SPECIAL REPORT: The Biggest Change In US Monetary Policy EVER Just Occurred Right Under Your Nose.

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Gregory Mannarino

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It's time to lynch the Market Riggers

Material change in US Monetary Policy?

_Now, A Stable US Dollar Policy? hmmm... _

The FED has found a way to extend their life, for now.

Prepare for the Currency War coming.

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Could this have had some impact on Wells Fargo buying back 350,000,000 shares YESTERDAY! If they knew about it over the weekend....

Interesting comment; Wells Fargo bought back that much yesterday??? Dang!?
Got a link?

Excellent video as always friend, thanks for staying us updated regarding us monetary policy.

Thanks so much for your analysis. These are indeed trying times, but there is nothing new under the sun. I have expected the Deep State to pull the rug out at some point. They are probably plotting to time an economic disaster with the mid term elections. Of course this is compounded by Rocket Man and our building up of troops near the Ukraine. It will be an interesting year. Need to have the 3 precious metals, gold, silver and lead. Upvoted and resteemed.

Trying times indeed!

Yeh, not to surprising the Deep State had all this planned.

Crypto's will save the Day!

Can you say "QUADTRILLIONS?!"

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Sent out links to family too! Important Info.

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I was curious about how a "strong dollar" policy differs from a "stable dollar" policy. I found this article http://manonthemargin.com/strong-dollar-weak-dollar-stable-dollar/
In your opinion, does this mean we might be going to a gold-backed USD?

That would be nice to go back to a Gold-backed USD.
I wouldn't bet on that personally.


Thats informative thanks for sharing

Thank you @marketreport

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Hold Bonds Hold the dollar
work forever, live in squalor!

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really a good work for your predtions on market with your videos and posts greg sir

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marketreport sir you give me always true infromtaion and opinions thanx sir for this

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Interesting day!

Crazy day for dollar, gold, silver, bonds and stocks

Greg love your work but honestly is there any other way out of this mess? Individuals, states, governments, etc have record debt in a debt based system. Theres only 2 ways out - inflate the debt away or massive deflation(debt destruction). Either way is going to suck badly to say the least. Even stacking is only going to provide so much help. This is really going to hurt a lot of people and also many systems people rely on. Hope im wrong.

sir your best job for all of us appciriciate your give us good signals on market daiyl @marketreport

marketreport sir you are the best stock master i always appriciate your efforts on market

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gold breakout, bitcoin crashed and maybe more to come? stock very high, dollar meltdown, the end is very near. Best investment now is gold and oil IMO and gbp/usd

see my posts..I have been urging for weeks...divirsify out of crypto..(just divirsify)..and into Silver first..gold 2nd...but I said that at 18000 bitcoin.

thanx sir for share this new updates on market after weekend and always sharing is

Thanks + UPVOTE @marketreport ! Any thoughts and update on crypto please ✌️

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Remember back in the day (2007-2009) when Standard and Poor and all the other rating agencies (that are supposed to protect us consumers) ignored all the corruption in the market...and MADE NO DOWNGRADES)?

Thank you Gregory...as you point out...this is a MAJOR shift in the market that clearly got GOLD moving swiftly (verification of trouble ahead)!POF.JPG

Excellent information. Has me thinking

useful information
Thanks for sharing with us

it seems that the market is getting ready for a collapse.

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The shift to power to the East has been completed! Get used to having a minimum wage job as what the masses will be told is the norm and is good and you will need nothing else. There is a reason why they have been showcasing tiny homes as cool and that is all you really need! Very sad to be an American. Thanks Greg.

Upvoted! You can tell that dip buying today wasn't as strong as it usually is. The markets definitely did not like what they heard today.

US credit score is at 26,252 according to Credit Karma

Exciting time to be alive... :-)

Greg, weaker currency equals market melt up, correct?

INFLATION INFLATION INFLATION. The pumps are being revved, and get ready for all of the dollars projected to be repatriated. Time to GET real, real stuff.

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Thank you Greg you have hit a home run again you keep saying it and it is so on the MONEY.

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To print or not to print more fiet that is the question


Do they crash it before trumps new fed chairman . Upvoted and resteemed

Thanks for letting us know what’s going on we never see any information like this on our mainstream media. ✌️

To speak the truth, leaders like you are very much like us.
Especially for newcomers like me. I'm going to have a lot better in front of you.
Thank you.

Hyperinflation is alive and well here in Canada. I was in the drug store today and the $4.99 a few months ago bodywash was $9.99 today. I suddenly realized the reality of it and it's just the begining. Revoted and upsteemed.

Thanks for the video Mr. Robin Hood. Good work!

Sometimes it´s good, if you can´t loose money :)

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you say right,
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you are a great teacher for this market,
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You are a very smart guy for getting a ticket to the ark by investing in Crypto. That's why Robin Hood is a fox ;)

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This is definitely good for the Crypto world. Sad news for the American dollar!! RIP USD!

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thank you Greg, for breaking this down for us. You are always ahead of the game.

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Wow...what a concept..that was awesome.

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I cant get into investing in stocks and bonds but cryptocurrencies are the future in my opinion.

Graet video thank you

It is about making you think from a different perspective..
It is about writing without any expectations of UPVOTES..
Excellent post good analyses thanks for sharing.

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Nice post Mr Robin Hood !!

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yeah i dont like this guy in the video not his voice nor his face will not join this hype xD

Interesting report

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droppped for no reason Greg?? parabolic? over valued? negative sentiment?