Managing Your Time Effectively

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Are you a social media addict? Do you find yourself constantly being distracted from the work you have at hand once your notification beep goes off?


Well, if you are like me who uses my phone to do most of my writing [that's mostly how I earn by the way], you can testify to the fact that it is hard to concentrate when messages start to pop up on the screen while you work. Soon, you find yourself wandering away from what you are already doing, only to start responding to messages.

I'd love to give you a few helpful tips so you can have a more productive day.

  1. Turn off your read receipts on WhatsApp.

I found myself always having to return to WhatsApp each time I put on my mobile data and it was disturbing my work flow and productivity. So I decided to turn off my read receipts so I'm not pressured to respond to messages except it is very urgent. I know we like to leave our read receipts on mostly because we want to know who saw our status. I need you to ask yourself, "How has that helped me so far?" Take advantage of this information and turn off your read receipts to avoid distraction.

  1. Disable notifications from settings.

Doing this will disallow you from seeing message pop ups and this is especially useful for those of us who are always on our phones trying to earn. It cuts across all social media including Facebook, IG, WhatsApp and the like.

Below are screenshots of how to go about it.

I. Go to settings and click on Notification. On some phones, it is Sound and Notifications.


II. Click on Notification and then it will take you to the list of apps installed on your phone. Choose the one you want to block.

III. On the next screen, select the notification type which is your preferred choice. Then go back. You'd see that the app is now blocked for notifications. But to read any message, just go directly to the app itself.



Finally, there just a place for discipline. You need to tell yourself how important it is for you to act accordingly else the whole process is wasted. Of you find it hard to stay away from social media, I advise to pray to God for strength and then keep away from your phone as much as possible whenever you have a task at hand. Start small and don't get frustrated when you fail. Just keep moving on.

I hope you do have a productive week. Have a great week!

Tip of the day: If you want to have a productive day, get off social media and only return when necessary.


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