SPECIAL REPORT: Despite Record Stock Prices, The Financial System Is In Peril. Here's Why. By G. Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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best work for your predtions on market with your videos and posts sir @reseemd

Good job love to read it thats great to know resteem and upvote.

you give me always true infromtaion and opinions thanx sir for this

Yes, Gregory Mannarino is always give true information.....

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market report sir thanx share this update @resteemd

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thanx sir for share this new news on market @resteem

your work is good sir to give us daily new newses @resteem

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i also see your all updates on market @resteemd

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your market reports and news are wonderfull work for me and help me always @resteemd

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nice to see this new update on it your all update on market are really helpfull @resteemd

thanx sir for share this new news on market @resteem

It's great to see the video of your report, Thanks for Sharing

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Things are getting scary.

The YIELD CURVE explained: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yield_curve

Interesting Greg. Is there any point to start stuffing your mattress with some cash? When this eventually happens we'll probably all be standing at ATM's waiting for $300 of "our" money like in Greece.

Good thinking - Robin....

Thanks for your great information


I think its great that someone with a high profile (i.e. Gregory) is using his channel to promote animal charities.

I got my friend here at Abbey Cats in Toronto.

I have set up automatic deductions from my paycheque (going on 11 years now) to donate to these local charities up here in Canada:

Humane Society of Durham Region
Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue
Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

I encourage you guys to think about sending some Steem profits to your charity of choice.

I think that the income tax that I pay is a charitable contribution to humans (with no regrets).

Another great insight from you Greg and I also loved posts .
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Thanks so much for this update. I have resteemed this post.

Love ya sweet Linda!
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I always wait for your post. Thanks for sharing.sir you are the best stock master i always appriciate your efforts on market @upvote and @resteemd.

great like always (y)

Great post! Well substantiated information

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i think stock market is very #profitable . thanks for sharing @marketreport . now alredy @resteemed this post . you can check my wall

Thank you gentleman 🚀
I got a lot of help from your videos 🕵️

I've been quietly following you for years and have taken your advice of "betting against the debt" and "becoming my "own central bank." Keep up the good work. Deservedly Upvoted and Resteemed.

This post very informative. Resteemed.

Nice Video

There's a bad moon arising. Can the banks not make cash out of the system null and void as well?

Buy Silver!!! Buy Steem!!!

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Double duty on a Sunday!? Resteemed upvoted

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Hey Greg, you missed us eh? ;)

I know you look at all sides of things, so I wanted to share @solarshutdown with you, because he is talking about things equally important, the incoming grand solar minimum.
I think what he says ties into what is happening in the market.

I appreciate your input Gregory. Per Investopedia: ”A credit default swap is, in effect, insurance against non-payment”
So, if I understand you correctly, you are saying that banks have sold CDCs in massive amounts. If so, they are confident that the Fed / Feds or .gov will rescue them no matter what. In the mean time if they are selling CDSs, they “picking up pennies in front of a steamroller”.
So who is taking the other side, who bought the CDSs?

Love it, “picking up pennies in front of a steamroller”

Thank you for this video. shared with my friends in finance in Canada.

informative post as usual thanks up voted + resteemed done

Thank You, Gregory, Upvoted, Resteemed. I hearing more & more about Bond Market.

I agree with @marketreport! That's why i am in love with Crypto... UPVOTE as usual !

Upvoted and resteemed brother!

I always wait for your post. Thanks for sharing.

nice video up voted + resteemed

informative post up voted + rfesteemed

Very interesting stuff Gregory, the debt bubble is truly epic. I really hope people are protecting themselves and are pulling money out of the banks. Resteemed.

I saw only two robin hood one is in hollywood other is in steem.
Great post
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I agree with you well said dear

thank you dear


Nice sharing man. resteemed and upvoted.

thank you so much, Greg! resteemed.

You're right @marketreport.

A global selloff could be coming soon!

Hedge where you can everyone.

Check out this +300%, high profit analysis right here on Steemit as well:

Click on the image

fantastic work my friend

i watch this video . i really like it . now resteemed this post @marketreport

Good information Thank you for sharing with us
I am following your publication

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good video mr @marketreport and thank you for info ... yees a global selloff could be coming soon! ... #upvoted



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People! You should only have as much $$ in your banks to pay your basic bills. Spending money should be held in CASH and all savings should be held as SILVER or GOLD. Were getting closer to what we all know is coming. Don't be stuck without a chair when the music stops. IMG_3648.JPG

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The Robin Hood Reestemed !! Do me a favor today


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The issue is always the "when". We have seen literally a squeeze up the last few weeks in the market. Look at how they bought up the QQQ from 161.5 all the way to 165 on Friday close. I was literally talking about $4 here in 36 hours.

Everyone knows that these CDS or Interest swaps are a danger waiting to happen. Imagine if you hedge now, that cost money because this QQQ can just go to 170 in a few days and all your money to hedge is down the drain. How many times can you get to hedge in this market and all those hedges got wiped out in a matter of days?

Thanks, Gregory, I am starting to understand the importance of the Bond Market.

Makes sense, resteemed.

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Great job

good video mr @marketreport and thank you for info

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Great work

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https://www.traderschoice.net awsome website for traders

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Financial system will collapse and it is all FEDs fault.

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The Robin Hood

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The Robin Hood of Wallstreet even works on a Sunday.
Great info Greg!
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