I Just Filed A Complaint With The SEC Regarding "Gold Fixing." Gregory Mannarino

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I just contacted/submitted a complaint with the Securities And Exchange Commission with regard to the rigging of the gold, and gold derivative market. Why the SEC and not the CFTC? Because the CFTC is already very aware of the "rigging" taking place..

It reads as follows. (please feel free to copy/paste this/my statement to file your own complaint.
Here is a link: https://www.sec.gov/complaint/tipscomplaint.shtml

There are several major banks involved in "rigging" or "fixing" the price of gold and investors are being harmed. The current participants in the fixing are Barclays, the Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Goldman Sachs, HSBC Bank USA, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Société Générale, Standard Chartered, ScotiaMocatta (Scotiabank), the Toronto-Dominion Bank, and UBS.
These banks participate in this "fixing" by proposing a price near the current gold spot price, then stimulate trading at that "fixed" price level. This "fixing" results in an artificial, (not set by the market), price for physical gold, and it's derivative. Simply, it is artificial "fixing" of the supply/demand valuations that would otherwise apply. The result is blatant removal of free market price discovery mechanism, which is fraud.

Gregory Mannarino


Greg the king! Greg for president for a better and fairer more prosperous freer world.

Oh, I can't wait to hear if/how they reply.

Rip the SEC's face off, Greg!

Wow! I didn't think I'd ever see the day! You got some more big brass balls! Thank you as every effort is meaningful. Keep us informed on the out come if any. Love to hear more on this as it unfolds.

Brilliant Brother Greg! You are gentleman and a scholar as well as a hero of our day - thank you for all your efforts and keen insight! www.traderschoice.net all day!

thumbs up :)

Its very nice

Greg for President!!! You have two big cojones indeed!!! :D

Pretty useful information for us. Thanks for sharing.

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