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Trump’s Rising Civil War With the CIA

in money •  2 years ago

"Two of the reasons given were:

1: Russian language was supposedly found within the malware.

2: The compiler, the piece of software that compiles the code so that it can execute always dates and time stamps and the claim made was that the time stamps were in a timezone for the business hours of Moscow and St. Setersburg."

Lol you are far from describing what people have gathered on the trump/putin alliance. At least if your trying to debunk the idea that trump is a russian puppet make proper research about it. There is far more evidence then these half baked counter evidence.

I think you have more chances debunking the rape stories trump is involved in ( even if we clearly know his a despicable character and has most likely done things to women that we would normally send people in prison for ) then debunking his direct involvement with russia.

"oh but wikileaks" I hope your not one of those lol

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I'm trying to follow your logic. Can you provide evidence that he is involved with Russia and even if he is so what? Russia has been at the helm of the fight against radicals which have been clandestinely supported by Western intelligence going all the way back to the Afghanistan war with Russia involving Obama's national security adviser and Trilateral Commission cofounder Zbigniew Brzezinski.
How is wikileaks discredited? I heard no statements by Podesta or Hillary Clinton. As everyone knows Hillary was in the pocket of banks receiving 250k per "speech" from Goldman Sachs and uncounted subsidized campaign support from George Soros.
What is wrong with being a partner with Russia? The U.S. supported the ruthless dictators Hosni Mubarak and Saddam Hussein for decades. Is Putin the new boogy man to scare everyone back into globalism and carbon taxes? I'm waiting for some evidence of

  1. Trump / Putin collaboration against US principles and
  2. Evidence supporting your contention that wikileaks is somehow discredited even though mainstream media has been consistently caught fabricating stories and deliberately dissemating unfounded war propaganda
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