DTube - MASSIVE Bank Run As Bank Freezes Withdrawals!

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One of our most recent video reports!
See the original article below:

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent bank run being witnessed it Latvia as ABLV (the Baltic state's third largest bank) receives an emergency central bank loan and suspends withdrawals.

This follows on the heels of Latvia's central bank governor Ilmars Rimsevics being investigated for money laundering and bribery which he claims is an attempt by opposition to oust him.

With the vast insolvency of banks worldwide, and despite that, vast dependency, there is a coming calamity at a magnitude the world has never seen before. We are just seeing the beginning of this calamity.

Now ABLV is being accused of money laundering and of course we don't see anything wrong with individuals hiding their hard earned money from government theft, but it's always interesting to see the same people who shame hard working people doing the same thing they shame those people for. It's the usual absurdity that banks and governments are untouchable. It doesn't appear that will hold up much longer.

ABLV is desperately looking for a survival plan, but it doesn't look like they will succeed. The emergency meeting on Monday will decide much of its fate.

Looking at the cash holdings to deposits of the top 4 banks in Latvia, we see 2 have more than ABLV, however, Norwegian owned Norvik Banka holds far less. This also pales in comparison to many Canadian banks. Is it time to be worried yet?
*Norvik Banka 4.73% deposits
*Citadele Banka 24.59%
*Rietumu Banka 28.85%
*ABLV Banka 13.36%

Perhaps it's time to stop trusting banks. If your money's in the bank, it's not yours, it's the bank's. A populace in debt is a populace in servitude. It's time people become self sufficient and financially responsible. Freedom depends on responsibility and independence. It's an individual's responsibility to not be taken advantage of and to understand the world around them. So why do so many depend on banks for their retirement and savings? Would the majority of the public depend on them if they knew what they were doing with "their" money?

It's time to rethink what you thought you knew.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

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Never miss any of your videos @joshsigurdson ... Couldn't be more grateful for the amazing work you guys are doing for truth and real freedom! Most of the news you put light on (like this one) do not ever appear on fake mass media... You guys are really brave! Greetings from Spain! Keep it up guys!

I appreciate that man! We try to report every untold story we can. :)
Will hopefully be doing more reporting on Spain soon. Kind of wanting to go to Spain in the next year. We'll see. :) Thanks!

@joshsigurdson U serious???? I'd love to see you guys over here! Any specific topic you are considering to report about Spain? There is plenty of stuff over here that deserve your amazing ability to put light on the hidden truths...Im extremely curious! Please keep me updated! By the way... I loved the recent interview you guys did to the great Mike Maloney... I learned more from economics watching his "hidden secrets of money" videos and YouTube channel than in 12 years of government indoctrination camps... I'm very grateful for all that brave people like you awakening free individuals minds around the world. Please keep us updated if u finally decide to como to Spain! Un fuerte abrazo amigos :)

This video is so eye opening. the bank are all holding their heads. they are more in debt than any one person! thanks for this info.

Very worrisome issues. In my country, in the 90's bank failing is like shop closing. But the worry some thing is depositors funds going with it. And they say decentralized block chain is like a poison ! Like I reiterated in many of my posts. Thanks for sharing

Bail in Next week now that they have suspended withdrawals.
Going to have to finish watching this after dinner.

As always. Bankers and Governors, after they steal money, they claim they ran into problems, exchange accusations to show the people they really care about their money that they have already stolen

We got sick of these dilemmas. And we hope the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will put end to these economic devils controlling banks.

They've had a bank run in Cypress not too long ago as well. It's crazy how no one here in america thinks it could happen to us because the federal reserve can continue to inflate.

My bad network wouldn't lemme watch that vid,
But according to the write-up, it seems the situation is everywhere, when depositing, all is well, then lemme withdraw my hard earned, free deposited cash, they wouldn't, I thought my country is the only suffering from that mishap.
From my own view, I think a new banking system should be introduced.

Dam, and people knock Trump. This is what usually happens to rich Celebrity kids who are just given everything.

I always keep some things I consider to be money out of the bank in a safe place!

This is why I do that!

Valued questions. But I think we have a bit to go before we trust Crypto before banks too. Seems to me that value on crypto is too much based on investment before real value and trade able value. Hope to see a change, but a lot of the cryptos are dubious at the moment.

The house always wins. How about OpenLedger DEX, buy OBITS and get monthly "dividend".

This is good news for crypto and steemit as well... and sad for retail investor in that bank stock

Keep up the great work guys. Couldn't be more thankful. Catching up on all the work. I can't wait to get this monetary system figured out and back to livin', ya know?

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