Mike Maloney: The Golden Crypto Revolution & The Cashless Society (FULL INTERVIEW)

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In this video, @TheEconomicTruth and I sit down with Mike Maloney, one of the world's leading educators on gold and silver, the man behind 'The Hidden Secrets of Money' series and most recently, an insightful teacher on the subject of cryptocurrencies.

During this interview out of Acapulco, Mexico, Mike Maloney gives us his views on gold and silver in 2018 and where he sees the wealth insurance going in the near future. He also goes into the heavy manipulation of gold and silver by the banking system and the inevitable failure of the banks to continue to manipulate the precious metals markets.


Maloney also digs into the concerns surrounding a global centrally planned cashless society and the plans to implement the system into the SDR at the IMF. It's so incredibly important to understand the difference between a centralized and decentralized system. The blockchain can be used to force people into servitude if centralized, but it can be used to overthrow that which forces people into servitude if decentralized.

Mike Maloney goes into bail in regimes, the refusal of depositor's insurance in the case of a cashless society, the excuse of convenience used by the banking system and runs on banks.

Maloney also talks about his support of cryptocurrency and how he sees the market innovating in the coming years.
Finally, Mike breaks down his thoughts on the crashing stock market and whether we're seeing a correction now or the innevitable collapse.

See the FULL interview here:

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this is a revenge of the nerds from oligarch tyranny!

WOW! Over $200 in 8 minutes! It makes me SO HAPPY to see that kind of response to REAL news, to see you and Mike Maloney being given that kind of credibility. There IS hope!


Thanks! I've got some pretty awesome people watching. :)


Wow is correct. Thank you.

I am happy to see someone like Mike has good to say about cryptocurrency other wise whoever you see now a days is going aganist bitcoin and all other cryptos.
Yeah, I am sure this technology will definitely help us a lot in the future and with the time when it evolves we all will adopt it.

great content... thank you... another recession is coming soon 1-3 years time... as QE and liquidity removed from the system and rates go higher... the yield curve will invert and that will spell the start of the recession

I’ve been following Mike sense 2011. I got introduced through the Rich Dad Book series. I read his book on precious metals investing years ago. I learned years ago about the market manipulation taking place at the banking level. This was one of the things that ultimately made me become dissatisfied in metals. Glad to see he’s pro crypto! He has a lot of info about how the establishment manipulates and it’s good that he sees the value in crypto!! Thanks for the post!!

Mike is very well educated man. Thank you guys it`s always pleasure to listen you. Gold , silver and crypto is the honest way to go in the future.

Typing as I watch this. Definitely had to resteem! This is one of the best articles of my morning. Happy Saturday and hooray for crypto!

I'm a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki and His friend Mike Maloney.
I'm so promising to see Mike Maloney talking about Crypto revolution and Robert also is writing posts about bitcoin on his website and facebook page too.

I guess Blockchain Is going to replace everything in the next few years :)

Thank you Josh, for this info :D

Mike Maloney taught me more from Economics in his Youtube channel and "The Hidden Secrets of Money" Series than 12 years of Indoctrination camps (as @jeffberwick @dollarvigilante would say) Definitely, one of the smartest/nicest/most humble guys in the gold/silver/crypto community! great interview guys! Greetings from Spain! :)


¡Es la verdad! Totally agree!

@joshsigurdson .your posts are always inspiring....u may ask me whyy?? Well any post getting $200 in less than an hour indicates something about the stuff and the overall history of the profile... Morever you are sharing informative posts whivh are very helpful.... I appreciate your work sir.


Excellent video! I like Mike Maloney & WAM! Continue your good work! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

I agree that the future of money is digital. No more cash in your physical wallet.

Great tips as always. Thank

Mike Maloney is really great person i'm having faith on sir mike and I really like to thank @joshsigurdson for sharing this Interview with us. This interview is really educative and knowledgeable for everyone so i recommend this interview to watch everyone and I resteeming your post.
Thank you.

the greatness of your post deserve my thumbs ...

knowledgeable post.thanks for sharing with us.keep it up.hope everyone will be like to knowing about this.keep sharing

I’ve been trying to get mike Maloney onto steemit. He’s one of my favorites,

Planning that makes a program of autonomy development .

Thanks for 2018 we must also be wary of manipulation that is in perbank

thanks for the dank interview! Maloney is the man

the man looks like a gentleman, I see him
your post is an awesome dud, Thanks for sharing this post
Can you please explain that
The Hidden Secrets of Money'?

This is a really good video. The one thing that I don't hear much about the Block Chain is how many jobs will be lost. Just think of how many people that work at Real-Estate title companies as an example. With the blockchain, the job will be streamlined and many jobs lost. I think that it will defiantly help the medical industry. A simple example is shot records. This is something that should be available to a person, and if it's on paper then the risk is that it is lost, damaged or simply thrown out. The blockchain can help the medical industry that is bloated and to expensive. It could also stop double billing of services. The list of good and bad go on and on.

wow very nice

this post is now on the Stemmit's "HOT" section and the response from people is also great...This post definately deserved an upvote from me..CHEERS!!

I am impressed by your performance in steemit, congratulations! hugs and kisses from Venezuela

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Very insightful. Thanks for sharing

Did Mike tell you guys which 4 cryptos he liked ?

I really like this post. I think that the future is near: crypto currency. Recently Venezuela entered the world of cryptocurrencies: the Petrol. Thanks for sharing.

Great interview!

Both Josh & Mike are in my HEROES OF TRUTH dream team list:




Josh, where do you keep your EOS? Have you "registered" your tokens?


definitely a good squad! Wouldnt you add Jeff Berwick on it? ...I own some EOS, could you also please let me know what am I supposed to do with my tokens registration? Thanks in advance mate! greetings from Spain! :)


¡Hola amigo!

Also love Jeff and his work; so he is definitely on the list. Check out the Crypt0 & Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante) - Crypto, Growth, EOS, & More! {Anarchapulco 2018} recent video about Jeff. Excellent display of Jeff's intelligence and genuineness.


Thanks mate! I'll definitely watch it! Cheers!!! :)


Jeff is on there.


ahhh sorry....he is on the top right....my bad ! :)

Wow great video of the reality of political system and economic system. ,the topic of the negative interest rate ,is very interesting ones. Your post is totally perfect in every analysis of cryptocurrncy, banking system, political system, economic analysis. Thanks for sharing such a valuable information about the increasing standard of crptocurrency in future market.

Great interview, thanks for posting

Mike's insightfulness is sound and he is keenly aware of the ongoing battle between the centralized financial system and the decentralized cryptos universe.

Am really happy and proud to hear that your positive about the cryptocurrencies as a whole. Thanks a lot and just keep up the spirit and the steem love.

your post is good I wait for the next posting

This is definitely a lot of well thought out material.
I will be studying this and following you.

thankyou for sharing this article i was searching for it @joshsigurdson


delightful & fantastic!

Thanks for bringing this video to my attention. I missed it on youtube.