Landmark study links Tory austerity to 120,000 deaths

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 "It is now very clear that austerity does not promote growth or reduce deficits - it is bad economics, but good class politics," he said. "This study shows it is also a public health disaster. It is not an exaggeration to call it economic murder.”

 Professor Lawrence King of the Applied Health Research Unit at Cambridge University

That statement above says everything about the conservative party policy,s , there are not many other ways to describe it , i will add corporate manslaughter has , and is being administered by the conservative party on a massive scale with welfare reform and welfare sanctions  which mean you could be without money for months or years , without money for that length of time , it is simple to realize that death , illness , and a massive deterioration in health is likely , without money to buy food or heating you have had it .

I challenge any conservative party politician to go without ANY money for three months ( which is the standard welfare sanction) they will decline that challenge , of course they will, because they know the outcome of it.

We are in a false economy , an economy set by the tories which is  premeditated and to hell with the consequences.

""The King sent out his money collectors to ravage all across the land , the King must have his gold to keep himself and those around him in the lifestyles they have become accustomed to""  

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