Lions! Get Ready To Shred This Market. (And Watch Crypto's). By Gregory Mannarino

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IF this sell off in stocks turns out to be just a normal and VERY much needed pullback, and IF the bond market stabilizes, there is going to be MAJOR opportunities to Rip The Face Off this market on the long side.


I have been carefully observing the risk relationship between crypto's and stocks and in my opinion there is a correlation. In other words, a crypto rebound is positive for stocks.

As always I will post all my position(s) entry and exits in real time on my social netwoks, so be sure to at least follow me on Twitter. (I will also post to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+)

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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No doubt, in this environment, that's a safe play.

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Upvoted, Hey Greg thanks for the update! We've been looking forward to your input. I totally agree with you, nothing goes up in a straight line forever - this is totally healthy. If the bond yields stabilize, we could see a continued boom in stocks. Should we stay on the sidelines with cash in the crypto market? There are some very good discounts right now and I think the market is consolidating/bottoming out.

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The US under Trump is engaging China in a full scale trade war. Look at the tariffs he just put upon solar panels and refridgerators coming from China. History shows that currency wars, where each country tries to get an advantage by devaluing its currency turn to trade wars when this does not work, which then often turn to hot wars. The history of the 1920s and 1930s shows this quite clearlly. If Trump is not careful China might carry through on its threat to dump US bonds!

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Upvoted! Greg, the junk bonds seem to have a great deal of influence on the markets.

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You are exactly right about the futures on BTC leading the price. Down 65% from its high and it took the entire space with it.

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