Interest Rates SKYROCKET As CRASH Approaches! - The Federal Reserve Is ROBBING You

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In this video, I talk with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the most recent news of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates once again!

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates on Wednesday from 2% to 2.5%. They have announced they will raise them once more this year and three more times next year. This is an absolute sign of desperation as we look back at the time frame of 2008 to 2012 where the Fed dropped rates 5.5% attempting to divert the inevitable crash which has instead been put off and propped up into an even bigger monster. That monster needs to come down eventually and it seems clear that the Federal Reserve and the major bankrupt banks are quite aware of the coming collapse. They are desperately trying to stay relevant and prop up the system as long as humanly possible.

Interestingly, interest rates are such a huge part of spending that they're likely to cross the budget for that global racket we cannot mention on YouTube or Facebook without our video being hidden from the majority of people. Keywords my friends.

This is absolutely terrible. People are being forced into debt and poverty by this massive centralized system based in the dependence of the populace. Individuals must break free from this system and decentralize everything. Rule themselves. Be self sustainable. Financially responsible as responsibility is the hallmark of freedom itself.

All fiat currencies eventually revert to their true value of zero and this time is no different. On top of breaking down the most recent news regarding interest rates, inflation and spending, we also talk briefly about the history of this system going back a thousand years to 1024AD in China as well as the history of the United States and central banking powers. From Franklin to Powell, this isn't a new problem, it's just an insanely repetative problem. This cycle will not end without education. Otherwise we will perpetuate this paradigm for the rest of time and it'll only get worse with each collapse.

See the FULL video report here:

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It's all true.
You and John speak frankly and sometimes with "Bare Knuckles". Much needed to break through the concrete between the ears.
The most disturbing issue for me is Death and Destruction Economics. I don't want to be a participant in this immorality.

Thank YOU! Following YOU! Love Your Perspectives!!!

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Sheeple all over the world need to put all central banksters in CAGES❗️They need to overthrow any governments that do not comply with the best interest of the people . This mentality that we can have a peaceful revolution is SHIT , and something they’re counting on you fucking cowards‼️Breaking the chains , and shackles of enslavement are not going to be done with a butter knife 🍴 and a toothpick like some version of MacGyver❗️Freedom isn’t FREE❗️And if any of you think these monsters will give up theirs so easily ...... well just ask them ⁉️ Because I think they’d rather kill us all then give up any power . This Q shit is a perfect example of how weak and cowardly humanity operates . Letting the same people that caused all these problems , and fund both sides of all wars fix it ⁉️😆 🤣 Yeah thats going to work like a one leg runner 🏃. 🙄 . Time is UP❗️Its either lead , fallow , or get the fuck out of the way‼️No room for wishing things to happen . Those who make it happen will take the world 🌎 away from these demons , and not those who just wish things would get better .