What Can People Do in the Internet BETTER than Machines?! - $$$ THE COMMENTS AWARD

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Are people able to compete with machines?! What if one day the answer may be significant for human existence?!..

Can an AVERAGE PERSON (not a creative one) do anything in the Internet that a machine CAN'T?!?!?!.. Is an average person able to be employed as Internet expert and reliably get money for this job?

Are people able to compete with machines in the Internet? Are they ONLY able to CONSUME?!..

I've tried to answer the question thousands of times… I'm really anxious about the matter because the facts count in favor of the machines at the moment!.. Especially after publishing my previous post about the way Google selling your private data and ways of personal privacy protection https://steemit.com/technology/@mare-serenitatis/how-does-google-sell-your-information-how-exactly-can-you-protect-private-data


What is an average person able to do/ produce/ create BETTER than machines. Is it possible to get guaranteed money for this job? Are people able to compete with machines in the Internet?.. Are they able to CONSUME ONLY?!..

What's your opinion? I OFFER A CONTEST! The prize money is 15$. It will be divided equally among the Top 3 Winners (5$+5$+5$) in each of 3 categories:

  1. THE BEST COMMENT from MY point of view.
  2. THE COMMENT that will collect the biggest number of voices (upvotes).
  3. THE COMMENT that will collect the biggest amount of money (the voice power).

After 7 days from the posting of this article I will announce contest winners and give the prize. Let's start!



Feel sensitivity

If a robot tells you,"I am sad for your inconvenience, I can imagine you must be very upset" - that doesn't improve you feel, isn't that right? No obviously not, because the robot is not being genuine. It's a robot. There is no spirit.

I agree with you, my friend… And thank you for your sincerity!.. But the question is NOT WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A MAN AND A MACHINE. The question is HOW WE CAN MONETIZE PERSONAL QUALITIES? Today machines and robots can do many things. Many factories use automatic machines to produce different things. Machines are in use in medicine practice. Machines are used in agriculture as well. Computes are everywhere. So does it mean that human labour is not important because computers and machines can do different things better than we do? Or maybe we can do (produce) something better than machines do? Maybe people can create something interesting in the Internet and earn money for this job?

@indigoocean @mare-serenitatis thanks for your upvote.

@mare-serenitatis the main point is human can produce a particular job in a different way if there needed (can take final decision) on the other side machines can't think differently, machines can produce a job which they made for.

To be honest, the only thing we can do better is write poetry. Pretty words inspired by what we can do, and love.

Thank you @wstanley226 :) Love is great motivation! But what if one day in the near future machines will produce great poetry based on download history that will not be worse (or even better?!) than what humans do? How will we be able to distinguish genuine human's poetry from the 'artificial'?!..


Machines probably cannot transfer human skills better than humans can. A machine cannot necessarily teach you how to swim, what the water feels like, what your feet will do when you arch your back a little. Especially when it comes to physical activities, bodybuilding, mountain climbing, golf, archery, playing instruments, fishing, scuba diving etc etc all the things where humans have done it, gone through the process and experienced it cannot be outdone by any machine(currently)!

Ditto. Humans can make pornography better than any machine....for now that is. Perhaps one day in the near future machines will produce 3D rendered porn based on download history and statistical models that will be better than what humans do so I IDK...

Let's wait and see. Good words @spozone, very inspiring :)

Could be possible, but just like we sometimes crave a classic you'd never be able to replace some good old vintage porn.

Good point @mrcoolizade! Your comment made my day :) And what about that:


Nothing wrong with enjoying it 😉.

Machines might actually be better than humas? At creativity. So...what left for us to do?.

Thank you @chrismadcboy2016 for the answer! I believe the human will be always more creative!.. But machine creativity become more perfect every day. And they can do it automatically(!) :)

Your welcome @mare-serenitatis, but the point is who build the machine? Humans am I right! But why machine can defeat humans brain ha! Ha! Ha!. Maybe humans are more powerful than the machine.

I agree... But ... what if one day machines may go without their creators?.. I do hope the future in Terminator style will NOT come true!.. :)

Ha ha yeah probably true but its only in our mined. Thats what you get when you always seeing a movies like termaniator ha ha ha

I hope for the best as well :)

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Machines cannot blog in the same way or level that humans do. Would a machine think to post this particular post? Unlikely, machines cannot dip into imagination and thought and think of topics that are completely unique, they can assimilate in the same way we do from our previous knowledge bank of words, quotes, literature, encyclopedias and lyrics.

But the truth is success in monetary value has little to do with the content and more to do with how and to who the content is delivered and consumed by, so maybe machines will be able to blog more successfully based on how intelligently they are programmed...

But when it comes to the possibility of quality content that draws from memories and experience Humans still reign supreme imo.

Felling love kindness mad many other things. Up vote

Upvote can make a robot AS WELL :) But good words @csinghjalandhar! Thanks!

We are unpredictable. Machines can only do what they have been programmed to do. We as people are individuals and unique. A machine may automata many processes but innovation will always come from us the people.

I agree with you @feelsomoon. WE ALL BELIEVE SO ignoring the fact that today machines are made as automatically taught systems...


Beyond every creations ....
Emotions and humanity ...

I agree with you @rdcryptomaker and encourage your optimism, my friend!..

The question is HOW WE CAN MONETIZE PERSONAL QUALITIES? And EMOTIONS as well. And what about the Internet robots which can do almost everything today?..

The thing that robots can't do is that they neither get bored of internet nor enjoy.

Isn't it the biggest fact?


Thanks, @kiani007! May these characteristics be machines' advantages?!?!.. lol

Nice post.
Please follow me and upvote me.

Nice work.
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You seem to know about the power of the machines... indeed, the near future as almost no need for us humans in our current roles, we're slowly being replaced by machines... Your question is how to monetize our qualities, that's a hard one, by the time the machines take over our economy we won't need money, so the average person shouldn't need to work, instead the average person will spend most if it's time dedicating himself to perfecting some skills and enjoying some hobbies, like playing music or drawing art, discovering the universe, etc... with the advances of AI keeping your job is scary even for us developers, but we shouldn't fear the change and we should instead accept it... and probably the only element every average person has is their emotions, maybe helping others will grant you that monetary reward?

Insightful opinion @ejgarcia! I agree... Thank you!

good information who knows about the technology

The age of automation is clearly upon us and it is truly a double-edged sword. Our daily lives are made so much easier but how many workers have been given pink slips because of automation. The growing trend is that we shop online, we have Amazon prime, we have free shipping from Walmart, E-Bay, Target and so many brick and mortar stores that have discovered the cost-effectiveness of online sales. However, the one thing humans can do that AI cannot is build a relationship with a potential customer. One thing that has not changed particularly on big ticket items is that people buy from those that have built up their trust. Yes, they are purchasing the product but they are also buying the "person" who has gained their trust. You have heard it over and over again from the top internet marketers, “The money is in the list”. And who is on that list, people with whom they have built a repore, people who will buy their products because they trust them. Robots cannot do that, at least not yet!

I agree with you my friend… But in most cases one chooses a salesman who gives a good discount... :D I encourage your optimism in any case! Thank you @pbaker820!

People are better in matters where important things are: empathy, compassion and ... heart.

I agree... Thank you @anaerwu!

@mare-serenitatis there are jobs that human being can compete with the machines . To start with, machine can only function if one program it to work. Human being, for example computer games, this is where human compete with computer, chess game is another one.

Sounds good, @bernard4ve! But today computers are able to win at chess a man (and a woman)! :)

What about that:

people can depict emotions way better than any robot..

I agree with you @tehleelhussain! Indeed, people can depict emotions much more better than any robot. SO FAR... :)

Particulamente I believe that it is only possible to replace humans by machines in programmed activities, where the answers respond to some kind of algorism. As for the innate characteristics of men where feelings, thoughts or morality are involved, the perfection of human beings will never be achieved, no matter how hard they try. Our creator God made us unique and maybe we can imitate some functions by means of machines but that will only be it.

I agree with you @sandrapatricia! Humans are more unique than any machine. Moreover we aren't a 'body' only... It's evident I guess... Our creativity and intuition attest to this fact!.. But the next question is: how replaced by machines AVERAGE humans would earn money?!.. :D

The point is even the machine you talking about who made them?humans did and you cant know better than your author?and also this machines are made my humans with the use of conputers...and sometimes an average person who knows nothing can do the unthinkable things.so i believe people can do many things better than a machine on the internet enough to be mentioned cos the machine it self are created and used by people.

Good words @dlordsboy! I agree… But the question is that today machines are taught systems! Moreover they can do it automatically themselves...

At the same time an average person can behave unpredictably in situations his/her survival depends. So we, human beings, have a better chance of surviving!.. :) Good! Let's think… Thank you!

All the same to my own point of view humans are superior to any kind of machine cos humans determines the function of a machine cos a machine cant program it self without human brain work.thank you @mare-serenitatis

I think a human can, at least for the next 5-10 years, create a better customer service experience than a computer. Computers these days are based on text researching and transcription. There is no fully developed A.I. that is creating a coherent conversation as a human would.

Sure, we're getting close - evidence being Google's latest demonstrations... but right now a human is much better at creating a friendly experience and flowing conversation.

Beyond that, human to human compassion is lost. No more nude cam shows!

This is a good side of this topic you are hitting on @raaburt but having a good customer experience with humans is a double sided coin. Sometimes the customer experience is amazing and leaves nothing to be desired but with human error and having bad days sometime customer experience can be dreadful.

So for argument sake we have a 10/10 experience for Joe but Sam gets a 3/10 customer experience...

Wouldn't a machine delivering a 8/10 experience for every customer be better overall?

Furthermore studies show that people prefer to have dealings with machines as in certain circumstances the customer or person is not judged by a machine, for instance when buying condoms or xxxxxxl size pants or whatever might make a customer uncomfortable.

This is now also being applied in counselling as people are more likely to 'open up' to a machine because od no judgement...

Well said @raaburt! So... human beings will have a better chance of surviving so long as computers don't have fully developed artificial intelligence… SO FAR?… The fact remains that today machines are made as automatically taught systems!!!..

At the same time natural selection is still influencing the evolution. And THE STRONGEST survives as you say... That's a great answer! Thanks

I always love topics related to AI. Great piece of work @mare-serenitatis.

This topic does bother me a lot. I wonder how many jobs will be replaced with AI.

The truth is that for many years AI will be still way more expensive than hiring humans and for that very reason most of us will still have their jobs.

Loved your post. Will follow you closely. Big upvote on the way :)


Piotr, I'm very grateful for your reply. And I've read your posts about Crypto and technologies. Amazing analytics! I'm glad to see that you're trying also to create quality and useful content for Steemit. Go ahead @crypto.piotr! :)

I love to see how responsive you are @mare-serenitatis
Steemit need people like you!

Cheers, Piotr

Black swam events and inventions comes to mind. Computers being developed to be self learning suggests it is learning from what currently exist in its pool of resources. Humans have the tendency to adapt to surprise and never experienced situations. Also, humans will always invent new things that have never existed. I dont think computers can invent because the thought process which may not be logical or referential has to be adopted for inventions. Computers also do not have the drive, which can be a state of mind or emotion to push things through

In doing things we can say that the machine can compete with human but can't evolve easily. Remember human are wise, greedy of power and while they live, they keep on thinking what to do to make it the best which the machine couldn't have. In approaching in the internet machine can only do what's in the program, how can they understand if someone needs help? Human is very frightening because they will devour everything. Thank you. hehe I hope I hit just a little bit of your question.hehe

Thank you @mrnightmare89 for your answer! I think you have hit the mark! But the fact is that today machines are made as automatically taught systems!..

really? then what remain is just being human.

Hm... Good question. Let's think!.. But I'm afraid we may concern some controversial things... Modern science does not give answer to such questions(?).

yes, it's true because they only concerned on what power they'll acquired. The problem on using machine is that we don't when it will destroyed, unlike humans we knew how to deal with it and worst of it when they'll be affected or viruses. That's very frightening I guess because they are more powerful than human.

I agree... I hope everything will be alright. Let's wait and see... :)

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Thank you in advance!

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