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Welcome to the physical world!! Getting more physical means we want to get together with others and build something. To do stuff. To make change in our world.


And that means meeting. Meeting others. Connecting. Effective connecting.

And that means: Agenda!

Agenda means what we want to talk about.

Each person has the power to contribute. Each person has their agenda.

Driving the agenda of a group is the most powerful force that anyone can contribute in any social group.

It doesn't have to be all the time. Part of the time. A small part. Taking the discussion in the direction you want - your agenda.

This is true in ANY culture! It's a human thing. A thing of our societies.

Once a person gets their group talking about what that person wants, then that person has power. The power of the group.

Power to change, power to improve, power to guide that group. Power for anything they want.

By contributing.

Did you know that most social media activity is from an active 0.1% or less of the audience. 1% of the audience moved to contribute in only simple ways. For instance liking or upvoting becomes a rare event. The rest: they watch.

That means in 1,000 people, only 1 will be active.

Do you know why? Fear.

And what is the number one killer of any business? Fear.

The same!

Ahhh, a clue!

Business success = doing what most others (99.9%) won't do.

Hence, to succeed we must engage! Move aside your fear.


Get engaged.

Get your agenda.

For business, Robert Kiyosaki has a summary for a broad business agenda. Use it, as it is. Always copy when you can, and improve, improvise in time:

  1. Mission
  2. Team
  3. Leadership
  4. Cash flow
  5. Communications
  6. Systems
  7. Legal
  8. Product

My typical agenda revolves around getting a handle on each of these 8 points. More on that in another post.

Thanks Robert.

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Post first written in 2016 on my wordpress blog here:

Now refreshed and reposted for the "Great Reposting" to Steemit.com

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