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RE: Financial Collapse & Solutions in Natural Economy, Decentralization & Community Managed Natural Resources

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What an incredibly uplifting piece @carlitashaw! Thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into your writing, focussing on Solutions instead of all our well known problems. I am excited to share this on fb, so many of my friends need to hear these brilliant solutions. I talk a lot about decentralization of Life, you hammered the points home with great examples. Rebloggged as well. I'm honoured to have met you.


awwww thank you Lyndsay, its unfortunately that my work goes missed mostly here, I don't quite get Steemit and its voting system but its comments like this that make it all the more worth while thank you for caring about Earth and solutions, there are not many of us.

This is great material! Don't let the lack of upvotes stop your contribution to this community. It is in its infancy and needs contributors like you.

thank you andre, I really appreciate the encouragement!