Thanks for sharing about this. Always interesting to learn more about what's going on on Steemit

Keep on keepin' on Greg!

Good morning Greg! I have followed you for several years, I love your work!

Thank you for the picks Greg.
Question, what is your opinion on Etoro?

Thanks for your gift to the community @marketreport :)
Goodluck Lions and Lionesses may the force be with you :)

Thanx for the update!!!
resteem and up-voted... keep it up!!!

Good morning Greg! I have my Gold buy all set and ready to go. Hoping that the powers that should never have been slam prices down one more time before contract due date tomorrow!

A seasoned wall st pro giving free picks. It dont get much better than that. Thanks Greg M.

Once again Greg listed the trade as a straddle yet as of right now there has been "zero" volume traded in the Oct expiry UA call contract. I'm sure "whatver Greg's explanation is" for the misleading trade he will be "just fine" with you. :-) "Actual" prices for the trade have been logged at my steemit blog @joejustjoe...that's "if" the truth even matters to you of course. :-)

The truth is you are a troll joejustjoe. Thats what matters.

Yessir, I am "trolling for truth." I guess it doesn't matter to you that nobody actually place a trade to the short side of Greg's Oct UA straddle...even if Greg himself didn't. I might be a troll but you sir are a dummass. :-)

I stand "corrected"...there was now 1 Oct UA $20 strike put contract bought. That means either Greg either stepped up with $180 (price of contract sold was at 1.80) or one of his followers did. Imo there is no need to hedge the short bet with a long ...but you STILL might not make any money. :-)

Might want to correctly spell "dumbass" while you're at it too...

How about "lemming"...does that work better? :-)

I'm following this thing with you and Greg with some mild amusement. However, I will weigh in with this- I know nothing about either of you, but I do know from somewhat painful personal experience that taking both sides of a trade with naked options is almost a sure way to lose your money. Isn't this the straddle being talked about here? Buying both calls and puts in the same underlying security? You would be much better off writing those calls and puts, as over 90% of options expire 2 cents worth.

So there you go, one person who took the time to learn what Greg is talking about and who actually "understands" going in the very poor choices Greg is making with his trade entries. Sometimes it just takes simple "logic." Let's look at Greg's SLV straddle. if you were all gung ho about SLV getting ready to rally like Greg was when he bought that follow through mini gapup on Fri...why in the world would you protect the trade with a $14 stop? Doesn't make the least bit of sense when you consider that Greg is pretty much "100% assured" of closing the trade out in 5 the most. Usually more like 3. Buying those Sept $14 SLV puts was "wasted" money. An "automatic" loss to the amount of the trade when he made the trade. He has done nothing to show me that he can time a "volatile" move either way before it actually begins. He'll need to be "precise" if he's going to be trading those long term options contracts. I'm glad he does as they trade so little volume it is easy to see what "the" market is thinking. I'm sure nobody even takes the time to look. Anyone else ever check the "actual" trade prices of greg's new trades just after he posts it at his web blog? For the record, I stay out of the coddling and sympathy posts...I realize most here are just looking for someone to assure them that what they are thinking is the way things really are. Greg is "the" voice of the ave Joe. :-) A "professional" trader? I'll trade with one tenth the funds Greg employs and beat his gains. Greg, would have to give full disclosure on teh prices paid and number of contracts he bought. And I will tell you right now, Greg will NEVER provide full disclosure. he doesn't have the confidence to do so. Do ya, Greg?

As always you do a great job. Thank you

Cool, thanks Greg!!!

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Thanks for this analysis! Upvoted & Resteemed!

good update, thanks for sharing

Become your own Central Bank!

Thanks for your picks Greg.

You are the man.

ROAR! Thanks for the update Greg, we appreciate you!

Ver good suggestions. Thank you!

Thanks. ROAR!!!

Hey Greg, good to see you here! I enjoy your visits to the X22 report. Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the picks. Upvoted resteemed.

Thank you for the pics! Always great to see where your mind is on the markets and where you're willing to place that bet! Your insight is much appreciated!

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