(SITUATION ALERT). Bond Market Sell Off Worsens! And If This Continues... By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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When I saw a Video of you 4 months ago my mouth was hanging down. It's a swiss phrase. Robin Hood exists. Now I'm following you on steemit. Tell Greg Hunter to steem his videos on steemit. Greets from Switzerland to Las Vegas. I upvoted and resteemed.


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Its high likely that the bond market will be bought up again either today or tomorrow. The banks will not allow a real stockmarket correction before everyone gets their Christmas bonus.

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Bond market will continue to sell off...


Thank you Greg!

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Thanks Gregory Keep us posted. See you This afternoon. BYOCB. Resteemed Upvoted.

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Is this the beginning of the fall of their house of cards

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good job.

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Upvote and rested done. I also made a post right before you put out this post. https://steemit.com/money/@florio/bond-market-selloff-continues-wednesday-dec-20th


Looks like they are buying the JNK and IWM ... see my post.


The question is, can they successfully prop this up or not?!?

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great post boss @marketreport...thanks for sharing ...
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great video!
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Greg, Thank You and we did Upvote and Resteem for all to see

Resteemed. Great information Greg. This week is turning out to be very, very interesting!

I'm watching the bond market. Oh, and I'm picking up a couple of your books from TradersChoice.net. A couple for me and a couple for gifts. Thanks Greg!!

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this market is weird right now

The bonds fel off another cliff... ;-)
How long until the buying frenzy commences???
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Thanx for the info!!!

I'm sure you saw where the Litecoin founder cashed out (and gave the money to charity, I think). The Santa Claus rally is facing headwinds. Thanks for the morning video.

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You have some unique insights on the bond and stockmarkets. I also enjoyed your post on Bitcoin futures and see many of the things you warned about happening. I do think it is interesting that many are investing in the alts and enjoying tremendous gains some of which are better than the recent gains in Bitcoin. I mean if you want to triple your money it really doesn't matter if you do it with a $15,000 coin or a 3 cent coin, you've still tripled your investment. This is easy to overlook in the midst of Bitcoin mania, but we can quietly be doubling and tripling over and over with some pretty fantastic results.

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I wonder if really can be stopped or if this is THE bond crash that will trig the rest of Stockmarket to come crashing down .. As expected?!
Interesting times indeed!!

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Awesome video
I really enjoyed watching this video
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Looks like you have pegged this all along.

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Great as always Greg. Bond market has been trying to correct for some time now (as you've noted). The FED is trying their best to avoid this but there has to be a limit right? If stocks and bonds start sliding can there be any small correction or will all hell break loose?

I'd be interested in anyone else's thoughts as well. What does it look like when the FED looses control? Can there be slippage or will everything let go?

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RESTEEMED Brother Greg @marketreport - in the immortal words of Iron Maiden the central bankers will soon be singing . . .

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Nice video. Maybe we are going to get a correction. Resteem.


If the central bankers lose control and can't prop up the bond market, it is likely going to be more than a "correction".


Agree. It is going to be Great depression, I was talking about short term.

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But they still get the S&P and the Dow more or less in the small negativ range, no sell off there... plunge protection team still sucessful working ;-)

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