1/3/18 Post Market Wrap Up PLUS! Fed. Minutes: AHHH! MY WILDEST RANT EVER. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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The FED can suck the BIG ONE!

The yield curve? Blame the Freaking Freaks!

Confedercy of Retards!

Thanks Gregory, for bring me and others a smile at the end of the Day.

Breath........ :)
Sleep well.


Yes, as Tony the tiger would say: _Your Grrreat Gregory!

yes I hope to smile all year ;)

@marketreport...yellen rides the yield curve on the back side. No wonder it inverts.

Yellen is going to be riding in the back seat of a squad car yield curve to Prison!

@healthiswealth...and the yield curve will steepen to the moon.

To the moon, then END's the FED!steemit - fantastic.gif

Hi! yellen really curve on the back side?

@khanrony...sure she does ;-)

Bitcoin, which has the highest market value among the crypto currencies in the world, made a premium of about 300% last year. Bitcoin started at 13 thousand 480 dollars and climbed up to 15 thousand 275 dolars after 14 thousand at local time at 15:45 (TSI 23:45) It was traded at 979 dollars and made a premium of 11.1 percent. It is really great :)@mafsteem @marketreport

@slayer10...sure it is great. Good possible the price of Bitcoin will soar like Clif High is predicting it. Probably 100'000+ in the end of 2018. But I see the fundamental risks. Like Greg Mannarino says, smart money goes to Altcoins now. The problem is which one? I have my two Altcoins Ether and Steem. The risk is smaller and the potential higher then Bitcoin.

if Bitcoin is Probably 100'000 + in the end of 2018 It makes a lot of sense to invest in BitCoine.if I have a financial position to invest in a long-term I will rate it.I follow @marketreport and your comments.I will make investments accordingly.I'll look at Altcoins a bit.Eter and Steem your on recommendation.
Thanks for information..

@aquia10..."Probably 100'000 +". Clif High is predicting that. But if 1 risk I mentioned gets true then Bitcoin could be at Zero the end of 2018. With Ether or Steem you have the same possibilities with much less risk. But anyway just put money in cryptos you can loose.

@haejin charted BTC going below ZERO a couple of months ago. WTF?

@healthiswealth...BTC has to dress up a diving equipment.

you can not win without risk,but it is foolish to take a risk with a very low probability.I will invest after I do good research.
I am following you and we will be reevaluated in the the agenda days ahead..

@aquia10...Follow it very close. Check all sources you can check and make your own decision. It's worth the next couple of years. A uniqe time.

Thanks for information.. Have a good day :)

@aquia10...same to you!

woW :) is this true? $ 100000? ... I woke up and I do not want to be misunderstood ... :)

@slayer10...Clif High is predicting that. But if 1 risk I mentioned gets true then Bitcoin could be at Zero the end of 2018. With Ether or Steem you have the same possibilities with much less risk. But anyway just put money in cryptos you can loose.

Yes, Cliff high says $40k then quickly to $100k for BTC

@healthiswealth...Clif High was amazing accurate with Cryptos so far.

Yes Cliff is amazingly accurate, he says LTC will be 25% of BTC.

So far, many are focused on bitcoine only, but by 2018 most investors will start to notice the existence of other crypts like BitCoin, as well as Ethereum and Litecoin. @mafsteem

@slayer10...Beside the technical reasons not to buy Bitcoin this is an other reason. Smart Money moves now to Altcoins. This will accelerate in 2018. Litecoin is a 1000 times better then Bitcoin. But because of the Chinese-depenency I also don't touch Litecoin.

Amazon is implementing LTC as a method of payment my friend.
It's time to buy LTC.

@healthiswealth...yesterday with 230$ was a perfect entry point. Today 253$ it's still very good to buy.

Yeah, Still a very good buy.
I will be buying more once I sell more stocks off.

I take notes of the right advice.I'm waiting for your recommendations @mafsteem

@slayer10...2 weeks ago I told here on Steemit to buy Ether very quick. After a pullback from 878 to 564 I told to buy Ether at 660$. I told it's the perfect entry point. Now Ether is above 1000$. I'll tell you the next entry point for Ether. Now I wouldn't buy. The next pullback is coming.

It was a perfect move. I look forward to the next move. Will there be something soon in litecoin? Will there be a loot we can move? @mafsteem

@slayer10...I checked the chart of Litecoin now. Now is a very good entry point for Litecoin in my view. It could go sideways the next 2 weeks. Maybe a little down. When I would want to buy Litecoin, I would do it now.

and you call it litecon. I had serious thoughts about etheric, liteconian stuff mixed in. I will start doing research in this regard. what would you suggest?

@slayer10...many Crypto-cracks are bullish for Litecoin. It's definive better then Bitcoin. But I don't follow Litecoin so I can't tell you the entry point.

You must keep an eye on BCH, it is creating a base right about here and anything close to $2000 is an absolute buy. I have split my holding between BTC and BCH.

@takedown134...If you know to read charts it's a good thing. I check also the fundamentals. I don't like BTC and BCH because of the mining-dependency of China. Ether is the much better Bitcoin and Steem works as we see here.

For great charting on Crypto's follow @haejin you will be very happy you did.

@healthiswealth...thanks a lot for @haejin. I will checkt it.

You will not be disappointed following @haejin


Did you pay attention to this increase in bitcoin ? @mafsteem

@beyfendi...I saw it. It's a personal thing I don't touch Bitcoin. I just see other options. Bitcoin is the Godfather of Cryptos.

This increase was very careful. Would future of ethereum be like bitcoin? @mafsteem

@beyfendi...I'm quite sure Ether will move more then Bitcoin even in short term. It's important to find the right entry point. I would wait for a pullback in Ether.

Thank You for this Video and your post always helpful.


Keep on breathing Greg.

Thanks for you nice video.
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Wildest rant ever, i like it! Dont forget to mention D.tube btw!

Gregory, what do you want to drink? I'm buying. I can afford it, Steem profits. On your advice. Thanks, Brother.

Thanks again, Gregory. Upvoted and Resteemed. Thanks for turning me onto Steemit, too. And BYOCB.

Maybe you significant other's....One of the funnier vids Greg has provided us.

wonderful video.keep smile and make money @marketreport

I agree with you, when you say they have put themselves in a corner. In my little opinion if the yield curve is inverting then why is the stock market going up.

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Ah well what to say about the FED. ;)

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great speech, Gregory!
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Yellen supports FAKEMARKETS
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I love your cartoon on the whiteboard 😅

Keep up the good work. Cant ever get enough of be your own central bank talk. Especially when it comes to metals and cryptos combined.

Greg Mannarino for FED Governor!

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resteemed upvoted and Rant On! I don't know Steve, but Robin Hood is usually right...

Dear Greg, you promised you'd stay calm... Here's your drink! Cheers!

Love your rants! Lol

Excellent material as always. Do not apologise for speaking your mind. The truth is always widely appreciated!

Resteemed. Nice to hear the dunces have graduated, heh.

Janet Yellen.............."Shut up Greg.........there's too much truth in your words....... just keep your mouth shut..........." ;)

I'm jumpin' UP aNd down.... EPIC! Well, we've all been concerned with the federal reserve with all their fiat printing.......... This house of cards could come down at any time without the slightest breeze........ Enjoyed Gregory! Up-voted my friend.

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I have been unable to watch or listen to Steve Liesman for years now because he is just too self important. And he talks too fast.

Interesting take there Harfar.

Are you calling LIES-man a fast talker?
Fast-Talker: one who influences or persuade by fluent, facile, and usually deceptive or tricky talk.

Interesting indeed!


Rip the face off the Confederacy of Dunces!

Greg, next time, don't hold back. Tell them what you really think. This video is hilarious but you can do better. :)

Fabulous one!!! resteemed...

It's lies on top of lies. The media is part of the circus and on the payroll. The fed has painted themselves into a corner, the only way forward is more BS and more money printing, until this whole thing goes pop.

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I think someone needs a little more vacation time... haha... ;) jk. Great job Greg!

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I forgot to add this earlier...

Very nice RANT. A timely scream would have added to it!!!

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Wow! What a wild rant! I agree the name is Confederacy of Retards! Resteemed and Upvoted!

"I am going to stay calm. I am going to stay calm here..!"

12 steps for staying a Robin Hood!

Fantastic work as always sir.

Keep the Robin Hood spirit alive!

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Fuck the market......two of my stock were down today and both are involved in supplying energy. This shit is rigged, but Greg has known that for a long time.

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Great job Greg as always.

Interesting take on the Federal Reserve. As someone trying to save for retirement, I would like to see the bond rates go up so I actually would go into that market.

Merci Mr. @marketreport pour cette information très utile et vidéo professionnelle

I still can't believe this crazy run up in the markets!
But thanks to you Greg, I'm constantly watching the bond market like a hawk which prevents me from shorting and getting burned like in the past.
Thanks for your great lessons and thanks for introducing me to steemit.com and helping us all to make money, just by commenting and upvoting.
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Greg hunter had a great interview with FED insider the other day CNBC are nothing but paid actors reading whatever is put in front of them. That's why you are so important for people to listen too. Thank you and as always upvote and resteemed

Hey Gregory that was an epic rant, loved it! I watched it with my 14 year old son, he loved it too. Keep up the great work, many thanks!

It's getting crazy... money velocity at a snails pace and yet we are in "such a great recovery"...

Fed is divided on the "3 rate hikes" this year. Will have to wait to see what happens, I'll be listening to Greg either way

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CNBC breaking news: Dollar rebounds 0.0000009% after strong US data.
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Janet Yellen low on flashlight batteries.

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Excellent material as always. Do not apologise for speaking your mind. The truth is always widely appreciated!resteemed and upvoted

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The Fed: "Iceberg? What iceberg?"

I did some research on the Fed's balance sheet going back two years and compared it to the stock market. When the Fed increases their balance sheet, 70% of the time the stock market follows upwards. There wasn't much of correlation to the down side. Bottom line, the Fed isn't shrinking their balance sheet according to the plan they told everybody and they are still giving the stock market a boost every chance they can.
You're right about the media. I haven't watched an economic piece on TV in years because it's a waste of time!

Marketing plan such kind of glorious my dear @marketreport

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