Are the Trade Wars a Cover for a Global Monetary Reset?

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In this report I discuss whether the recent escalation of the trade war between the U.S. and China is a cover for a radical change to come in the monetary order.

In this report I cover the Triffin Dilemma and how it relates to the global reserve currency and global trade. I note that under a gold standard the problem of balance of trade and trade wars are kept in check.

My conclusion is that a gold standard could work better now than during the Bretton Woods system as the U.S. will not be controlling the system as sovereign ownership of gold is now more evenly distributed among the nations of the world.

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Did you hear about the new Petroyuan? I think we may be in more of a currency war than a trade war.

I expect a new economic war between America and China for electronic currencies
The US dollar will fall

I think the primary reason for going onto the gold standard has to be to neutralise the debt. A gold standard would suit the US to effectively eliminate the debt, it would suit China and Russia because they are now major holders of gold and on a level with the US. It would be a great equaliser even though inflation would be terrible in the US.
Unfortunately due to Gordon Brown, that would leave the UK in a less than bad position. Maybe there will be a sharing a gold amongst the EU, US, Russia, China and the Commonwealth? But I think that's a long shot - I can't see Australia and New Zealand 'sharing' their gold with the UK!!

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You may be right but I don't think they're resetting to the gold standard. I think the new standards will be digital, likely blockchain based

I have no doubt that they are working on it behind the scenes, and there will be an over night revaluation of the precious metals to conduct a reset of the financial system. But there is one country that has no gold and unfortunately it's the one I live in (Canada). What would be your prospective on Canada and the people in Canada that hold precious metals?

A lot of changes are happening now. The world will not be the same.

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