30 Ways I Made Money Online!

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What works to start earning a full time income online? Where do we get inspiration to start trying to make money here? In six years of having my business online, I have received a paycheck using hundreds of different methods. Some of those approaches took a ton of time and energy in exchange for a very small reward while others took relatively little time and effort for a huge reward. Would you read this post because it might inspire you to see your unique opportunities to earn the most money online? This post is part 1 of a 3 post series featuring a total of 90 ways I have made money online in the last six years!

My #1 Method to Make Money Online in 2017 and Beyond!

The number one way I have money online is by selling digital products online, specifically online courses. In total, I have made more than two million dollars in sales, selling online courses in the last three years. For example, here is a free link to the full video class this blog post is based on The University of Jerry Banfield at https://u.jerrybanfield.com/courses/100ways?coupon=steem because this is the single most effective method I know of to make sales for online courses is to start with a free coupon! This course just received a passionate 0 star review saying it could have been summed up in 5 minutes instead which motivated to do that in this post here for you ...

Easiest Way to Make Enough MoneyOnline!

The second best way that has worked for me to make money online is serving clients which is very easy to get started with. I earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue and probably somewhere between fifty and a hundred thousand dollars in profit from serving clients online.

How to combine both of these methods best into one using Steemit?

Start writing an awesome blog on Steemit today to get found by potential clients, earn a little bit on Steemit, and then potentially develop video courses. When we combine all three of these methods over several years, the result is almost certainly a full time income! What I hope to share with you here is motivation to keep trying online because there are a lot of different ways to get paid. Each of our results is likely to be unique meaning some of the strategies I share below might work better for you than they did for me while others might lead to nothing! Knowing our options gives us choices!

30 ways I have made money online

They are just in the order I came up with on the top of my head and I already gave you the very top ones in the introduction of this blog post. The point is to see that the Internet is filled with opportunities to earn and sometimes testing them is the only way to see what will work!

Thank you very much to @money-alchemist for making the infographic for this post above without asking and just shared it on faith in the comments here! That is inspiring innovation good for a 100% upvote!

Number 1 is a Fiverr referral program. Fiverr.com has a "refer a friend" program and I have the Fiverr link on that Jerry Banfield's resources page.

Number 2 is a GoDaddy affiliate program. I'm a GoDaddy customer, so it makes sense to let people know that I use GoDaddy. I think that I have made about twenty dollars on that.

Number 3 is Amazon Kindle Unlimited. When people subscribe to Kindle Unlimited on Amazon, they can just go read all the Kindle books they want to, and then as an author you get paid based on how many pages that they read, so I make a little bit on that each week.

Number 4 is Amazon Kindle sales, I make a little bit on that each week.

Number 5 is CreateSpace sales, which produce a little bit each week, currently maybe $20 or $25 or so.

Number 6: I had a TD Ameritrade Self Employment Plan IRA right now, which allowed me to deduct up to 25% of my profit by putting it into an IRA where I can then buy stocks. I sold this and paid the 10% tax penalty plus the tax to convert it into Steem Power!

Number 7: Coinbase Bitcoin buying and selling. Coinbase is what I use as a wallet for Bitcoin, and there is a link to that on jerrybanfield.com/resources where you can get $10 when you buy your first hundred dollars in Bitcoin. So that involves buying Bitcoin at a higher price and selling it at a lower price and losing money, and then sometimes buying it at a lower price and selling it at a higher price.

Number 8 is Poloniex trading. Poloniex is a website where you can put Bitcoin or other digital currencies on it, and then trade them. I started out with five Bitcoin, and ended up turning that into over $100,000 from July 2016 to July 2017. That's a profit of about $90,000 with $30,000 in taxes. That said, I got lucky because I had invested in a lot of altcoins before the huge market boom and before Poloniex started showing signs of crashing. Today I have only money I am willing to lose on Poloniex bought because the Steem and SBD price is really low there. I also no longer trade cryptocurrencies because I realize I got lucky on Poloniex and now am all in on Steem!

Number 9: CafePress Marketplace. CafePress is a website where you can sell on-demand shirts, mugs, products, etc... That was one of the first things where I seriously put my time into to making money online. I made several hundred dollars working on it after spending thousands of dollars on ads, and hundreds of hours making different designs, most of which were based on things like video games, which you couldn't do exactly on there and most of my designs since have been removed. So overall I got a loss on that, but I did make several hundred dollars.

Number 10 is YouTube ad revenue. That's pretty straightforward, I make about $2 every time a thousand people watch a video.

Number 11 is Patreon. Patreon is a website where you can pledge on a monthly basis to creators. I have spent a ton of time and energy, and I have made several thousands on Patreon. I have written a lot of articles about it and I have gotten organic traffic to my website too. The hard thing with Patreon is that people hate monthly payments. Most all of my friends said they would rather make like a $80 or $100 donation than contribute anything at all monthly. This is a big limitation with Patreon.

Number 12 is ThemeForest. ThemeForest is where I bought my Enfold WordPress theme. They have an affiliate program, I made about thirty bucks by having a link on the bottom of my website go directly to the ThemeForest store instead of straight to the author's website.

Number 13: Camtasia TechSmith affiliate. I have used Camtasia to film more than two thousand videos online. I have made around $50 as a Camtasia affiliate.

Number 14: Coinbase refer a friend. I have done Bitcoin trading tutorials showing that I use an insured wallet through Coinbase, and I have made about $200 in Bitcoin in refer a friend bonuses. The link above is a referal link, you and me will get $10 from Coinbase if you buy $100 worth in Bitcoin.

Number 15: Gaming for Good. I was streaming video games online one day when a guy named Neat Porcupine came on my Twitch channel and demanded to make a donation to me. I said, "I don't take donations. How do you even do that?" He gave me a link to Gaming for Good. I went to the website, set it up, and he immediately made a donation of $2. I have now received over a hundred dollars in donations on Gaming For Good. While technically it is called a donation, it is not really a donation because they are just giving money to me and it's taxable income since I'm not a charity.

Number 16 is my online success group. Once upon a time, I made a membership program on my website where we would meet and talk altogether once a week. I let in pretty much anyone who was willing to pay the twenty to thirty dollars a week cost to join the group. The other people in the group often didn't get along very well together. The one lady who was really enthusiastic got mad about a post I made and left the group. Finally one guy stayed in the group and talked with me for over a year in the group, his name is Jordan. He is now my friend, we talk once a week every week, after a year or two of him being in the group and paying $20 a week, I then started paying him $3,000 a month to do work for me when things were going really well on Udemy. Then a few months later I got banned from Udemy, so now we both just talk about our businesses online.

Number 17: Udemy Google organic search sales. One of the biggest successes on Udemy was the ability to rank a course high, so when you searched for a Facebook ads course when I was on Udemy, my course came up first. If you searched for a hacking course, my course came up first. If you searched for a bunch of types of courses in Google, you would find my Udemy courses because Udemy has a great page rank. They have a big website so it is easy to rank pages high, and then I had a good system of sharing back-links through free coupons so the page would get a ton of back-links and even if some were spam, a lot of them were good back-links with free coupons. Consequently, I got my courses ranked very high all over Google using Udemy, and then everyday, often hundreds of sales would come in from Google.

Number 18: M Media ad buys. When people wanted to show mobile ads, I used to use M Media. I would offer a fixed package with a certain number of impressions at about two to ten times the cost I would pay for it, and then I would go buy traffic, take the client's banner ads and run them on M Media, and then make my money that way.

Number 19: Focus group user testing. I managed around ten plus focus groups for new mobile apps that were popular in Asia, getting them released over here in the US. I had temporary employees try these out. Now the payment was really low for these and you really needed a lot higher payments to use the kind of people the client wanted to. With temporary employees though it was great, I got 1,500 in a focus group, and I could get two focus groups in, so it was 3,000. The temporary employees cost about $15 an hour with all the fees and everything. They probably only got $10 an hour, but I paid $15 an hour to ten people for four hours, which is $600 or so. I would make about $2,000 per focus group. That was a really nice deal, and that's what gave me enough money to start teaching on Udemy.

Number 20: Udemy affiliate selling my own courses. I would advertise my courses with my new Google AdWords account and I would just use affiliate links because then if someone bought my course, I would lose a significant part. I would only actually get then 24% from Udemy on the sale, so I would lose 25% of the sale. If I sold it with my own coupon, I would get ninety something percent without an affiliate link, but if I sold it with my own coupon and an affiliate link, I would get 50% through the affiliate program and 25% from Udemy. The nice thing is, when I sold courses with ads, often people would also go buy other courses and I actually came out farther ahead by affiliate selling my own courses because then if they were Udemy regulars, sometimes they would buy hundreds of dollars of courses along with one of my courses. I came out way ahead on the affiliate program. I made about $25,000 doing that and I spent probably $10,000 in ads.

Number 21: Udemy affiliate using Google AdWords. I already covered that one actually, so let's go back to the previous section. I did the same thing that I just talked about with AdWords except that I did it on my own website. Now that didn't work very good on my website because most of the people who came to my website were truly just interested in my courses, whereas most of the people on AdWords had no loyalty to my specific courses, and if they clicked an ad they were just as likely to buy someone else's courses as to buy my courses.

Number 22: YouTube sales of my Udemy courses. I put up, and still do this for my courses on my website, long free preview tutorials. I put up as much as a 9-hour free preview for a 20-hour course, and then use that free preview video to sell the course. That is what got everything started for me on Udemy and without that method right there, my Udemy courses never would have gone anywhere.

Number 23: Amazon affiliate selling my own Kindle books. This doesn't work that well, but it does allow me to see what people are interested in buying when they are clicking on my books, and theoretically what other things I could make. I have my own books on my website and I have an affiliate link, so if people go buy anything else on Amazon, they then give a small affiliate commission to me.

Number 24: Amazon affiliate selling products I have purchased. On my books page, I have also got all the books that have been really helpful for me affiliate linked. This doesn't work very good either. It has made maybe $20.

Number 25: Live class online. I made $9 selling seats to live classes online. I tried it for a few weeks, but it seems that people would rather pay for a pre-recorded course on a certain subject, than to pay for a live class where you have to be available at a certain time. You might be able to get a live class to work.

Number 26: One on one calls. I take one on one calls using Acuity Scheduling on my website and it is really sweet. It allows me to synch my Google calendar up with my schedule, and then any time I'm available on my Google calendar, I just leave that wide open and accept calls for $199 currently for 30 minutes. Then I'm raising that to $299 for 30 minutes as my base rate with $199 as my max discount starting in October because I have been getting enough of those that it has been taking away from my time to be here and do books and free videos. Acuity handles the scheduling and I only deal with people who have paid to have a call.

Number 27: IZEA paid Tweets. IZEA is a website and I think it is only US or other countries like Australia, Canada and the UK. I don't think it is open to most of the world yet.

IZEA is a website where you can connect your social media account, and then they have advertisers who will put projects up that you can actually get paid to do a Tweet about them. For example, with several different companies on there, they had these paid Tweet options up and they would be as much as $5 to some even $10 or $20.

If they approved you, you would hit that you would Tweet it and you would write little custom Tweets. The problem was that this website's interface was horrible. The advertisers were terrible about actually going through and approving you. A lot of advertisers just would put something up, never even check it, and if the advertiser never checked it, your request would never go through. There was no penalty for putting up a whole bunch of projects and never looking at any of them.

That got pretty old fast as a user. Occasionally though, an advertiser would actually go through and approve a Tweet, so I did make some decent money sending out Tweets on IZEA. Maybe $20, $30 or $40, but that was with a lot of Twitter followers too. Overall, not that great of a system, but still, it was a cool thing to say, "Hey I made some money on that website too, IZEA."

Number 28: Click to call affiliate from mobile ads. Commission Junction has what they call a "click to call" affiliate program where you get paid to generate calls that fall within certain parameters.

I did a couple of different ads, I used the banner ads that they gave me and put them in mobile ads. Then you get paid every time that there is a qualifying call. I think I made about $7 from that. The initial $1 ad spend made $7 profit and I was really excited about it, and then all the rest of the $100 ad spend after that paid nothing. Not sure how that worked, but there is some potential there I think.

Number 29: Chase credit card signup bonus. I have worked this angle a bunch of different times. They pay you to get a new credit card. Most recently, they gave me a new business card with a $500 bonus if I spent $5,000 on it. Now it has a $95 yearly fee after that, so maybe I will cancel it in the future. However, it helped me increase my credit limit and they gave me $500 to essentially spend money I was going to spend on another card anyway. I have got thousands of dollars from Chase signing up for credit cards, and then Chase now has the majority of my credit cards. What works good for them, works good for me.

Number 30: YouTube views through Amazon payment. I used Amazon payments to collect over $3,000 from a client I had worked with before who couldn't find a way to pay me with PayPal, and who paid me $3,000 to get millions of views on his YouTube channel. I used Fiverr and they were really cheap views he got. It is too bad I wouldn't have been able to use YouTube ads that would have worked a lot better for him. That was at the time one of the most profitable clients I had ever had about a year into my business.

Thank you for reading with me!

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You may want to watch the full video class, which is available free with this coupon on The University of Jerry Banfield at https://u.jerrybanfield.com/courses/100ways?coupon=steem.


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30 Ways I Made Money Online!.png

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Thank you so much @jerrybanfield for sharing this and for helping me in so many ways online. I am writing this post from my hotel room here in San Francisco because of all of the income I have been able to earn through online sources. You have inspired me and helped me in many ways an I am so grateful to be working with you. Keep up all of the great work here on Steemit! Sincerely, @joeparys

Nice are you there for the Udemy live?

Yes I am! It's been a great event so far -- wish you were here!! @jerrybanfield

I think it's better to focus on one or a few income streams rather than do everything. You'll earn much more being more niche.

Yeah, channel ones energy unto an online business is the sure way to success online. Consistency is the key!

Yea consistency is really important.

I agree after testing many options. Initially focusing on a few ineffective income streams quickly wastes time which being willing to test a lot of different ones getting started then often shows where to focus. After testing hundreds of income streams online, my top ones now are video courses, Steemit, and Patreon. It took a lot of time and testing to get in the position to make these work because most of the 100 things I tried produced nothing at first and I had no way to tell which would produce the most!

Absolutely @howtostartablog, although you can be "niche" and still have this area of expertise include a presence on several channels/platforms. Ie, @jerrybanfield is arguably an expert in the field of cryptos, Steemit, and most importantly marketing...and he displays his field of knowledge through all the income streams he describes in this post.

That said, if by "niche" you just mean a few different streams, then that's exactly what I'm trying to do here...first focusing on Steemit, then as Jerry suggests in his response to me, other avenues will evolve naturally (if I understand him correctly) -- >

"On the blog in the comments as you have done here the opportunity to collaborate with others will come perhaps in the form of clients or perhaps demand for videos, books, or other forms outside of the blog that readers would like. "

Hey Jerry, blown away as always! Obviously resteemed, no-brainer :)

There are a staggering number of online money making resources here - I wish there was an easy way to bookmark/favorite a post on Steemit for future reference. I'm just bookmarking this in my web browser (oldschool!) and plan on referring to it later.

Quick question, when you say:

"Start writing an awesome blog on Steemit today to get found by potential clients, earn a little bit on Steemit, and then potentially develop video courses. When we combine all three of these methods over several years, the result is almost certainly a full time income! "

What's your suggested order for these strategies? To make sure I understand this right, you recommend blogging here first and gaining a bit of a following, then develop a 1x1 training as well as video courses (ie, via Udemy) as time goes on?

Anyone else, feel free to chime in with your experience and any tips as well.

Thanks in advance!!


PS - Playing the credit card signup game is one of my favorites as well. I get at least one new one a year, which means a free roundtrip to Europe. Might have to write a post on that..although a lot of budget/travel bloggers have already.

Jordan thank you for asking about this because I think it might work a little different for each of us. Today I try to do the work that leaves me feeling the best about the world which is responding to the comments here at this moment. Having an active blog is one of the biggest factors I have found for trust online and it seems you are already doing that on Steemit! On the blog in the comments as you have done here the opportunity to collaborate with others will come perhaps in the form of clients or perhaps demand for videos, books, or other forms outside of the blog that readers would like. I started teaching video courses because commenters on the Warrior Forum assumed I had them already and asked me to create courses when they discovered I did not have any. I write posts on Steemit because of all of our comments and upvotes here and make video courses because of the sales and questions in the courses. Whatever commenters ask you to do becomes the opportunity!

Thanks so much for taking the time for that thoughtful response :)

Ahhh I remember the good old Warrior Forum from the days when I was experimenting with affiliate products and JVs as a teenager (fond memories). I'd hazard a guess that you probably also tried that at some point!

What you advise resonates with me, it's the whole go with the flow concept... just create products and services that others you interact with demand, and adapt to the situation.

I've considered on more than one occasion starting my own blog, but now that I'm part of Steemit, it seems redundant to have two, although certainly there are still benefits to doing both. Oh well, with a FT job I'm not in any hurry to put in many more hours at this point. I'll just have to sit back, relax, and see where the wind takes me ;)

Multiple Streams of Income Baby! That's How You Do it! :)

Definitely to start and grow although now I am working to focus the most on what is effective and neglect those that produce less! For example despite a massive effort including tens of thousands of dollars spent to get books on Kindle, I still make less than $100 a month. That I am giving up on thanks to Steemit!

Income producing activities... love it :)

You are very talented and smart...thank you for sharing!

It takes one to know one they say which makes this a compliment we are grateful to share!

We enjoy all you share :-)

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Very comprehensive and practical guide. Thanks for sharing this information and the coupon! I've been trying to figure out a way to capitalize as an artist online. It's been excruciatingly tough. If you have any tips - or know anyone who does - it would be most appreciated.
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You're welcome thank you for your kind feedback here and mentioning the coupon because I was hesitant to share it after the latest review on the course!

Now Jerry... haters gonna hate 😉 Just keep doing you and ignore the critics. Only way to stay sane. I'm sure you know.

Nowadays the internet is one of the best places to make money. Some days ago even after posting 11 good posts I hardly got 17$ then I thought steemit is only for those who invest money in this platform and those who came without money will get nothing. But then came the day when I got some good results on this platform. Patience is the key to success and good post mate upvoted.

I made $15 dollars already, its very nice to find something you can do. I hope to be able to blog part time next.

@rejakul you're welcome and I appreciate the upvote plus your comment here!

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You're welcome Andriano and thank you for sharing that back with me here that I may have it to give again!

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These ideas are fruitful and simple for one to start.
Glad I found you here in steem and will continue to support and resteem your posts.
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@buster544 thank you for telling me you like this post the best because it gives me courage to continue posting the rest in this series!

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Where can I find more information about M Media ad buys? (#18)

I think they got bought out by AOL as seen at https://tools.mmedia.com/login/. The basic idea is to sell clients mobile ad space at a lower rate than it is available to purchase for and make a profit on the difference. Google display network ads are probably a better way to do it but mMedia was the cheapest option a few years ago for the most impressions I could find

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Thank you I will keep trying some shorter posts!

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@jwolf you may be right which is funny because I have been on the edge of going out of business for most of my time working online!

Never give up man! You deserve it! You are working a lot!

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Salman thank you very much for continuing to read and comment because your feedback helps me understand how to best be of service to us here each day!

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#7 and #14 are both Coinbase. I'm still reading but getting great ideas so far.
I recently had someone mentioned Udemy to me and it sounded so familiar.. duh Jerry is who I heard it from. I relized after reading. I'm sorry you got banned. I love your videos and feel spoiled by all the knowledge I obtained free. Well, the many hour used to watch your videos and other creators and then not do any Uber rides was the cost lol Worth it.

You're right 7 was trading on Coinbase and 14 is affiliate referrals!

Interesting list with a wide variety of sources people probably never even heard of. That being said:

Poloniex trading. Poloniex is a website where you can put Bitcoin or other digital currencies on it, and then trade them. I started out with five Bitcoins, I have seven plus Bitcoins today. That's a profit of about $1,000 by cashing out in about three months, which someone on my YouTube channel said: "That sucks Jerry, I made twenty Bitcoins on Poloniex in one month!" Congratulations!

I think it is very dangerous to so easily promote this to anyone as a way you made money. Investing in crypto when well informed is just that - investing. Putting money into Poloniex when uninformed is at best gambling.

People need to know that so they are careful and don't get burned.

You're right I just edited this with a better description of all of my trading on Poloniex to avoid promoting it!

30 or 90?

I have two most posts that total 90 making this part 1 of a 3 part series that features 90 ways to make money online all of which have worked for me!

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The internet is a great way to be self employed. Long as you can get those bill payed. A job is a job. Regardless on what you do for a living. I hope I can make a living online, and these steps are great advice.

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I spend upwards to 1k a month to generate leads to my real estate website. I am looking into posting real estate tips and specific local knowledge. My question is would you recommend I build up Steem Power by posting or by buying it? I would be willing to use some of my crypto currency to buy Steem. I wanted to get your thoughts on if that would be a wise marketing investment. My goal would be to 1st generate more links to my main site and secondly begin making money by being involved in Steemit.

Here is my main page if that would help with the marketing decision:

Steemit Name: RealEstateCoach

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Thank you so much for this...

You are extremely intelligent! Keep going

I see many posts about making money selling classes online. I am in the phase of finding or regonizing my niche and where I can provide value to others.

Very good points @jerrybanfield and easy enough! Stuff can you do on the phone as well (which is where he current generation ends up a good bit of waking life anyways! ). Upvoted, resteemed and following you.

Cheers @jerrybanfield - just signed up for your course -thanks for giving it out free :)

Wow, thanks for sharing such a lot of information. I ll definitely try out some for sure.

Great informational post. Thank you!

Waao sir i don't know that you also write books,you are really awesome. :)

So i gave up after number 15, Africa with poor internet services is a big factor to doing all this at a glance....

Thanks for sharing jerrybanfield

Jerry you're a money making machine that doesn't use fuel to function

Wow , this is nice ,, we can learn alot on this , there many ways to earn online not only on steemit,, if we want ot retire on steemit , thiers a lot of stuff to go on and still making money online, for free

I thought putting your face in every banner was one of it haha

Great ideas Jerry! I have tried several things over the years and the number one thing is to build up a good email list of people interested in your products or services. It's all about the list!

you work too much

thank for sharring your ideas
i will probaly do some stuff online for money in the future

Wow, Jerry, there are a lot of ideas that I never thought about. I have been struggling with getting my online presence going. I am also amazed about the several million dollar revenues on your online courses, that's impressive.

Thanks for the tips, I'm trying to be able to stay at home and earn money online. I'll post a list of sites I've found that pay out quickly soon as well, the more we all share what we find that works the merrier and wealthier we will all be :)

Thanks for sharing this. It will be going to help lots of us to get started in online earning. I will love to see some videos on all of the above too soon.

You must never sleep! Thank you for the insight, I plan to adopt some of these principles. This is what I love about the Steemit community, sharing success and greating opportunities for other! Great work!!!

Great post....and a bit daunting for one who wants to start making money online. I have a Fiverr sellers page and I'll look into the referral program. Thanks.

Valuable list @jerrybanfield. This is why you're my favorite Steemit author right now.

Very informative and guiding @jerrybanfield
You truly are an Inspiration.
I admire the way you share the most relevant info with your followes to stay connected with @jerrbanfield

Good idea to share these ways to earn money. I understand why they worked for you, its a shame thet dont really work for me as i am in a different line of business (I am in consulting now, but I dont my own company, not much of a teacher yet, and generally am not posting videos yet either). I wonder if I am very different than everyone here or if these are very specific to your line of work. Great post though and happy for you things are working this well for you.

So basically, the 30 ways aren't really worth getting into! We just need to create a (insert your name here) University and Steem quality for a year or two!?

I thought 30 ways were crazy too many ways to make money, then I read the total is 90ways, probably more hidden ways or less profitable that you won't find interesting to share.
You really have a long way walked in internet business, that really makes feel like a minnow xD but also encourages to keep working because so many choices makes me think some rock will hit the target ;D
I am already checking cafepress, since I am a designer :D I only hope there's a way to get paid if I am in Mexico o.o
Can't wait for the next 30 :)

There's no denying it's good to have many fingers in many pies cheers jerry good article, thanks mike

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Great list my friend! It inspired me a lot.

Thanks for sharing. I wish you success :)

Still trying to wrap my mind around this steemit platform , I have seen allot of your videos on FaceBook and thought to give it a try . Seems okay so far only time will tell . Just like Bitcoin no-one knew it would have Blow up like it did .

Helped a lot thanks

Awesome list Jerry. Thanks for sharing. :)

Good article with great tips to make online money. 100% upvote and resteem.

Interesting post. Following and upvoted. :)

Informative :)

There's sure a lot of good information here .

THANKS!!! For sharing ... I am following you from YouTube

These are the best ways to make money online,Thanks for sharing nice info.

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