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My Best Investment Yet! 100X Return. You Can Also Do This!

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Hey @crypto-nella thanks for your feedback. Yeah I'm going to back-off the bots quite a bit, with just a few SBD a day to promote the post around a bit, but not bombarding it with 100's haha

I'm really new to steemit and I'm trying out different stuff, apparently this (using the bots) doesn't work so I'm now going on with some new tactics :) thanks!

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Bots can work (@minnowbooster, @postpromoter and @smartsteem).
But not right now. Currently, you can't get profit from bots because steem token is higher than 3$.

If you pay 5$ to a bot. You get around 10$ upvote (On average).

If bot upvotes you 30 minutes later after the creation of the article, 25% of the rewards goes back to the bot (If it's in the first 30 mins it's 0-25% depending on the time). But bots almost always upvote you later so you lose 25% of the rewards.

Now let's count: 10 x 0.75 = 7.5$
7.5$ is half in SP and half in sbd.
(BTW You don't get 3.75 SP, it's actually 3.75/steem-current-price).
7.5/2 = 3.75 sbd + 3.75 / Steem-Current-Price (Which is about 3.6 now).

Have fun :D


"like that one nobody @cloudloser" - yeah not gonna lie, i am a bit of a loser but hey what can I do?