2/28/18. Post Market Wrap Up: Twilight Zone Stock Market Gets Real! By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Lets get real with this market Twilight Zone?
Addiction to QE has caused this problem.
Lets see how REAL things get tomorrow?

Thanks for market wrap up
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This is like the up and down cycle in 2008 before the crash!

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When assessing the situation we should remember that there are some individuals in the establishment who understand the threats that the U.S. economy faces yet their voices are ignored by the corporate politicians who are tied at the hip to Wall Street.
Read the comment below by the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coates. It should be a sober warning to the public and establishment:

Annual Intelligence Briefing to Congress 13 February 2018 – National Intelligence Director Dan Coates:

''I am increasingly concerned that our fractious political process, particulallry with regard to federal spending, is threatening our ability to properly defend our nation, both in the sort term, and especially in the long term. But even more important is the failure to address our long-term fiscal situation.The national debt is currently $20.6 trillion and growing.

This situation is unsustainable, and represents a dire threat to our economic and national security''.

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couldn't agree more, if the market was close to reality then we should be expecting a 2009 epic-level recession soon

Another crazy day. I wonder what we can use for indicators now that the Cryptos and bond market aren't as clear. My Tdameritrade platform quit streaming late in the day although ThinkorSwim continued to function all right. I'm wondering how much we can rely on our stock charts now for predictability in transitioning from a fake market to a real market, combined, of course, with the banksters trying to rig the market again.
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Student to cryptocurrency

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Hah! Twilight...

The information you provide helps us a lot.
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The information you provide helps us a lot.

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All we need now is an "excuse" to set off the avalanche. Thanks Greg.

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