STOP EVERYTHING WATCH THIS: "A Warning from a Real Economic Collapse Survivor."

in money •  11 months ago

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This man reached out to me and asked if I would help get his message out.
Do not miss this! And please, share this video.

Gregory Mannarino @marketreport
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Thank you Greg. Yes the message is very clear however for those of us that have never seen the "real thing", it is very hard to comprehend and do the right preparation for it.


Yes, thank you, I was deeply impressed. People who liked this video, will most probably also like the classic "One year in hell" story and video:


And for all who did not understand clearly Phil's two channels, they are called "OFF GRID FREEDOM" and "The Tough Times Channel" on Youtube.


Thanks I frequent Silver Doctors but didn't notice this article, this is yet another "chilling" informative read.

Very interesting message Mannarino. I just cannot figure out where I am getting brain washed:

In the mainstream news, with friends, colleagues and family I hear that nothing is wrong and that I am crazy when thinking about investing in cryptos, gold and even stocking up on food (especially the latter one people will say I've turned crazy).

Or am I getting brain washed here on Steemit where there is a general consensus about the economy being in a state of imminent collapse.

Where do one find objective, data backed conclusions about the health of our economy?

Just a thought..



As always..... get your data from several different sources. Look for similarities and differences. Look at the overall picture and look at the smaller pieces that make up the overall picture. Throw it all against the wall and see what sticks.
My personal point of view... JMO... is that the NWO new world order / gloalists DO exist. For them to get what THEY want, the USA economy needs to crash. This will cause global economic meltdown.... If and when they can trigger this, they will present their already prepared solution.

♪♫♪♫ So I want silver, I want gold, I want cryptos to keep me from the gallows pole ♪♫♪♫


How about from the horses mouth? World leaders openly speak of wanting a New World Order, which would come from crisis. Economic crisis?

You can start your research with this compilation.


Yes I know. It is hair pulling when MSM is spreading fake news that economy is fine and friends and relatives around you buy it. I often replay the "Peter Schiff was right" video on YouTube to boost my own moral.

Thank You @marketreport Greg you always keep it Real. Do you feel good about Crypto's as well as Precious Metals ??

Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

Thank you Brother Greg! May I suggest re-posting your 'Human Bubble" post from way back when as a companion piece to this good man's msg of surviving economic disaster deal - keep up the good fight


Good to see the poor chap had the sense to move to North America..."hopefully" the U.S. Yes,1000% inflation in third world countries like this guy is from. But NEVER in the U.S. Not with the dollar about to become king (once Greg craps out of his UUP long) and the price of the hard assets greg finds so near and dear to his heart go into full destructo mode.

Great job!!!

I don't understand - if financial institutions spent half the energy they spend deceiving the public on actually stabilizing the markets, we wouldn't even be in this kind of situation. It's in the best interest of the powers that be to maintain a healthy population and productive economy.

What, then, is the element or combination of elements that leads to this kind of corruption? If wealth concentrates too narrowly, the system crashes, and wealth loses its functional value. So what was the purpose of accumulating it?


Think like a govt would

We want a war a new big one
In order to have a big war we need people to be so distraught that they need to fight to get out of the war.

First we make a threat
Second we make a financial armageddon
Third we make things so they feel attacked
We continually up these problems sometimes slightly other times earth shattering
We make it so bad even the most middleclass person knows something is up

The big war starts all sides willing to fight
Now we make money for war and destruction
The people die then people get sick of fighting
They reconsile their differences
They build a new world
The countries establish a new system the whole planet booms

Thank you for sharing this heartfelt and honest video - it's like a Postcard From The Edge message - so simple, so spot on, and such wise counsel. Good fortune to us all!

Great video and god bless this guy for caring enough to educate the world about the reality of economic collapse.

Thanks for giving this man a platform Greg. He had lots of scary things to say that we all need to hear.
Could you please post a link to his channel, I did not understand him when he mentioned it and would like to hear more of what he has to say. Thanks again !

awesome guest!

Great information. Thank You so much!

Thanks for the info.

It is smart to either have a hobby farm or know some close friend who does. Being prepared for the next economic collapse is a lifestyle change not a prepper move. If you go to the gym 3 times a week you will not loose weight. However if you make exercise part of your daily and hourly lifestyle you will see results. So to is economic preparedness. I agree with a minimalistic approach to life. Less is more. Grandma used to say that to me and she was one smart lady. Great post! Thanks.

Thanks Greg for posting this video. What he's telling is right. We are in a scary situation at this moment and nobody knows what will happen till it happens.

Very sobering! Thanks for giving this man your platform.

thank you for sharing the video

ive only ever spoken to a couple of people that have been through that, one guy was from Zimbabwe and he told me that real estate did very well, but what alot did was make tow balls for their vehicles out of gold or silver, i.e. melt them down paint black and drive across the border and start again.

As always, prepare accordingly...

The collapse is here. As it expands, it will effect everyone.

Great video. Watching Harvey has made me rethink some strategies. The falling domino will be something most don't expect.