(ALERT VIDEO). Bonds Plunge. Is This The Beginning Of Something Big? By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Its gotta tank soon !.


very nice video the market crash

very nice video the market crash but the best time to hold crepto


Not a bad time to hold / stack shiny metal too!!!!

first, everything under pressure


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Don't worry we got Greg !



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Under Pressure..... ♪♫ Queen song........ :-)

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Something is very strange I look forward to watching your end of day rap up video. Cheers mike

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Popcorn ready

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Right now crypto market is very down. Thanks for your updates.

Crypto market boss.

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Great report, thank you.

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Very useful video..It seems that market is unstable and as you said something big is going to happen..I hope it will improve soon..Thanks for information @ Mr Robinhood of market.

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ooo that's will be the bad news for the investors like this can't do the trading, thank you for latest update @marketrepor you are the best market repoter keep it up

nice video

Things are strating to heaten up. Bonds plunging that much is a really big deal but still anything can happen and patience is must.your posts are always informative and good. Thanks.

Thanks for sharing!

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I just completed an accounting of all my physical precious metals on hand. I only started stacking after Trump's election so my stash isn't that big. But I'm looking forward an interesting year.

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This could be the start of something BIG.
Buckle up bithches..... might be turbulence ahead
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Greg, I couldn't access this video from your site--yesterday's wrap up is still posted.

Bond prices is decreasing day by day. i think it’s because of cryptocurrency.its mean in cryptocurrency will be great platform in future.thank you rabin hood sir.

Great video, thank you!

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The charts look to me as if large bond holders are exiting in an orderly fashion, one at a time. Thanks, Greg.

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Now its starting to get very interesting, almost regret selling my FAZ. But I do have some QID April calls for very cheap.
But metals being lower that's just plain weird!

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Nothing makes sence at the moment , sell sell sell
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