video greg sir. thanks for sharing..
resteemed and upvoted

Only just because you asked this so nicely... twice... resteemed...

Lol Joking here. I think you are right but on the other hand it makes no sense for them to spread it, as they do not want to awake the ones asleep.

Thank you for having me.
I am following you because you are one of the only ones that spill the truth for us so we can make informed decisions. To get us on the right path.

Buy the ticket... ride the ride...
Hold tight
It's a doozy!!!!!

Seems like Dollar got shot in the head :p
Nice Informative video as always sir ^,..,^

great video ..thanks greg

Very good video!

Hello Gregory,
Most people are clueless of the US Dollar being down.
You and I have been screaming this for months.
Prices at the grocery are thru the roof, soon we will have shortages on certain goods... This will be the worst year for Crops ever... but watch those big companies collect triple in crop insurance. They pay for the Chemtrail spraying.
2018 will go down in History, the collapse of United States Inc. thank god.
Feel the pinch if you don't move out of the US or stock the fuck up now in the boonies.
Feel the Pinch? MAD MAX the Movie will be the path for the USA.

I've been making a killing in forex selling the US dollar against almost any other currency. At the end of 2016 when I did my long term analysis, the theme I anticipated for 2017 was "sell US dollar" and it has played out wonderfully. What is strange is the lack of attention considering that YTD the dollar has fallen 5-10%+ against every major currency.

Thank you thank you I will be blowing this out on all the media channels upvotes, thumbs up, retweet, resteem.... Sending it all out to all channels.
And thanks to you for providing the clear message to send out.

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There are others if you are interested...

I support you and share your videos and blog on my Steemit account cause I want my followers to know that there is a truth out there that they really need to hear. Thanks Greg.

Silver wonder $20 is a deal, under $17, a deal & a half.

East or West @marketreport videos and updates is simply the best.

Thanks Greg.

I like seeing the FED being stuck. I like that they get it wrong.
I think this will just casue Gold and Silver to explode upward like they never have before.

Resteemed and Upvoted!!!
I am ready for the FED to get this wrong cause I already moved out of the USD and gotten more and more into PM and Cryptos.

2X Fib move from the 2008 low in S&P is done. longs need to be careful here.

@marketreport your updates about dollar is something that no one tells us now a days you really reveals the inside story of the dollar.

My view is from a universal forces perspective.
The dollar is failing as crypto-currencies rise to take its place.

If people start using it now, they can enjoy a smooth transition to the new world. If they do not they will be crushed as the forces shift to the new paradigm.

Thank you Greg,
upvoted resteemed and tweeted.
keep it up?


you haven't really touched on the American economic scenario, business does seem more upbeat. The dollar has been way lower than this during the 2008-09 recession. I think we just need to chill, market corrections do happen time and again


Yes, I see no reasons for anything different than it's been, for how many years now?
WE ALL KNOW, there is usually a DUMP about every 10 years or so?

but is there anything different this time? (Self driving cars, AI, blockchains)

IF there is a dump, then what? Merchants will be very motivated to accept crypto.
Trouble is, how will we value it, then? By a USD that's completely defeated and deflated, laying on the floor?

Nice video. Great stuff again.
Dollar is being driven into the ground and the Main Street Media is thinking its nothing major.

great work Greg, I think we're slowly going to an end...thanks for all your knowledge...I'm way more prepared for the crisis at this point :) I'm all in cryptos and precious metals, so hopefully I will be able to survive the upcoming economical colapse.

Be your own Central Bank. Convert your Currency into Money (both old [gold & silver] and new [Cryptocurrency]) & Get ready for the greatest wealth transfer of our lifetime.

I just keep buying Silver and btc. Do we really still need this dollar thingy? Its so... like 1980s. Omg

As I have said before I am waiting for it to break 90 to really see what will happen to the $. resteemed

Hi Greg, Have been gone a few days. This $$ price is worrisome, but not to us that follow you. To everyday Americans though this is definitely hurting there purchasing power. People need to wake-up before it's to late. Also metals have not really been doing much. As you say all the time...People become your own Central Bank and BET Against this DEBT. Thanks for the update brother!! We all appreciate what you do . Keep up the GREAT work!! :C) Upvoted.

Thank you for the information

Thx Greg

Sorry for being late, but I like your new background!

Good stuff Greg.
We are watching a slow motion train wreck .

Upvoted and resteemed and thumbs up on YT.

Brother Greg, you have always been the most apt advisor and forthright friend looking out for all of us and encouraging the pay-it-forward mentality. Thank you for this and educating so well every day.

Been watching your vids for many months so first of all - thanks! here's my thoughts on this - any chance this could be setting up for a dollar short squeeze? I remember in 2013 when everyone was broadcasting that the dollar was going to take a dive, and bam! Way up. I don't know how it could happen - but I believe in my heart the Fed, etc are a devious batch of cookies. tnx! JT

nice video
always helpful
thank you

Upvoted and Resteemed.. Sincerely your awesome Greg. What should we do?

we need a leader a real leader .

Nice shirt today Greg!

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Although its bad, yet its only 15-month low ~ not so bad. It's only bad if continue to dive much deeper into unchartered waters.

thank you for your advice

Very nice.

you are right,

They know inflation is rising why else would they be raising rates? They just don't want people to know that, so they keep pushing the narrative that inflation is too low in order to justify the miniscule rate hikes. Real rates are what matter and those may as well be negative.

Great video @marketreport! Keep up!

Amazing post ; thank you for very helpful content

Ok Greg finally I've come over to steem. Just looking around to see how this works

I think that the $ will now get a rebound (not so spectacular but a bounce non the less). We are now at the support level that has hold the market few times in long past and also on the EW theory we should be at the end of leg 5. So there should be a bounce. If this do not play out the collapse of the $ will be MASSIVE :S