How to Trade Commodities, Forex, Stocks, Indices with STEEM or Steem Dollars!

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Time to Trade!

Ever wanted to trade commodities, foreign currency, international stocks and indexes?

Become a Master Market Trader and potentially make thousands of dollars each day trading on the markets!

This article has been written with the goal in mind to help STEEM network inhabitants start maximizing their lifestyle.. Trillions of dollars worth of money moves on the markets daily and there is a TON of profit to be made if you know what you're doing..

By the time you're done reading this you should be 100% to get out onto the markets and start making money for yourself. I have faith in your ability as an investor to do so.

The way you'll start trading does not take a huge amount of capital and you'll have access to nearly all of the tools the "pro traders" use more or less!

Prepare to unleash your future potential happiness through trading and profits!

Step 1: Converting your SBD/STEEM into Bitcoin

There are many different ways to get your STEEM or SBD into Bitcoin so I will touch on a few of them here to help folks know where to trade their SBD/STEEM. It's recommended you never store coins on exchanges. Get yourself a BTC wallet such as electrum from so you can safely store your coins when they aren't in SBD/ STEEM. - Slower but Best Rates

(Click the images above to be taken to the respective SBD/BTC & STEEM/BTC markets) - Fast but Costly Coin Swapping

(Click the image above to be taken to

Step 2: Signing up for and Deposit

It's incredibly easy to sign up for 1Broker and I highly suggest you sign up for an account just to familiarize yourself with their platform. For a person new to commodities trading at first you may feel a bit overwhelemed by all the numbers going off. Do not fret. In a week you'll be able to read a market and capitalize on it.

(Click image above to visit

To deposit to 1Broker please click the "Deposit" circled below.

Send your Bitcoin to your deposit address.

Generally it takes around 20 minutes (2 Bitcoin blocks) for your deposit to be credited to your account. While you're waiting you can skip to the next step which primarily deals with setting your chart up and picking what you will be trading.

Step 3: Charts & Choosing your Trades offers EXCELLENT free graphs and tools. I highly recommend them to anyone looking into getting in on trading. They are free to use but monthly packages for better info display is available but not necessary. The standard free charts are more than enough to trade off of once you find a setup that works.

(Click the image above to visit

Now the trick to picking good trades is knowing the particular market you are playing in.. It's hard for me to exactly say in a few sentances what the best way to trade is. Personally I like shorting the SPX500 when it gets obviously propped up on leverage..

Eventually it will fall like a house of cards... I hope you have shorts in at that time. Good luck trading!

Always remember to set your stop loss in profit and to research current news before trying to trade.

Step 4: Convert your Profit Back to SBD or STEEM & Earn MORE

After your trading day is done and you've made massive amounts of profit by accurately picking your market positioning you should take some (or all) of your earnings and re-invest them into the STEEM network. If you choose to invest into the stable Steem Dollar and earn 10% APR interest on your holdings or decide to purchase STEEM to power up your or someone else account.. By re-investing some of your well earned Bitcoin profits back into our community helps it grow as a whole. See Step 2 for places to exchange your BTC back to STEEM / Steem Dollars.
(Protip: avoid unless you want to be charged heavily for exchange services!)

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Nice 1min chart you've got going on there, crypto market is way too volatile to predict in such a short timeframe. Also you can't even trade steem on 1broker, so the chart is frankly not even related to your post. Only the brave know how to short. You should instruct people to go long on gold instead, way safer for everybody.
Steem price is about to break out according to my indicators:

Going long on the SPX500 is suicide atm. Not sure about gold. Not my thing.

And the picture merely serves as a link.. It's contents are irrelevant.

Edit: I eat my words.. The markt is pumping like crazy..! Not sure if sustainable though!

Edit Edit: Annnnnnd the SPX500 is crashing.. I got in at 2161.8 and it's at 2156.8 now.. Mmm dat profit!

You don't know what crashing even means. Just a mere correction.

Ah yeah the damn thing is trying to rally again.. I managed to pull out some profit and waiting for the top again to ride it down again.. Should have went long on the green bounce there but I chickened out and speculated more drop. Didn't realize you were into investing ubg!

Another great informative article.
Excellent work @klye!

You are welcome @klye!
Are you a witness yet?

Yes sir. you can vote for me at the bottom of the witness page. :)

Also, I think that I found a pretty significant key to success in my latest post that I just posted.
I'm seeing if it will work for me, but it could work for you too.
If you get the chance, see what you think!
Thanks @klye!

Careful now @papa-pepper, you will dilute the power! ;o)

Great to know. I had no idea you could open a trading account with bitcoin. What about trading stock options?

I've never dove into options I don't believe...

Sign up for an account on the site, Check it out. :)

I wish I had this article 2 months ago!
I've only got a tiny bit that I can play with until I get used to the tools, but it's fun when I turn even a tiny profit. I'll play with more when I'm a bit more confident. Then again, I could have my father's luck. I'm sure stockholders would put hit men on him if they knew (almost) every time he bought a stock, it dropped like a brick! LOL

I only pick things that drop. ;D

ha ha I know this trick :)

Glad to hear it!

Aw dude, how I wish I had saw this a month or so ago, it took me ages to work it all out! Appreaciate the tips though. I was a bittrex man but will check out poloniex if the rates are a bit better. Also I have been looking for some free trade chart site for ages so will defo check this out.

Once again dude you have taken the beef out of the oven! as they say in scotland!

Mmmm beef.

Glad you found some good info here man!

Oh yes indeed. Hopefully I will be able to retire from the rat race soon hehe!!

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