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images-2.jpgSo let's talk about debt. I told you guys earlier in my introduction that I worked in Financing company for more than five years as a collection officer. So debt is being part of my life, big time. This issue it's either you lend someone money or you borrow from someone. Let's face it, there are times that we are in need so we borrow money from someone and there's a time someone ask you money and lend them. The question is, did they pay you back? Did you pay them back? You answer.

I live in the Philippines and I can say Filipinos love debt. Not all but lots do. I'm taking this from my experience at work. We lend money to factory workers/caretakers going and those already in Taiwan from Php30,000-130,000. They need money for their placement fee so they need to borrow if they dont have. So the company lend them money. I have 300+ accounts mostly are deliquent. Out of 300 im lucky in a month to have 40 individuals pay their debts partially or full payment. There i realized, if someone wants to pay their debt, they will. And if they don't they will make you promises everytime just to pissed you off.  They're not afraid of notice letter and demand letter. Tell them about legal action and they will laugh at you. Well they were right been in the company and didnt see anyone jailed of not paying debts. Legal system here in the Philippine sucks. It's really slow. People dont pay just simply because "no one get jailed of not paying debt" it's in the law. While in Taiwan sending to court for not paying debts only took a day or days then they'll be on salary deduction immediately. That fast!

Lets talk about debt you lend to someone or your debt to someone. So the typical approach is like a saint begging for your kindness to lend them money. And so you feel pity on them and lend. So the promised to pay and the date  comes and no show. And you start looking for them and like your playing hide and seek. Now you became the chaser lol. Then finally you confronted her and the thing is shes more angrier than you are that it scared you even shes the one who owed you money. Not a saint anymore haha. And she's telling you," Thats just money. You cannot bring that when you died" or "Just that amount , you think i will not pay just you wait." And you wait lifetime. Then just like a debt celebrating going for its anniversary still hoping to get back the money you lend. Now youre the pity one.

I give you tips when lending someone money

 "If you really want to help out, lend money that you are not afraid of losing. Or just give not lend the amount you can offer."

And for those borrowers
"Pay what you owe. That person who lend you money trusted you. And for sure they need that too. And even if they dont need, it's still their money and you borrow it so you have to pay them back okay. Simple as that. My lecture is done.
Thank you for reading.

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So true bro. I lend money to old classmates and friends accepting the fact that I won't get it back. If I do get it back, its a blessing. Personally my reason for that is to help out, plus to learn more if they are true to their promises. To make your post more interesting to read add more visuals.

Thank you @ap610n. I will do your advice. Thanks again.

funny and true 😄

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