Robert Kiyosaki - How Our Monetary System Enslave Us & Why You Shouldn't Pay Taxes (FULL INTERVIEW)

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In this video, John Sneisen and I sit down with author and icon Robert Kiyosaki at The Red Pill Expo in Montana to talk about the monetary system, the markets, the tax code, Donald Trump, a cashless society, investing, gold and silver and the public school system.


Robert Kiyosaki is the man behind the book 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' which is the number one personal finance book of all time. He's written two books with President Donald Trump and has supported people like Ron Paul in the past.
His appearance at G. Edward Griffin's 'The Red Pill Expo' was in honor of Mr. Griffin who he says he respects greatly. "If Griffin asks, I come!"

Kiyosaki made the point that one should not work for money but for assets and that if you don't like taxes, find a way not to pay them, get rich, own assets, buy good debt.

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Kiyosaki also went into the deep state effect on the Trump administration and how his friend Donald Trump can't actually change the realities of the coming fiat dollar crash. He also went into the fact that the public school system indoctrinates kids to know very little, pay taxes and invest long term in the stock market.

When it comes to the future, Kiyosaki says the good thing is people will live longer and the bad news is, they will be living in a cardboard box as job automation takes over.

See the FULL video interview here:

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The problem with Robert Kiyosaki, is that he is a statist. He say he like the government, as it is on his side. In other words he is utilizing the government to extort people. That is against the non-aggression principle and proves that Robert Kiyosaki is a evil statist and that he should be treated as such.

He is not an anarchist and therefore evil and I am surprised that @joshsigurdson even wanted to interview him, what is the purpose of this interview, if Josh is an anarchist?

Because it's about actually listening to people and getting their point of view. He's anti-tax, anti-government, he's just benefiting personally from statism because he's free of most of the state's coercion other than arbitrary laws.
I don't ONLY interview anarchists. How on Earth do we get out of an echo chamber if we only talk with anarchists?
It's about spreading that message. So I talk pragmatically against war, bringing in the left. I talk pragmatically against taxes, so I bring in the right. Then I lead them to voluntaryism.
You may have your own tactics, but it's allowed me to bring thousands to the message of voluntaryism, so obviously it works.

I don't think Robert Kiyosaki is anti-government and against tax. He is just against him paying tax, but like the fiat money system (He have 300 million in fiat money debt or what did he way??) and the state, since these structures maintains his wealth and his business.

Don't get me wrong, I liked Robert Kiyosaki in the past, but he is kind-of like an reminiscence of the past (before crypto, before 2008). He teaches people how to play the old fashion capitalism game, but as he points out he knows nothing about crypto currencies and he is not an anarchist.

I personally think that the state will try to fight crypto as soon as it gets more popular, so every person will have to take a stand on which side they are on!

Also he is friend of Trump, who is clearly a statist behind all evils states do.

I understand that you like to interview Robert Kiyosaki since he made that best seller book and is famous, but still I thought that you where more like Jeff, trying to avoid statists in the pursued of getting away from statism and towards anarchism.

I don't have the final answer on how to make the world anarchistic, other then I think that crypto currencies will do that over time.

Anyway it was a great interview, its not that, I am just writing out of the purpose of transforming the world towards anarchism.

At 12:30 to 12:40 in your video, Robert says: "I am not against government, governments make me rich, I love my government."

So tell me how is he not utilizing government to extort people?

Also he have borrowed 300 million USD in fiat money banking system, that we all know is controlled and ran by the satanic elite that makes wars and much more evil, so how does that make him a person to glorify and interview???

If Robert Kiyosaki said "I am not against government, governments make me rich, I love my government.", well that makes it clear he is an agent of the state, he performs various functions, such as disinformation, false financial expertise, etc.

He is the slave of the fiat monetary system.

May all humans adopt the do no harm principle! Followed ya. Glad to have found you on here. Onward and upward!

Thank you, always nice to meet other anarchists. Followed back.

Indeed! When our powers combine(in a totally decentralized way, haha)!

Well I really think that blockchain technologies can make humanity 100% anarchistic, I am trying to write an article/post on that topic these days, may be ready in 0-2 days.

Looking forward to hearing more about your thoughts on the matter. I feel that blockchain and it's model can inspire abundance for all. It's a beautiful example of a new paradigm where collaboration is normal. Cheers!

Blockchain has the potential to make real anarcho capitalism where everyone gets paid fairly for their service and no one have special privileges thought corrupt fiat money banking.

Indeed, fractional reserve banking is one of the most corrupt and enslaving systems I know of. It seems blockchains can be the way to break free from debt slavery. It can start changing the way we think about solving problems in so many realms. A platform where all humans are accepted and appreciated for what they bring to the community!

Capitalism is not about paying people fairly. You treat blockchains like they are jesus.


I've been reading about over the past few years how the US dollar is losing it's value and the country is in a lot of debt. And when you see major companies closing and people losing their jobs it's a scary thought.

Exactly, many factors contribute to that. A very important one is when the US trades with other nations and they deliver their goods they are paid with United States Treasury bonds and now that we've lost our star for not paying off our debt and amassing the disgusting amount of debt, these countries are saying we don't want to be paid in bonds anymore we want, cash or other tangible liquid assets. This is probably one of the problems besides being rival super powers with China and Russia that they are making back door deals trading with each other and reaching around the US dollar.

It is because we are at the end of a currency cycle. This is 100% planned. it is called a "currency conversion" or reset. NAFTA was a framework not a finished product. We will be the North American Union. Had Hillary been elected it would have been all the Americas as an economic zone. The people of Europe weren't asked, We weren't asked. Asia won't be asked when they coalesce in about 10 years. (TPP was part of this. Trade agreements today are to equalize economies they have absolutely nothing to do with a "free market". The only reason I know is I talk to someone with IMF. You do keep hearing there will be no one to bails out. 2 trillion in IMF SDRs were set aside. Money the US government has already printed. Now watch them turn around and call it an IMF loan and the tax payers are on the hook. Ridiculous. They don't change the look of our currencies it is the underlying value and structure of the currencies. Central banking cycles were never meant to last forever. You won't find it anywhere on the internet but Britain had theirs in 1979. The only proof I could find was in a Margaret Thatcher speech. I explain further here.

Exactly it's a system it's rigged by a group of people who make sure them and their friends make money so essentially the "rich get richer and the poor get poorer" if poorer was a word haha

There is only one super power right now.

So you don't believe Russia and China aren't super powers?

They are not super powers.

Really explain how so

Yes, great interview with wild man Kiyosaki.


I'm ambivalent about not paying taxes. Firstly, we need to understand the function of the government. The role of the government is to step in when there's market failure, for example, externality of burning fossil fuels, etc. The job of the government is to regulate the areas where private organization and individuals are financially or logistically unable to mitigate the problems posed to society.

However, the government in most society have grown too large, too comfortable, and too lazy. This creates a lot of waste! We are essentially paying incompetent people with our hard-earned money.

If only we could pay taxes on the projects we deem as necessary to the greater good. Otherwise, we should all not pay taxes and use our own money to drive changes to society.

This piece just made my day...i started reading rich dad poor dad series since i was 16...and it was the still the best money management book i have ever read....i agreed totally on this information...could we say Government is a scam??

Great post mate.... You just got a new follower!

I had Kiyosaki sign my 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' when I saw him at a real estate event in New York a few years back.

"One should not work for money but for assets" kaBOOM! Thanks for sharing!

Yes for intangible assets like crypto :)

I didn't get that, what does he mean by that?

Basically, instead of just making a bit of money and spend it. You should try to invest in things that are able to make you money, with your money. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to create a sustainable fishing industry and we all eat indefinitely.

Great quote! Essentially make your money work for you. Make it work for you in your sleep and either know your business or find and hire someone that does. For example if you're going to invest in real estate, it might be a better choice to find an agent who owns investment properties because its their business, they know what to look out for good and bad, they know the processes and hoops one will need to get through in order invest their money efficiently and legally.

This is the crux of it all. Online there are three ways to create assets: words, audio, or video. You can create ebooks, courses from words and video and audio, podcasts, etc. These are all assets. If you already have money you can simply BUY assets but if starting from zero you'll have to create assets. Online has the BEST return for your assets. Or sell shirts (graphic design assets!).

Great interview, always enjoy listening to Robert

Another home run!


Dollar Vigilante, Mr. Kiyosaki
who's next Mike Maloney or Chris Martenson?

Keep it coming!!

Thank you! :)

Lots of big names on the way! :P Sitting on another 9 interviews and got some HUGE interviews planned in the next short while! ;)

The man himself!
He's obviously older and without the pacience he used to have. It's like he has no filter anymore. He just says whatever he wants and for that reason he might not sound as nice and pleasant as before but the wisdom and experience is there.
He made his part getting rich and sharing how he did it. It's not a recipe everyone is able to follow but most of the advice is easily understandable and could help many people to avoid common mistakes like accepting the endless rat race.

Agreed! I was taking notes in my head the entire conversation. Really interesting guy and a total loud mouth which is something I kind of respect. haha

Thank you so much @joshsigurdson for the video very informative.

Happy to do it! :) Thank you for watching!

Benjamin Franklin said there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes.
But now we have the Bitcoin :)

Robert Kiyosaki a Crypto Anarchist?, he was on the Red Pill meeting?, waw this is exiting . Do you know if he is into Cryptos? THANKS

He definitely doesn't like labels but he's anti-government while still benefiting from the government as he mentions.
He admitted in the interview that he doesn't know anything about cryptos, so he doesn't invest in them. He likes his gold and silver which is understandable. :)

Old school no? I like gold and silver too, but for gaining great gains I think Crypto is de option. I invest some dollars on that asset every month. But from one month I am investing into Crypto with amazing results. Bad for Robert I think he need to catch up, ajjjajaja. Thanks for your answer

Definitely, I understand his old school approach but it seems odd not to have curiosity or at least dabble in the new amazing developments in cryptocurrencies. He may very well be a legend of his day, and his principles taught in his books still apply, but it seems like he might just be unwilling to smell the winds of change. I think he is wise to diversify into gold and silver, but Bitcoin and the like, are the new precious metals. Also did not know about his Trump connections.

Really, he has two books with him. He is close with Trump, maybe he is part of the Big Agenda. If something like BitCoin has made millionaires, why he does not look at this Crypto market that it is growing, maybe he is just a fake. For me is shook that he is not saying anything about Cryptos

Warren Buffet has a philosophy about investing- "If I don't understand it or how it works, I don't invest in it." Nice to see Robert Kiyosaki thinks the same way!

I just watched the full interview, very good! :) Followed and resteemed!

Thank you! I appreciate it! :)

It's always good to hear Kiyosaki. Thanks for the interview.

Thanks for watching! :)

Love Robert Kiyosaki! His book Rich Dad Poor Dad is a must read for anyone who is on the road of becoming financially free.

I wrote a little book review on it, in case someone needs to be nudged to read it :)

Enjoyed the interview. Regarding Cryptocurrencies and taxation, you would enjoy my post:
Upvoted and following you.

Great guest @joshsigurdson - thank you. One of the best quotes: "Your network = your networth." - this quote applies to Steemit/STEEM blockchain if you think about it in some ways.

Thank you!

I completely agree! Pyramids aren't necessarily schemes, pyramids are an incredibly important part of being successful. It's all about growing your network and bringing in the most influential people to your network. It definitely applies to Steemit! :)

Just watched that video WOW I feel like I've been told a secret,and now I understand how the world really works.
I'm new to steemit and haven't used social media that much much, but I am keen and eager to learn

You gotta start somewhere! :P Thanks for watching! He's definitely INCREDIBLY interesting!

Thank you so much for sharing Josh!

Kiyosaki has a lot of good points in his book that are worth adopting or delving deeper into. Probably the biggest 2 for me are:

  1. Build up your assets
  2. A house is not necessarily an asset

Thank you for informing the free world!

very good thank you

I don't get it, Kiyosaki tells you he doesn't pay taxes and that people don't ask him how he does it but you don't ask how he does it?!

He is a salesman, and I say that not in a bad or good way, but as a frame from which one should process what he says. Here is a very detailed analysis of some of his claims:

Thanks that's kind of you.

Because he said how he does it. He owns assets. He only pays taxes on two homes he owns but otherwise he rents out to his clients and has his money in assets. :)

Yes, later he explained by himself around 33 minutes? Didn't he say he had 4 homes? Well it's just a detail.
Why I said this? TBH it seemed he unanswered quite a few questions in first half at least. I think you were much too polite, allowing him to get away with vague answers. Not that I want to suggest that you should have interrogated him but press on for the facts ;)

could you clarify? I think i might know what you're talking about but I just want to be sure.

Very interesting hearing someone who knows the game and speaks openly. I agree with the lack of financial education in our schools and in our communities . It is hard to find people who want ton engage in deep conversations about the debt and taxes. It is nice that he is also realizes his limits - he does not know all the answers - but puts on a great conversation.

Wonderful Feed @joshsigurdon now i need ☕

I personally feel like Our current system can only change with The 🏢Mid Class teaching the 🏠Lower Classes to not just Work but .. Work within your Special Gifting Arena🎣🎤🎥🎦🎧🎨🎩 with a Purpose..because We all have purposes in life. .

So...what really should happen is Humans should go to School..developing their 📓Talents and Gifts...than 👔Start Working in middle school to enhance and gain the Time we hit📚 College we should be well sharpened and ready to Grow a new Future🎯...also by this time everyone should start migrating from 🏭working to creating work for the next upcoming generations🎓


Learn 2 Use Debt Music 2my Ears

Exactly, we need to implement a system similar to maybe what Europe has they channel you into different types of schools based on your interest and skills. I for one didn't learn anything in high school and would have much rather learned skills that would increase my own personal value and support me down the road if need be.

@themellenial you hit right on the💢 Head...WOW i didn't know Europe had it so Great...well I suppose there are Schools🎓 here that are Specialized many have it goes back to Capitalization 🗽^_^

Yes and we have to pay for it here everything is for profit there school especially a lot of universities are free or very reduced costs

Well we are in The Heartland of Capitalization . ..and Enslavement. . .

Capitalism? And I agree if you realize things were actually very socialist

Yeah right nobody should pay taxes for the money that they make :)

I had a professor who won a professor of the year award and he said He LOVES Capitalism, but on the other hand if there's too much capitalism it can become something corrupt and manipulative so with capitalism there needs to be a bit of socialism. If no one paid taxes how would cities fund things such as first responders to keep our homes and streets safe or even have streets, how would we the United States of America continue to be the greatest nation in the world, how would we support a strong military presence if no one paid for anything. So while I do agree that paying taxes utterly sucks, it is a necessary evil that needs to be continued to a point the continuous obsession about the raising of minimum wage and hike of any tax is not necessary.

Monetary policy is the process by which the monetary authority of a country, like the central bank or currency board, controls the supply of money, often targeting an inflation rate or interest rate to ensure price stability and general trust in the currency.

Honestly Robert just speaks but never really says anything insightful. Not to be a hater, I still think he's a nice guy.

Good to see Robert still hanging around. He is a funny guy!

@joshsigurdson "pick up some books and start learing by myslef" ...great sentence i'll start applying more and more to escape from the matrix...any suggestion? thanks for everything! greetings from Spain! :)

Amigo ! follow me !

I summarize entrepreneurship and motivational books for 1min reading time. If you would like to get more details you can also read the full books but i assure you my summarize will get you pumped up !

This this out :

Hi @joshsigurdson. No time for the video now, maybe later. I read the text and this is a keeper: "Kiyosaki made the point that one should not work for money but for assets and that if you don't like taxes, find a way not to pay them, get rich, own assets, buy good debt."

Thank you for publishing.
​Niamaat​ aka Teacher Nia aka Prima Nia
English Language Coach and
Translator (Spanish to English)

P.S. “Be great because nothing else pays.” -– Grant Cardone

If I could I wouldnt pay taxes. Crypto will give us such opportunity.

I trust the opinions of Robert Kiyosaki because following him as a mentor i have left full time employment and today am an entreprenuer who determines what i do when and how much i earn on a daily basis

I wish I did not have to pay taxes but we are forced to and as you said 'enslaved' by the system.

I love Robert Kiyosaki. People need to position themselves so that if/when the things Kiyosaki predicts comes true, they won't be the ones living in the cardboard box. Keep up the good work!

Robert Kiyosaki is a legend, when i discovered his youtube videos 4 years ago i was hooked, I remember thinking : wow how the f*** i didn't find out about this guy before ?

Wise man Mr. Kiyosaki...

What a great article, thanks :)

Awesome article very informative!

Postnya very useful and hope you are lucky for future in this steemit :)
But do not forget the upvote on my blog too :D

Thank you for this post and I love what you are up to! Inspiring!

I'm surprised he doesn't know much about crypto. Why doesn't he follow his own advice and hire some young gun computer crypto wizards to make him a pile of $$$$? He always says hire people smarter than you are.....There was another interesting comment that he kinda freaked out at the Red Pill conference as well.

Resteemed, upsteemed, and followed. Right on the money...pun intended. God Bless.

So do you think Mr. Kiyosaki would agree that cryptocurrencies are the subsequent generations out of holding the bag that the boomers are looking to hand off in their retirement years?

Yes, assets will double your money but if you work for money, you might end up spending it. You can't avoid to pay taxes when you have assets since is physical, everyone will know the location and government will ask for tax. I like the work and the choice of topic.

thanks for this. interesting that he has this perspective. upvoted.

Great topic
I look forward to more topic

Skynet will be taking over soon.

Follow me guys, I'll vote for you

I fully believe that taxation is theft, in my country income tax was only implemented around 1960-1970 really not that long ago, and I'm pretty easy on a form of value added tax. Here with a population of 54mil about 2mil pay 95% of all tax. Socialism sucks!

Thank you for this interview. Much appreciate it 🙂

his book rich dad ,poor dad is a must read!

Yes, the IRS is a ponzi scheme. The Federal Reserve inflates our money supply, devaluing the very currency they claim the authority to issue. Cryptocurrency is taking back the fight.



I exposed him, feel free to check !

Nice post. I have read Kiyosaki's books but believe that currency is inevitable in society. Luckily we have crypto...

Should we not buy stocks that pays dividends? As job automation take our jobs, those dividends would be our income

The legend. I quote him so much these days, especially following the Rich Dad, Poor Dad sharing. WE SHOULD ONLY WORK FOR ASSETS. That's all that is needed to be taken away from anything said. Thanks for sharing. Means a lot to get updated about his thoughts. Cheers!


I dare you guys to watch this interview without sound.. Just watch the guys' body language.. It's funny lol

But regardless, congrats on being able to interview Robert! This is awesome!

You can check out @ENAZWAHSDARB for the best Entrepreneurial content! If you appreciate what you see, you can leave a follow! :)

Good write-up, not too long, just perfect :)

love the book and the podcast

Wonderful article! The modern system we have enslaves us all! I've been saying it since I graduated college back in 2011 :)


This is a very good read . Even though I do not like paying taxes, however without it governments will not funtion and there will be chaos on the street.

I agree. Taxes help pay for society and the services we use. I worked on a project with Kiyosaki's team and IMO the man is a little bit of a nut.

Good point.
Also See my blog post for a link to collect free crypto, a one time opportunity.

There is another word for not being governed : freedom, to be a bit blunt ... you (and i) have been brainwashed from birth to equate freedom with chaos. That is one of the greatest tragedies in human history, this fear of being free that feeds the beast that is government ...

Depends on how you see it...
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Rich Dad, poor Dad. I love this man. The interview is great. I learnt from it. Hahahaha! Can't stop laughing at some of his ideas, public schools indoctrinating students to know little, to pay tax, and invest in shares. Wow. Encouraging people to become lowlife.

do i need to read robert kiyosaki? everybody already talks about him enough for me to know maybe?? lol...awesome that you got the chance to meet up with a great businessman. good talk

His interviews are pretty good and his lectures. There is a reason why people buy his books.

The first time someone used Robert Kiyosaki to prove a point was to get me into an MLM :(


I'm more positive on my position now of Kiyosaki's reasoning now because I know his ideas are simple yet really thought provoking. His methods are risky but we can see it's true. I think I did have a negativity towards him for awhile because I fell for the MLM scheme to get rich quick.

Hope you are doing ell @dana edwards

you met him also. I met him years ago. wow he lost tons of weight. does he still live in AZ?

Amazing. I like the fact that it is a short story.

Yes.. i genuinely think that paying taxes is the most immoral thing we can do with our money.. bearing in mind where most of that money goes.

Yes I pay taxes... There are no ethics in the face of coercion, that is blaming the victim. Focus on the man with the gun, not the man in the crosshairs trying to survive.

yeah right. i didnt' mean it like [email protected] i just mean that tax itself it unethical! totally. been a long day

I hear ya ! taxation is the most extensive and most lucrative form of slavery ever devised by man, it is highly immoral and the bedrock of, by far, most injustice in the world.

i never had it confirmed.. but in my mind they get not just 40% or whatever the tax rate is of the money , but they get it ALL. . Because if i pay 40% tax and spend the other 60% then 40% of that 60% gets taxed etc etc . SO within just a few steps they basically have everything!

ANd if that is not enough they want it even faster so they make more taxes to speed it up..
it never ceases to amaze me that people pay it really,, even though we have no choice or whatever.

Yes it is insane, but we are all trained (brainwashed) from very young to believe in this system and constantly imbued with fear (of freedom/no government) so that we accept ... or even demand ... or own enslavement.
Luckily it seems that some are born with a more sturdy moral compass than others, it is up to them to not stand idle and to help fix the corrupted morals of those around them :)

i think you'll really like this post i wrote on this brainwashing topic! Defo worth a read.. following u

checking it out, followed :)

You mean to the Vatican?

Hi Josh! Great interview like always. Really enjoyed watching it.

Robert should be Trump's an adviser.

So on point! Great interview thanks for the great post. 💯

I think there is something wrong with education system all over the world.... there are so many people who dropped out from school/ college, doing well and also some of them making huge change in the world, like Robert Kiyosaki. And still our educational system is not changing. Why the hell it is not changing. why we are suffering this? In my country so many students suicide every year because they couldn't pass the exam but no one cares. We need change this system. there are so many student with wonderful talents but they cant hon their talent because they have to study a lot to pass that shity exam.

He never had a rich dad or a poor dad. It was all a parable... or another way to put it... a lie. Good info but better marketing.

Exactly we are Enslave by Our Monetary System and many of us still don't this fact...and that system enslave us by our own money ...But I think due to cryptocurrencies revolution the hold of that cruel system is going to reach to an end up soon...

Excelent review hoping for another post :) upped and followed!

Rand Paul should have been president. Such a shame. That man would have saved all of us! I am not fan of Hillary, but I am equally starting not to like Trump.

Finally an opinion I can respect and stand behind. Thanks for sharing!

i really like robert kiyosanki book.i read it while i was a freshman in campus in 2014 and since then have never thought of getting employed.i normally try as much i can to make sure that i am working hard on my company so that it can become the next berkshire hathaway

I agree, but I'm gonna keep paying my taxes out of fear! Ok! At least I'm being honest :P

most of us do, it is violent extortion after all ...

Follower and read all his books, Wise man!!!
Great Info and Blessings to you!!

He is right I talk to someone with IMF. She explained the central banking cycles. This is a "currency conversion" We are being made into North America. Had it been Hillary we would have been ALL of the America's. the real reason BRIC was established. I wrote an article on here but I'm so new hardly anyone saw it.

Thank you for posting content about Robert Kiyosaki. I love his book Business of the 21st Century. He discusses the four major quadrants to income streams. Which he says are:

  • E Quadrant: Employment
  • S Quadrant: Solo Employer (Self Employed)
  • I Quadrant: Investing
  • B Quadrant: Big Business
Robert goes into detail discussing each quadrant and the importance and unimportance of each income stream. I found the book a great catalyst to exploring all ranges of generating wealth in the business of this new 21st century. Feel which quadrant(s) speaks to you and see how it can help you in your life. We all fall into a quadrant one way or another. My opinion is to see where you can fit best in each quadrant. Thanks all.