Trying to calculate the cost of the olympic games in terms of rainforests

in money •  3 years ago  (edited)

So I was just reading this article on abandoned olympic venues from over the years and many of these pictures give me the chills,ill post the link at the bottom.I did start thinking how a country can justify destroying a planatary asset like the rainforest with little regard and then spend billions on the games which will cause so much waste.So I was then trying to figure out how much £3.8 billion would represent in terms of rainforsts,its hard to put a figure on an ecosystem like the rainforest but I was looking for some insight as to how.Our great grandchildren will curse us for our wastefulness,that is if the human race is still around;perhaps a bit cynical but Cheers


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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

There is no such thing as waste in science terms. Everything gets turned into something different. Im sure the homes that were destroyed were created or moved somewhere else. The Olympics drives more money into the country by tourism and allows country's to compete. Sports is a good way to exercise, entertain, boost mental health and socialize. Next time they should build using biodegradable hardware.