ALERT: Bonds Fall, Stocks Follow. Bitcoin Futures Lower, Bitcoin Follows. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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I agree very much with him all the time.

yes he has a lot of useful information my friend.

tnx for u ............................

thanks for alert information on bitcoin upvoted like your post.

Bond Market Smells!

Your right Gregory, BTC will be manipulated down with the Futures (i thought it would be pumped) exchanged all my BTC into BCC before the big drop.

Crytocurrency isn't going to end well, it's a bus going to hell and Freddy Krueger is driving.

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informative video as usual thanks resteemed + upvoted

yeah that's true and i also did it.

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Thank you for info Greg! Resteemed.

I understand that if you lose your crypto wallet, you lose your coins, is that correct?

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Good information, thanks resteemed and upvote.

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supr video than for share..Re-steem

Bonds fell off a cliff...
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On my way to YouTube for thumbs up on what you have there...
Thanx for the info!!!

Hlw dear sir @marketreport thanx you so much for sharing today update. #resteemed done.

Thank you for posting @marketreport
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Deja vu all over again. Bond market will stabilize. Why? Because of FED. Stock market will than move higher. Resteemed.

Greg, you made some very good points and we did upvote and resteem for all to see it, and thank you again for all that you do

I've been following you for sometime on Tweeter and teach in everyday English..not financial jargon...resteemed.

The greedy wallstreeters are into Bitcoins now and manipulating it. Time to find some other crypto like steem. Resteemed.

I think bitcoin will get destroied by China. 80% of Miners are in China. So it's very easy for them to do that and they will. Ethereum is not dependent like this and with the new update Proof of Stake, there will be zero dependency. Ethereum has a huge potential. It already has more transactions then all the other cryptos together. Smart Contracts are great and Vitalik Buterin too. But also Steemit is great.

Thank you for this Video and have a profitable nice day.


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Good luck

thanks greg seen the futures and bitcoin drops! upvoted resteemed

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Greg let’s hope some of that money goes into the metals and crypto currency’s, cheers

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Thanks for youre support and info again Greg! and great to see that youre also an animal lover. Youre an amazing person.

nice one, resteemed.

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thanks for sharing - resteemed

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Greg, I have been watching your video for a year and you have been spot on the markets, and because of your guidance and commentaries, I have nearly doubled my account. Even though it isn't a large amount (currently) I have earn nice profits. Also I DO pay it forward, because I know it will come back to me many times over. Thanks.

Spreading the good word every day sir Greg - thank you for all of your direction and philanthropic kind words to remind how important it is to pay-it-forward in life.

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Continuing selling off! I wonder what will happen, let's try to catch the bottom!! Of course resteemed and upvoted :)

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great analysis and very informative information.thanks for sharing

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Unbelievable how the bond market leads the stock market.
Great job outta you, Greg!

thanks for information on bitcoin alert i agree n upvoted resteem .

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Poor manipulated bonds, thanks and good job as awalys.

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No more u tube will now watch on steemit , good job Greg as usual

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Thanks for this video! I am new to steemit, and have only been researching cryptocurrency again for the past few weeks. I was looking for strong arguments both FOR and AGAINST bitcoin to see if it is worth investment. Only thing I know for certain at this point is that I completely agree you should not be invested in just bitcoin!

upvoted, followed and resteemed!

Thanks for youre support and info again Greg! and great to see that youre also an animal lover. Youre an amazing person.

great information.

Resteemed. Yeah, people are also starting to notice the issues BTC has been having with high fees and slow transaction times. Perfect storm?

Great information thanks for sharing sir

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Everything about the stock market, I learned it from you.
I just want to say thank you.
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Thanks for sharing
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Excellent points on the relationship between the price action in bonds and the equity markets. Also, options are prudent approach to gain exposure while managing risk. Great work Greg -- thank you.

Upvoted and resteemed. Greg take a look at EOS. If you support and belive in Steemit, then EOS is worth to take a look at. It is a project that was started by the same person as Steemit.

Thank you for info...restemed +upvote

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Exellent post, I’ve been following your work for some time now and it never ceases to amaze me how correct you are on all your observations in the stock market and now the crypto currency world. After many hours of studying this action I have decided to follow you into the new relm of STEEMIT. Thank you for your guidance, salutes from Dallas!

It is just that I study this 24/7. Thank you.

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Great information as always. One can learn a lot here!

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I agree very much with him all the time.resteem

I think people are getting worried about BTC. Its going sideways while most other cryptos are rising (yay, Steem!) and the total market cap is increasing by billions every day.

Even i'm new to trading, in crypto or stocks, i think i will learn a lot from you. Now checking your website and bookmarked it.
And you also have a new follower.

Keep it up sir! More power to you! :)

A wonderful video I saw from your YouTube video, I found the video very well that you saw the video from youtube. I liked the video much like it made the video very beautiful

well post thanks for sharing

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Hi Greg: I woke up this morning ready to pull the trigger on an S&P 500 index fund (buy). I had to leave and when I returned, your first post of the morning was available. Thanks. Now, I will wait and watch through the day.

Excellent. You are a Lion!

Greg, two comments about your post. First, you made a comment about everyone being gamed by the markets at one time or another. Very true. During the worst trading day in my career in the first 30 minutes of trading I was gamed out of 7 figures plus in my own account. Ouch.

I fully endorse your comments on Bitcoin. The futures market is definitely without a doubt the tail that wags the dog not only for Bitcoin but for other investments as well. The futures IMHO opens up a new can of worms for price manipulation and I believe it will hurt not help Bitcoin. I have never invested in nor will I ever hold a position in Bitcoin. I definitely agree that Steem is a more logical alternative. When time permits me to study market execution procedures for Steem I will take a small position and hopefully average up over time.

You've always posted a great video post, I've learned a lot from this video, thanks to the nice posting.

This is a very very helpful video for me because i am doing marketing as a amajor subject in my will help me to go ahead @marketreport

This is pretty much true. Very informative, thanks!

Amazing News ... Nice Job Man

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