Last 17' Post Market Wrap Up PLUS: My 2018 Predictions. Stocks, Dollar, Debt, Crypto, MORE! By G. Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Greg, I will attempt to become my own central bank . I predict steemit will become bigger than utube . Thanks for all your advice this year. I hope you and all your followers will have a great year ahead. As always upvote and resteemed.

@jber...Ether and Steemit are the only Crypo-projects who are used in real life. As we see Steemit even more then Ether. But Steemit is just distributed on 30 (or 100?) servers (Distributed proof of stake). It's probably possible for utube to manipulate this 30 delegates if steemit would get a threat. In this sence, Ethereum is much more secure but also slower.

“Become your own central bank” - genius advice. I have been following you for years now and am excited to say I have been taking this advice.

Thanks Gregory Mannarino @marketreport, thanks for sharing market wrap up 2017. We hope markete will not inflate too much, especially in crypto field in 2018. Thanks for your advise. Take care of yourself. See you on Tuesday. Happy new year in advance. Followed and Upvoted.

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I love the way he supports steemit even if he's not happy with bitcoin, which i agree why.

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I also do think that there will be major inflation during 2018. Oil, mining, and other natural resource stocks will probably be my top picks for 2018. :)

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Really great!
This is my vision for bitcoin for the near future (January 2018),
Image of CloudAut

what do you think about it?

Thank you ;)

Great closing to your video! It is so true that "they" are trying to divide us (subdivide and conquer). I think Trump will get the economy going next year with his real infrastructure projects as opposed to Obama's lame attempt at any infrastructure improvements.

Nice year end wrap up... Thanks!

Thanks Greg, much appreciate you,& all the work you put into your videos--have a great New Year.

I agree 100%, even though I'm not happy about it - because all this wont go down painless.
But for now, have a happy New Year!

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The geo political event is likely to be war with Iran. It doesn't matter if it was Hillary or Trump, it's a Goldman Sachs war. They game everything, blue or red, leading to the murder of innocents and the destruction of countries. If the presstitutes can't sway public opinion with propaganda there will be another false flag attack.

Lo and behold, since writing that comment it's stepped up. NO.1 story on BBC website tonight is 'wave of protests in Iranian cities' no doubt George Soros funded. Don't fall for it! expect more contrived stories,...

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@marketreport Wishing you a Healthy Wealthy Happy New Year. Thanks for the advice throughout 2017. Hoping for great things to happen in 2018.

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I'm so sick of hearing about, 'The Fed,' even though we have to talk about it. We all see where, 'The Fed' and fiat currency has gotten us. I also used to be a big believer in gold and silver, and do still own some, but I'm starting to lose my faith in those too.

Keep borrowing, and have plenty of wars, you hit it on the head!

I'm holding about a half dozen cryptos, and have done very well on every one. I'm onboard with Steem also. Like you, I've yet to invest a penny of cash in Steem, but that's about to change in the next few days.

Thanks for your time, and a great (and I believe, accurate) video. (You have a new follower)


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i love this video, the information are powerful. and just to comment on btc...i see head and shoulder pattern almost completed in 12hour time frame in bitfinex. because of this holiday or celebration will take some time but less than two weeks to break out of the range and gives us our expectation...see chart below

watch this closely, our first prediction has occurred. what next.....most likely, it will return back to around 12k. in this region lies the danger. if it falls below the line confirming our head and shoulder pattern...the btc will crash to around 6k . ( i am using purely technical analysis)

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 Crypto market cap is over 1 tr if you count all coins as well as value of the companies in the space.   2018 is gonna be a wild ride. 

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I'm mining with Hashflare (cloud mining bitcoin)
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