@joeycrack...Till 2-3 months ago I thought, maybe it could be a store of value if all the world is focusing on Bitcoin. So Gold would be history. But it can be forked. That's the killer. I'm 100% sure about this now. And as money Bitcoin is not usefull (slow and expensive). So there is no need for Bitcoin. Steem and Ether have real value. They almost recovered already, but not Bitcoin.

Steem and Ether have real value.

@mafsteem, Please can you throw more light on this, would love to know why.

We've come to accept bitcoin as the mother of all cryptocurrencies, and it is also used to get altcoins. So is Ethereum taking over? Steem and steem dollars doing pretty good. I have friends that have invested in steem without knowing about steemit.

@jeline...First, Bitcoin could still keep the leading position. But just because people still beleave in this. Because Bitcoin was the first. There is no other reason. That's too risky for me. Steemit everybody can see here. It works. It's the only application it is used on this scale. I'm convinced about this application but not 100% about the security of the blockchain-principle (graphene) behind. I follow this regularly to get more infos about that. Ether has also applications they are in use every day. For example ICO. And also AXA (big insurance company) is selling flight insurances over Ethereum and many others. But each one of this applications are not so big like Steemit. Steemit couldn't work with Ether because it would be much too expensive. But the security is 100% sure with Ether-Blockchain. I comprehend the principle behind. Very secure. I could go even more in detail. There are no other Coins they have applications in the real world. So I focus on Steem and Ether. Maybe one day I see that the Blockchain-principle of Steemit (graphene) is as secury as Ether. Then I would change everything to Steemit or Bitshares or EOS very fast.

@mafsteem, I get you now, so when it comes to cryptos, security is the first check right? Do you see ethereum passing the $10,000 mark next year by this time, like bitcoin did, and steem approaching $1,000?

Steem seems very promising and ether also, am looking to invest once I can

But at the moment it's seems like a bearish correction looms let's see how it goes to recover

@joeycrack...I think the bearish correction is already done.

Really? So what do you think is goin to happen next

@joeycrack...Example with Ether. Ether dropped from 857$ to 560$ the 22 of Dec. I'm quite sure this was the bottom. Then it went up to 740$ and down to 610$. Now again up to 740$. Now I would wait to drop again around 650$. It can be in this range for a couple of weeks but 1 day it will rise abouve this range. I wouldn't wait too long to buy this opportunity. Probably it will be the same with Bitcoin. As you know, Bitcoin I don't touch.

As you know, Bitcoin I don't touch

I didn't know, so why don't you touch bitcoin? Because am considering not touching anymore

@joeycrack...80% of Bitcoin-miners are in China. This way China could manipulate Bitcoin. Bitcoin is slow and expensive. Bitcoin can get forked, so it is not unique like Gold. Bitcoin is under control of the futures now. This is very bad. I don't see any long term value in Bitcoin. Very risky.

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