Cryptocurrencies Are Blowing Central Banks Out Of The Water - with Jeff Berwick

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In this video, I sit down with Jeff Berwick of The @DollarVigilante and Anarchast at the Red Pill Expo in Bozeman, Montana to talk about the growing popularity among cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and STEEM despite minor corrections.
Of course Ethereum has been taking some unconventional routes and as Jeff mentions, he wasn't expecting it to pull off what it has in 2017, but by far, Bitcoin is the crypto with the most potential.

Jeff also goes into STEEM and the incredible opportunities that Steemit provides people as a decentralized social media.
Jeff having been through the dotcom bubble went into the theory that Bitcoin is a bubble, speaking on its long term potential.

See the full video interview here:

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One curiosity I have is, if everyone is their own bank, will people still pay their taxes? Or, do we pay taxes because we are forced too? Now, if people stop paying taxes, how will we fund things like public schools, roads, etc.

That is the big question isn't it. I think right now it'll be based as a honor system until they find a way to control it of course. Hopefully they don't assign citizens BTC addresses and track it that way. Knowing the government they'll say, we're just going to keep a copy of the private key so we can take our taxes due lol.....Nightmare.

That's the standard question everyone asks and the best person to answer it for you is Larken Rose.
But What Will Be Done About...?

Another great one from Larken Rose - A real eye opener for beginners.

"It Can't Happen Here!"

Larken Rose is creating The interactive project called


but needs help.

Please visit his Patreon page, give a little it would help him a lot.

Larken Rose is awesome !

@ truth-be -told

Taxation is extortion. All of those things could and should be privately funded and controlled.

So hopefully you are correct and people stop paying taxes, and we begin to realize that voluntary exchanges can tackle many of the problems government has monopolized.

And if everything as privately controlled, who regulates that? Would we end up with Private schools, where only the rich can afford? Do we end up with all roads being "toll roads"? Would we vote on which private company works on what?

I'm sure there's a lot I'm not considering, but I don't know how it can be both "Privatly funded and controlled" and at the same time not clash with other "Privatly funded and controlled" organizations. It still needs to be centralized somehow.

Who is the centralized authority regarding the Internet?

With privatization comes choices and competition, with central planning and control come monoplies.

A voluntary society wouldnt be one without challenges it would be one without the imagined legitimacy of a forceful governing body.

If you fear that people cannot govern themselves what makes you think they can effectively govern others? Or select someone else to govern them?

@ truth-be-told

Here is one example of the superiority of privately funded services for something as far fetched as crimen prevention and policing in the city of detroit.

This is classic. Great example of how it works. Attitudes, assumptions, preconceived notions, speech patterns all influence outcomes.

You're forgetting how we get internet. AT&T & Verizon? Not much competition there. I've even heard them talk about how they split up territory. Either way you'll risk something.

No I Haven't forgotten how we get the intermet.

Basically most arguments against decentralization and a stateless society are the fear that we would end up with something exactly like a state.

I don't know of anyone who thinks risk would leave the equation without the force of government's monopoly.

I'm just considering accountability. Private industries don't have to be accountable to anyone because the response has always been find a different company. My main concern is that, monopolies and who pays for what. I'm all for decentralization if it cuts down on what the government chooses to involve itself in unnecessarily. But where is the line where it goes too far?

The real problem is Federal Tax which goes to a myriad of things but very little towards state by state services when compared to the amount spent on just the interest alone on our current national debt which is at 19,956,444, 999,999 at this exact second and climbing. (U.S. Debt This is national debt alone and does not include a number of other insanely high debts that plague the population and will profit big banks. Between 2009 and 2013 the Federal Reserve which is a private bank earned over 350 Billion Dollars in interest based profits alone making it the most profitable private company in the world for that period as it still is with yearly profits towering over the collected income of Apple, Google, and Amazon combined. The funding from federal income tax that goes towards wars of aggression that do very little to keep Americans safe but instead do a great deal to increase profits for defense contractors, big oil, big business in general, and paying the ever climbing interest on a debt so unbelievably large that it can never be paid.... the percentage of your income that goes to the federal government every year would be better spent on roads and schools, public services, etc. However the part of your income that you pay in federal income tax will not go towards these things in the way that most believe. (State Taxes tend to cover a lot though) It will end up in the hands of a private entity representing other private entities that have nothing to do with you, your families future, or the future and health of the U.S. as a country. If I made you give 10 to 35 percent of your labor to me for free and I profited and you received absolutely no benefit or goods/services in return you would call that partial slavery. If you refused to work for me 10 to 35 percent of the time for free and I locked you in a box where sodomy was served shortly after lunch you would not only be a slave but then the victim of a morally unjustifiable tyrannical dehumanizing act. State by State taxation with a vote put to the public every quarter as to what requires the most attention in regards to education, roads, public services, etc. is rational and reasonable. Forced taxation at the barrel of the gun on behalf of a number of people you have never met and have nothing to do with anything the federal government provides you with in regards to services is not.. The current debt per U.S. taxpayer is $165,928.00 and climbing. You will never pay that and less than 30 percent of it would go towards the services you mentioned in your post. Please research this as I have meant this response in a helpful noncontroversial way. Hope this covers your question.

Glad we're having this conversation...getting my old brain to think about this more. ;-)

Yes, but what are you going to do ? Rip your US passport and migrate to another country ?

Just note to you about income tax.
I worked in Singapore , Income tax there is roughly around 7% annually and its not a third world country :)

Yes. I did something very similar to that as I'm a dual citizen. Granted tax is higher here but the loop holes are larger and easier to make use of if you know where to look. Though the government in the UK has miles of red tape centered around preventing local autonomy we have a fiercely committed community here that has fought and bit back when angry letters, officials, or threats of fines have reared their head. We have managed to win and stop discouragement of us having a say using nothing more than community based grass roots cooperation. This isn't at a huge township level, just our little road. I have also spent years structuring finance and my lifestyle to center around self sustainability from solar power, growing my own food, wild food foraging, arranging barter agreements with my local butcher, green grocer, and restaurants as it can't be taxed by law. Added to which a great deal of time is spent with people in my community committed to looking after themselves participating and structuring ourselves to where we keep our own community watch and checks. Though state education here is mandatory we all spend a great deal of time teaching the kids gardening, fishing, bush craft skills. And not to disclose to much detail in regards to finance but I have taken great pains to structure my income and tax so that I do pay to as little as possible all within legal requirements. All this can be done in the U.S. but the likely hood of an officer or representative of the government showing up armed to poke his nose in is higher. If you irritate that officer there is always a high likely hood of him turning your skull into a birdhouse. Not all law enforcement are bad guys.... but a lot of them can be di**'s. Here in traditional British fashion they just show up and bitch or write angry letters that if contested hotly enough for long enough you can wear them down on and still not break any laws. I'd happily move to another country from here and would actively entertain/plan a move along those lines but I care about the people I live around as we have all become each others extended family over the years. 7%?! That's a jealousy inspiring low amount! Wish it was that low here!

Wow, that is great you were able to create a local community that has become your extended family. It was like that in my grandfather's time. He lived in a small town in Philippines. Everyone was related to each other. They were too poor to pay taxes. Whatever they need they grew themselves and the forests were vast then. So whatever you can't grow you can hunt and gather in the forest.

I think the smaller the community the less need for government. And less government less taxes but people still get what they need. I think that is how Singapore and Hongkong , which I also worked, are able to keep taxes low. A small city state would have less overhead. Less red tape,less bureaucracy and leaders closer to the people in the street. Not away in Washington or London

Then you would need to pay for school like it would be a private school. If no one pay taxes the government couldn't pay for hospitals too so illness could be very expensive.
Is it worth it?

Hey truth-be-told.
It’s already been paid for and much more.We all have a secret trust account but we are not allowed to access it only they are. Your sweet caring government who want to look after you created a Cestui Que Vie Trust (CQV) with your birth certificate. Every time you use your sign of nature (signature) you give them permission to take money out of it. The truth will set you free my friend. Know your strawman. Peace and good luck to you all.

that legislation link doesnt work

Thanks for pointing this out. Link corrected.It should work now. Peace.

Well, one thing I will say...I agree with the early Protestants in that, the Papacy represents the Beast system in Revelations and Daniel. And in order for them to control the "no buy no sell", they need to control the monetary unit being used. This can easily happen if there's a cashless society. But I think we are a good few years away from that :-)

i think the hole community will be change, you will pay for your children with blockhain.

You wont. Home schooling. Family pays, not the state as it should be.

I wonder why people think if we have no Fed. Gov. that we won't have schools or roads? Governments don't build roads or build schools. Governments don't build anything! They just hire the people they want to do the work. Which is usually their friends and/or contributors. We can hire Pro's to build our own roads, schools and anything else we need. I am certain at a much more affordable price. We took care of these things before we had big Government and we can do it again!

It is a good question. The thing is, at least for now, as long as the money in your Bitcoin Wallet never reaches your bank account, it will never be traced. But who can tell what the future holds.. Maybe Bitcoin Wallets do become banks and we are charged taxed through our Wallets..

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great question!

I agree :)

very true.. i own both.. yee...

Paper Currency = Have your own toilette paper

great advice. think it can change lives...

yea, why not?!! hahaha

physical silver = your own insurance

love this.

thats true.for bitcoin we control our money while for steemit,it helps us to print our own money

As long as we keep calling it a "government" it won't go away. When was that last time we "governed" how the Federal Reserve works?

Instead of understanding, we have to rise up and OVERstand. :)

Yes....we build the systems that make the old system obsolete!

Indeed! Let us raise our glasses to Bucky Fuller!

We didn't, and that's why they are still in control of this world. People still don't see that the roots of all evil in the world are central banks..

Fuck yeah, I can't wait until everyone is their own bank.

Yup, fuck that gov mafia

We're on our way! :D

The first block chain based Virtual Reality gaming crypto! NEVERDIE coin will allow monetizing the game items in real cash economy game Entropia Universe. NOW game player can cash out their in-game money earned by playing game and can exchange NEVERDIE coin with other ERC20 tokens such as Gnosis, Golem, and Frist Blood.

Cryptos make run on the banks trivial.

Great video as always!

that's the news I like to hear, about time...people need to take their power back..take them shackles off already!

Can't wait till the Central banks along with their paid off governments fall off the face of the earth.

following you :)

We can at least dream! :P

Bitcoin is truly amazing and has immense intrinsic value as a self-regulating frictionless payment network affordable to almost anyone. So amazing is the technology that anyone can send it to anyone.

Just like the Internet, Bitcoin is one of those innovations that can break down barriers; information barriers with regards to the internet and financial barriers with Bitcoin

I will be very interested to crystal ball on banks in the coming years as I speculate some could suffer greatly. I would not want to be up to my eyeballs in (overpriced) property loans and have a customer base that has a better alternative.

Beware a bubble is brewing with them ICOs popping up all around us.

RESTEEMED: Great work as always Josh & Jeff!! :)

Great videos Jeff! I'm with you 100% ! HOARD AND HODL With POPCORN

Great interview Josh! It's so exciting to see people taking on the central banking and central planning establishment in all of these innovative ways!

It's insanely exciting! :D

Good point llange! I have noticed the same thing. The false etymology of the word "government" is due to Jordan Maxwell and has spread on the internet ever since.

Never trust anyone. even Jeff Berwick. Always check the information by yourself!

BTW, Jeff do not be offended, I like 99.9% of what you say. ;-)

Hii @joshsigurdson i saw you post and i enjoyed reading it, could you please have a look on my daily analysis for Oil and give me your opinion.

Thanks for the info

Great post! No bubble for BTC or STEEM, check after 10X growth, then maybe!

I'm a bank slave...Please Steem, set me free!

The bubble is in fiat! It's an asset class that everyone wants. Plus there are trillions +.

Steem is touching the lives of far-reaching third world population that Humaniq can only dream of doing. If Bitcoin is water, Steem is air. The rest can rest in peace.

It's so much more pleasant to use DASH or LTC, and so much less expensive that I don't really see the same dominance for BTC going forward. (JMHO - just my humble opinion)

Must acknowledge though, that sooner or later, catastrophic shakeouts will likely occur. Presently billions of dollars are entering and exiting, every single day. Learn to take profits, for sure, but you must already be holding when the Big Money comes in.

I prefer LTC

Me too, it works so well I keep spending it.

Am i the only one seeing a crypto bubble brewing?
a few would survive but i believe most would go pop like we had with the a few years ago. get in now with ICOs raining all around but spread the risk and hold on to that what is good.

Well, it's no longer brewing, it's deflating. It looks to me like the Big-Money was the last money in and probably the first out. It wasn't lots of "little people" adding Billions each day. Mr DV's (dollar vigilante) words are now ringing true that you don't know you are in a bubble until afterwards to paraphrase.

There is and will continue to be a bubble of investment here because it is an earth-shaking arena. It will change everything just as the Internet 1.0 changed everything. And the powers-that-shouldn't be will appear to have the upper hand, until one day they don't.

And beyond blaming TPTSB real markets are scary and subject to the Madness of Crowds.

It is like, everyone walking around with s Swiss bank account in their pockets.
I can't​ believe I just know getting into this. Awesome!!

Jeff your videos are brilliant. I was already mostly awake, but you have helped me to resolve my mind. I want completely out of this governmental/central bank slave racket. I'm already mostly expat, but will work to become 100% expat by 2018. Thank you for what you do...

I agree great information.

yes, lets send these banksters to hell

Thanks Josh for another good piece

Decentralized Blockchain arriving soon near you.

Screw them very much ! :D

We actually have the power to make a choice now :,)

i agree that bitoin is the best cryptocurancy anyway nice post!!!!

Watched this a couple of times tonreally digest the information, excellent video

Why doe's it not bother anyone that Jeff Berwick has stolen thousands of dollars from hard working people?

Mainly because it's not true. Failure and fiasco are not the same as theft and deceit. All parties lose when there is failure and it becomes a fiasco but that is not the same thing as fraud, theft and scam. That's why it is libelous to condemn a person without knowing the circumstances.

But I am aware of the circumstances. He created a visa program and defrauded people who entered into his subscription service.

This has been proven without a shadow of a doubt.

Are you not aware of the circumstances surrounding it?

There are quite a few cases and video testimonials.

He has even payed off one person he did this too recently due to overwhelming evidence.

What about all the other people he has done this too?

So again are YOU aware of the circumstances?

EDIT: To be more accurate it was for a second passport

I saw that the guy trying to get the second passport got some but not everything he wanted. Welcome to the real world. Nobody can go around with a net and make you whole every time you stumble.

Besides success has a thousand fathers, failure has to file a paternity suite.

Wow are really going to use all those fancy words to say nothing?

Why are you defending him? He is crooked. He is good at it. But he is.

cryptocurrencies are definitely the future . WE WANT LOW TRANSACTION COST AND NO MIDDLEMan!

Crypto currency is becoming more and more interesting to me - and thanks to you for sharing this with us

I have become such an Anarchist after listening to Jeff! I really cannot stand banks or government anymore. Especially in South Africa, where both are TERRIBLE!

And sadly central banks are standing up to this. When sending money into my kraken account I actually had my bank manager threatened to close my account and call my mortgage for dealing in crypto-currencies. According to her they were all pyramid scams and that I shouldn't be associated with them. The RCMP is also attacking people online who are also advertising cryptocurrency in Canada so it's about time that we take charge and fight back. The days of negative interest rates should be over and it's ridiculous the small amounts of interest that conventional Banks pay us while at the same time only guaranteeing your money up to $100,000.

Yes they definitely are! I will never go backkkkk

Bankers have to be taught that they didn't get to where they are if it weren't for us, and using our money to get rich while giving us nothing for interest. They have to be restrained by backing cryptos by precious metals.

Unfortunately cryptos cannot be backed by precious metals because the metals would have to be stored in a stated location ie not decentralised and then transactions would also have to have faces behind them and with faces come taxes, government seizures and freezes etc all the kind of stuff that make cryptos attractive would be gone and well we are back to fiat currencies i guess.

Bit coin and crypto trading are the most difficult to get involved in there is no actual easy way to do the mining for someone who probably just learned about it, might find it difficult to blend in to the community.

Thanks of the great post and will check the video out

I Keep less than 1000$ in my bank account at all times, everything else is in crypto currencies

Your on Steemit! What you gonna due with all your money?

Great Interview Josh, very professionally done!

Hardfork? I don't think will happen or it will cause the price of BTC to drop 50%

I will continue to buy more BTC with each 25% drop in price. I never sell because I believe it will go to $1,000,000.00 each

MaidSafeCoin will protect and save the Internet!

@joshsigurdson Caught a couple of your YouTube videos.... great content! Following you now! Looking forward to your future content!

Yes its great to see that the Central banks and Governments have no control over crypto currency. This is really hurting their globalist agenda. The disruptive nature of the blockchain technology is very superb. Great posts man we need this information to be spread out to the world so that we can wake up from our enslavement. The future is very bright.


That is the only way to kill government stone dead.
Cut off their revenue and the beast will die.

All Governments are mafia/highwaymen only more evil, corrupt and totally inefficient.

Government is actually not required.

The problem starts with VOTING - Voting whether you want to be screwed by the reds or the blues is inane, voting is just a game we are allowed to play very few years if voting changed anything it would be banned.


Bitcoin is definitely NOT in a bubble. I believe what Cliff High says, it is "Capital Flight". Fiat currencies around the world are in a downward spiral.

I love your work, Josh! You're probably one of the most down to earth guys in the libertarian sphere.

Very interesting! Thanks for the info!

The central banks will surely fail due to their fraudulent ways they are obsolete tactics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait for it!! Awesome read :P

Cryptocurrencies is the future. What we see now is just beginning for this technology. Thanks for the video!

that's awesome ;) keep going !!! @joshsigurdson

Nice interview, thanks for sharing. It was in an interview with Jeff Berwick that I first heard about bitcoin. I sure wish I looked into it more heavily then, but I'm still thankful that it sparked my interest.

Crypto is THE vehicle that is the gift as the toxic system implodes. In the coming years the central bank system will wobble and probably crash, far worse than in 2008. This isn't fear-porn - it's something people really need to prepare for- land, silver, crypto, seeds, smiles, skills, community. Itza coming, and I got my popcorn in for the show :-)

OK not viewed the video yet but I smell BS! I mean central banks create money out of nothing! Always easier to create money out of nothing! Crypto can never be that efficient.

Congrats on making it back from behind enemy lines @joshsigurdson and @jeffberwick and congrats on the successful implementation of bubbleishious into the English lexicon.
Upvoted, followed since day one and resteemed.

Read "The Diamond Age" called for the effects that cryptos could have on the State YEARS before Satoshi wrote his white paper. (in fact, i'd be shocked that he wasn't inspired by the book itself!)

Big respect for interview🙂

Good insight. Love the DV's stuff..... though I am hoping with Ethereum he's slightly off as I put quite a bit into it. Crypto can be one part research, one part analysis, one part roll the dice. Still beats the crap out of bank provided savings and investment plans though. Hope both these guys keep up the amazing work!

This is only the start of more good things to come for BTC

How awesome would it be to see banks actually failing and the state powerless to bail them out because we all walk around with bank vault in our pockets ? I will celebrate for a week if/when that happens :D

We won't like the untold mess this would cause. So better not dream about this and instead about a more fluent move towards a better money system. It is possible that private cryptocurrencies do not fully take over from a Govcoin, but do keep the Govcoin in check.

I see it as the highest form of societal order, not a mess.

People losing their money in banks is not something I look forward to.

I was talking about cryptos out performing banks :)

Wouldn't the banks try to kill Crypto currencies since it will lead to less checking and savings accounts?

I like it nice

Steemit is definitely changing the game for social media and cryptocurrency.

You should add religion to one of the main danger of mankind.

following you :)

BITcoin should imply Banks In Trouble coin.

Allow me to sum up the state of the U.S. economy in one picture.