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Hey there Steemians!

So for a lot of us minnows out there, it can be very difficult to get started out at first. Especially if you rely on content creation versus investing your money in the Steemit platform. But what if there were actually legit online platforms that pays you for your creative work, which you can then exchange for BTC then to Steem Power? While there are a ton of scummy websites like this out there who either don't pay you for your work, or pay you little at all, there are a ton of websites that pay you a set, agreed amount, or you can market yourself and make your own prices.

Here's a compiled list of all the websites that I think would be the best to invest your time in to help jumpstart your Steemit account!

Upwork is an online platform, designed for hiring as well as working as a freelancer. I particularly love Upwork because it gives you the ability to market yourself, build your own business, and work on ideal projects for yourself. Upwork is amazing especially for freelance writers, programmers and administration specialists. Clients are posting freelance jobs at a rapid rate and are paying top dollar for quality work; an ideal platform for Steemians.

Advantages of platform:
-Freedom to work on projects you're passionate about.
-Gain a high reputation and grow your success exponentially.
-Very high potential for earnings.

Fiverr is a super cool website that was designed to let people hire you to do small tasks for $5 each. Although with the growth of the platform, the variety of tasks as well as the price paid has grown a lot. You can do anything from write resumes, write songs, proofread, edit; the list truly goes on. What differentiates Fiverr from Upwork is that (for the most part) the tasks on Fiverr are more short-handed tasks, and likely multiple can be done in a day with enough determination. A platform like this is especially good for someone that is trying to gain success on Steemit because with the amount of tasks you can do, a ton of Steem Power can be earned.

Advantages of Platform:
-Multiple projects can be done at once.
-Earn more money for larger projects.
-Post your work from Fiverr to Steemit to earn even more money!

Makealivingwriting is a blog with various writing tips with one post in particular I find extremely useful. The post is a list of 26 different websites that will pay writers at least $100 or more for approved projects. The websites that hire writers are anything from gardening websites, parenting websites, and even websites about religion. The projects are longer and will take a lot more time, but with the price the websites pay, that is to be expected. The websites are also probably more picky about the projects they approve, so it may be a good idea to hire an editor and proofreader on Fiverr (Networking is always a good thing.)

Advantages of Platform:
-High payouts for projects.
-More professional work, so it can easily be added to a portfolio.
-Full blog with additional good content and advice for writers.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is an online program powered by Amazon that pays its workers to do tasks that a computer isn't able to do; something only a human hand or mind can do. This can be anything from answering questions, to typing word documents from a PDF, or anything of that sort. The awesome thing about Amazon Mechanical Turk is that the tasks only take a few seconds, and pay a few cents each. So if you have a lot of free time, you can make bank on this website; ideal for Steemians who want to invest in Steem or Steem Power.

Advantages of Platform:
-Powered by a very reputable cooperation, Amazon.
-Mostly effortless tasks you can do while bored.
-More qualifications you have, more tasks you are eligible to perform.

PeoplePerHour is a website a lot like Upwork, but just a little different. The difference with PeoplePerHour is that the payment is more based on the amount of time it take you to finish the project versus paying a flat fee for the completion of the project. The types of projects that can be done on this website is just various as in Upwork. You can do anything from writing fiction, to transcribing audio files, or even adding followers to your social media account.

Advantages of Platform:
-Time-based pay, so ideal for longer projects.
-Post advertisements to help people hire you faster. (Upwork supports this feature as well)
-Network with other users to get repeated work.

Well that's my list of all the best online programs that'll pay you for your work. For minnows this can be extremely helpful in jumpstarting your account by taking your earnings, buying Bitcoin, then buying Steem Power. Doing this, as well as creating content will give you an amazing start in this community, or if you want, just make extra money on the side!


Kind of not how to gain SP but yeah definately going to go for it ;)

Good content! I actually joined two startups by writing articles and connecting with the founders of the companies who wanted those articles on Fiverr!

Thanks for this content :)

Thank you for reading my friend!

I am going to have try some of these out, thanks

Great content! I love that you're showing people how to self start!

I had never heard of Amazon Mechanical Turk. Very interesting. I followed you.

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