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Gregory Mannarino

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Are we in a Bubble? I think NOT!
With cryto's marketcap of $600 billion is no where near popping.

DOT COM bubble had 10 Trillion pumped in before popping.

Hang On Folks!

10 bangers and 100 bangers on Crypto's still coming.

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STEEM going to $100 by end of June! $1000 by end of 2018!

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The only one who gets in at the low low and exit at the high high ..Is the LIAR!!

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Steem for the win! The social network component is a huge asset to the coin, does any other coin have an organic network building like steem?

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RE Bitcoin/altcoin....

I'm of the mindset that the 'investors' in bitcoin that understand how the blockchain works, and are disappointed, shall we say, with the fiat currency system will remove their investments from bitcoin now that the CME has a futures market against it. Bitcoin will become an 'entry level' altcoin only. Litecoin, ethereum and other coins will attract the bitcoin money from the 'in the know' investors. When wall street figures this out and creates futures markets against the coins the money flowed to, again, the money will flow out. CME group will have to create futures markets for every altcoin on the planet and just as fast as the ICO's come if they think they're going to control blockchain currency prices to mitigate the threat to their fiat system said altcoins pose.


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