Making my money finally WORK for ME 💸💸💸

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I finally found a way to make my money work for me

What a month it has been, I never thought I would see so much success. As i mentioned in previous posts, I started something completely new, I started Trading in the Forex Market.

Going from Zero knowledge about the FOREX market and I mean completely zilch, to making my own trades and my own analytical judgement calls, I now have a level of knowledge and confidence to make my money work for me.

I'm not a particularly smart person, never have been the brainy type but when you learn something and put your mind to it you can achieve anything

It has only been one month in the Forex, so far I have learned a ridiculous amount of information, I think thats why I haven't had time to post on Steemit, Sorry about that!!! I was also on holiday and to be able to make money handsfree whilst enjoying a holiday is just everyones dream


So I would say to people if you want to make your money work for you then Trading is a great way to go about it, people will try and say that you are just gambling with your money, not if you pay attention, learn everything it takes to be a successful trader and practice proper risk management

I am still taking my first steps in this industry and it has been very exciting so far and I can only imagine that it will get better with time and experience

So in the next few weeks I will be showing what I am doing, what tools I am using and websites/companies I go through, which might or might not be interesting for you to see, if you're not normally interested in this type of thing then thats no problem as I still have lots to write about on my recent travels, so there will be a mixture between the two and if you are interested in reading the both then that is GREAT! I look forward to writing more for you

📺 Sooooo... Stay tuned📺

And Thanks for reading

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I am really looking forward to your updates.

It is definitely working for you, so I think that imitation is definitely the most sincere form of flattery 😉


Thank you! Coming to the end of the FOREX week so next week I can start with examples and updates on how good I am doing or maybe how bad 🙊 Just see how the market plays... I think you would really enjoy it if you also enjoy Crypto Currencies :-)

As a forex trader, i'm looking forward to your posts. I always learn best from watching others trade :)

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I'm glad for you on this success.

Cooool happy for you. Money team baby :)