It did take a dive, but nothing compared to it's run up. I started picking it up just recently when it was $.05. This dip is nothing!

Actually, relatively speaking and considering how much BTC went down, BTS held on very well.

@maciekgt3. Agree. Anyone who trades or invest but do not expect a correction as normal does not understanding the basics.

@maciekgt3 Totally agreed. Let's also not forget what BTC's price was last January. That said, the current price drop is just a normal correction. I think we're just a bit too spoilt by BTC. We've got used to it exploding continuously.

Very good point. When you look at the other alts both bitshares and Steem have held up pretty well.

@lordneroo. "Hope you're right" Good luck with hoping. Take other's info, analyze it yourself and come up with your own decisions. You are the one should take ownership of your own trading. Others only give you their opinions, whether you pay them or not.

@ropaar I tried to care about your negativity but I couldn't, user without a face. :) Try again. Oh, maybe try learning how to comprehend English. I never implied I took his advice on anything. I've been holding BTS for months.

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