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Steem is a great way to get your foot in the door with crypto. At this point you've probably stacked up some steem power & SBD. What are you doing now? Letting it sit and do nothing?

It's time to get yourself on an exchange and make some money! Not everyone can make a ton of money but with some understanding, even you can make a few bucks.

Take me for example. I didn't even know what crypto was a year ago. My buddy Derek got me started and I fell in love. Identifing market trends gets pretty easy after a while. Pay attention to one for a good amount of time. Check it's history and invest when it's low! This week I made a few hundred bucks by buying some steem around $1.10 each and selling at $1.70 each. Obviously it's not always going to be smooth everytime but more often than not I've found it is!


Get your mind on the prize!


Good Point. I agree. That's what I did. I worked pretty hard for a year and acquired some SP..then when the value of Steem went UP...I had something. I used some of that Steem to buy bitcoin then traded the BC for $ and bought some stuff.

I intend to continue this practice.

I wish I could go back in time. I spent half a bitcoin (made from steem) on a tv last year when it was around $900. That'd be a much better TV nowadays lmao. Lessons are better learned when slapped in the face I suppose.

I've had good luck with Shift

Good post!

Thanks for the tips!

I will build up my steem power here as I believe steem will rise and stay higher.

I am trying to buy more coins with fiat. I have been watching prices. It's fun now and eill be much more fun when I have more invested.

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