Canadian Unemployment WORSENS! - The HIDDEN Job Numbers

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In this video, I talk with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the real Canadian unemployment numbers.

Recently a story came out showing that Canada shed 51,600 jobs in the last month, wiping out the gains from July. The problem is, this goes far deeper. For years, Canada alongside the United States and several other countries have hidden unemployment numbers in the Labor Force Participation Rate which shows a stunning loss of jobs in actuality.

After a certain short period of time, the unemployed at removed from the unemployment statistics. The Labor Force Participation Rate continues to fall. While it includes many retirees mixed in, it shows that the real unemployment numbers are vastly higher than claimed by the Trudeau government.

In this video we go over the reason for rising unemployment in Canada, the many problems with the Canadian economy as well as the markets and this notion that it's all Trudeau's fault. While the Liberal government is certainly poison and creates perpetual problems, it's not entirely their fault. It's the fault of government or statism in the first place. This idea that centralizing our surroundings on a massive scale actually helps people when it makes all of our problems worse. Not only is it illogical, but it's also wrong. It's not okay to have an idea and feel this idea needs to be forced upon the populace. Good ideas do not require force.

So we also dig into the problem of statism as a brutal team sport and why we prosper far better on a free market with competing currencies and voluntary private contract governance.

See the FULL video report here:

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is it right?

Canada will keep on failing if they don't oppose Trudeau. I hope the people start voting the right way and go against their current policies. Otherwise things will just get worse.

They’re like an infestation of 🐀 RATS❗️You have to get them all or they keep coming back . The war on drugs is for pure profit , and has nothing to do with the public safety❗️Alcohol has been proven to be dangerous in ANY quantity❗️But the King of Beers is not in that target list . Cannabis is listed as the number one most dangerous drug⁉️THINK about that . More dangerous then HEROINE ⁉️More dangerous then OPIOIDS⁉️This is a MAFIA❗️They need to be physically removed . Freedom isn’t FREE❗️Read your constitution here in America , and you Canadians have to get rid of your monarchy .