Free Ideas For The World #4 - How To Make 1 Million Dollars Of Bitcoin Over Night

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How to make 1 million dollars over night.. this is a bold claim indeed.

You could make 1 million dollars over night by using my idea.

But you probably won't, unless you put in the hard work first to create your audience.

Although you can.. in my opinion make shitloads of money doing this.. and personally i am working on promoting this company myself..i can see the potential.

I am willing to give this million dollar idea away for free.. because if you sign up with my referral link here, i get small commission whenever you make sales.. so if you DO make that one million i will get a small percentage and will be more than happy with that :P

FYI - This won't come out of your commission.. as some people think it does when you click on referral links.

It's simple to make 1 million dollars of bitcoin, paid out to you instantly, tomorrow.

All you have to do is convince a rich Saudi oil prince to invest 10 or 20 million.. into one of the ICOs.

You will receive anywhere from up to 8% - 15% of whatever your rich Saudi oil prince friend invested, automatically paid out to you in bitcoin.

Your are now a millionaire, overnight.

That's an extreme example to prove a point, obviously.

But to be serious.. the profit from promoting ICOs online or just to your friends and followers could be fucking MASSIVE.. that is of course if we are dealing with legitimate companies and not more bitcoin scams.

People are dumping millions upon millions into these ICOs.. and you can have a nice percentage of it.

You can refer your friends, and if they refer investors you will receive even more profit.

People are investing into all kinds of crazy investment programs and stupid ponzi schemes.

These new ICOs are backed up by solid products and technology and should have a much higher chance of success.

If RunCPA is legit and pays out properly.. they could be one of the biggest advertising companies ever.. so run.. please don't run!

Payout big money.. and you will earn huge money. I for one am on board.

This will of course depend on the ICOs pulling their weight and achieving milestones and goals.. but well i will take my chances on these potentially billion dollar companies than the shady ponzi schemes and investment programs plaguing the bitcoin advertising networks.

No product or affiliate program online can match it, at this point in time. The ability to refer investors for commission with automatic tracking and automatic payouts worldwide instantly is simple amazing.

Another billion dollar sector has been born.. and now is the time to get in.

So! To make your first mil overnight.. follow my simple steps :)

Step 1. Sign up to RunCPA and get your affiliate account.. make sure you save your username and password somewhere safe.

Step 2. Log in with your username and password to RunCPA - when your logged in you will see the menu on the left hand side, click on the offers button.


This will take you to the offers page.. this is all the different products and services you can promote, including the ICOs.


I clicked on the first offer i saw.. which happened to be 1XBIT - A sports and betting website which offers 50% of all revenue generated through your affiliate links.

Before you can promote any of the offers, you must click the get offers link above each offer.. and agree to any special rules for this program.


Once you have clicked the get offer button.. your unique linking code will appear:


Anyone who comes through that link and buys tokens.. you earn anywhere from 8% to 16% depending on what ICO your promoting.

Here are examples of my affiliate links for each of the ICOs once i signed up.

Alanta ICO, 8% commission:

BeOne ICO, 15% commission.

LitraCoin ICO 16% commission.

Step 3. All you need to do now.. is spread those links as much as possible. The more people you can send in, the more you can earn. Post your affiliate link anywhere you can!

If you happen to get someone who is wealthy and invests a large amount of money.. well lets say you will wake up with a nice surprise when you check your affiliate stats in the morning.

There are the currently 3 ICOs that are currently running on this platform which you can earn commission from.

*** Disclaimer: I do not endorse these ICOs, nor do i suggest you invest money you cant afford to lose anywhere at anytime, i do not provide financial advice and cannot be held liable for anything at anytime for any reason :)**

I simply wanted to show how CPA networks are now being used to promote initial coin offerings.. and the potential commissions for you could run into the millions.

ATLANT - A platform for turning real world assets into digital tokens, including real estate.


BeOne - Decentralized platform for education.


LitraCoin - Decentralized platform for healthcare.


If RunCPA can continue to secure contracts to promote new ICO companies along with other online services and good quality real word products such as crypto pay visa debit card, it could have billions in sales flowing through the system.

And all you need to do to get a slice of the action.. is sign up to RUNCPA and start spreading those links.

The way to make your 1 million over night.. is create an audience on twitter or here on steemit, a following of people who invest in ICOs. You can find investment related sub reddits, forums, bitcoin sites to advertise on and all kinds of places.

Once you have that audience in place..

If all this sounds too hard.. you could always just come and get some of my hard earned bitcoin for free, by visting these two new free bitcoin faucets i just setup.. will be trying to give away LOTS of free bitcoin ;) and

And as with all my free ideas for the world.. if you ever become a millionaire from one of my ideas you could always donate a small amount to my BTC address - 12pNEHfath7VoUAwc59574m81ta5fZnHeY :)

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this post is so amazing, I'm so inspired to keep working hard on steem.


You need to listen to this song while you do it :)

Incredible post, very useful. Thank you sir.


LOL mitch conner.. i remember you. One of my all time favourite SP episodes!!

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