The Potential For Another Real Estate Meltdown Is Rising, Here's Why. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Spot on analysis, Greg!

Back in 2012, I started seeing signs for Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate popping up all over the place.

I knew then that Uncle Warren and the boys bought up all of the inventory (most likely at rock bottom prices).

The "Too Big To Fail" boys were at it again.

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good work man!

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Great video Greg!

Toronto and vancouver will crash the hardest!

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Also, what do you think of Chinese buying up a lot of real estate in the west coast? California, Oregon, Seattle (tech areas due to the tech companies) driving up real estate prices?

I learn so much from your videos, keep them coming Greg!

Thx Greg, much appreciated.

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right say.

there may be a Housing shortage of low priced housing. IT wishes A cause. i've not seen any selling through hedge funds or buyers. They need to be unloading them.,.....but greed prevents it.

Nice video thanks for sharing

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#LodgingDeficiency is a huge banks and private land firms keeping down stock or purchasing and not exchanging, in addition to enabling outsiders to purchase PLUS frame the Federal Reserve's against boost of pumping up the market, the well off purchase up an ever increasing number of homes to wreck society in making more summer homes and rentals. it's frightful. There are arrangements, simply take a gander at basic issues and follow up on it. Our pioneers are lame.

Lower home costs is superior to higher. You can't look just from the point of view of the well off in making boatloads of money from severe rents.


nice work!! im glad to see you friend! there are striking differences in the patterns of competitiveness in every country,in many cases, the rental of housing either from the university or the private sector under the intervention of banks is not just an option

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Greg your point is very plausible. Anything can happen in this environment and it wouldn't surprise me. Everything is being overhyped, just like the GDP numbers.

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"This time it's different." - Sheep Led to Slaughter House

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The Chinese will move into those house.

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I hope the money invested on Real Estate lands on crypto market . That would be huge for crypto market cap .

Thanks for your video , i didn't know they were shorting Housing market .I completely forgot about housing market . Thanks for the heads up !

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I was a licensed real estate agent in the early 2000s. Here is how you can tell if a housing crash is impending: Take a look at some multi family property, rental property, if it is selling for prices so high that the rent roll does not cover the mortgage a housing market collapse is imminent. That means that speculation has driven prices to an unsustainable level.

nice video

Do we have a plunge protection team for real estate?

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