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Will Steemit be successful or will it be a bust like most tech startups? Will it be able to ever grow to the ranks of Facebook, Google or Amazon? Think for yourself. Here are the things Amazon did to grow to where it is today. Is Steemit applying the same basic principles?

References: Stephane Distinguin, The Hidden Empire, May 2011.

Part 2 will contain the future of Amazon. I may or may not post it depending on how useful it was to Steemers. So, upvote or comment and let me know if you would like to see part 2.

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don't forget amazon alexa!!!

it's in part 2, but thanks for the reminder :)

amazon; plz get serious, amazon is nothing... amazon is just a techie that continues to promise dividends and then more dividends as they keep the shareholders gold for their own expansion plans... amazon is nothing and every year that goes by amazon finds it harder to find new converts to their marketing plan...

Truly Amazon has done sort of ok for a new startup, but think about where amazon is today after fifteen years ???
To say a company who just fails year after year after year to post dividends to shareholders; well ok yes amazon has posted shareholders but certainly nothing even close to what shareholders could have got from investing in a simple CD for a decade and a half...
Truly; what do you expect?
Peace on Earth?
Dogs and Cats living together in Harmony ?
A Cure for Cancer ? or
Shareholder dividends for Amazon Stock holders...

Truly the only thing Amazon has going for it is just one single thing; nothing else, and no I am not going to name the only thing Amazon has that is useful. simply because I do not want to...
I wrote the answer; but i removed it as well, why give monopolies any new ideas :)
/hugz... ;)

After all; I a Social Media Consultant and if they want my opinion then they can pay me for the consult ;)

So just to be fair this article says Amazon to be the first trillion dollar company. I simple search finds Apple clearly in the lead of billion plus dollar companies; some analysis suggests #3 and the three oil companies will drop off the top ten next year.
But seriously what does he know? clearly he is working for a wage since he lacks the ability to predict futures any more accurately than you yourself can since if he could he would not be working but would be independently retired. After all most financial advisors have terrible skills in predicting anything; does anyone remember the guru of American Fiance ? Allan Greenspan; Mr. Greenspan was the expert on the American economies and the analysis of his track record of performance proved he got his predictions correct less than 30% of the time, but Mr Greenspan was a gentleman and had the ear of Corporations, Congress and even the White House. To sad he just had more reputation than clear financial thinking...
So we see two Chinese Companies plus Toyota as the only car maker in the billion dollar club and of course Warren Buffet, but Amazon ???
Clearly Amazon; is just no where...

you are clearly not up to date with the financing world. Have you ever heard about amazon cloud? that alone is $100 billion..btw, amazon's market cap ($360 B) is more than 2x toyota and has also surpassed berkshire hathaway (warren buffet's company). Bezos has also surpassed warren buffet in the richest billionaires list. No chinese company is even worth $250b at the moment. Welcome to 2016, brother!

Personally I do not care about Amazon, and if Amazon has any real value; no one knows what it is.
Microsoft paid over eight billion for Skype, etc. etc. there is no way to value a diverse company like Amazon anyways.
The value in Amazon is not the company infrastructure; although that is very very valuable...
The Value in Amazon is its CEO and once such leadership is gone the people who replace them are just chair warmers...
Companies that size are like octopuses and need an overall strategy plan, once this CEO is gone amazon will still be a major player in clutter but it will just be another ordinary mega rich company of very little note nor interest.
None of this should take anything away from your excitement and enthusiasm for a little rags to riches bookstore success story...
I love Amazon, to suggest it is so valuable is simply creative accounting; but Jess Bezos is the only thing at Amazon worth considering...