How you grow your WEALTH?

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You have to spend less money then you take in every year!

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You have to spend less money on your living, on your buyings, mortgage, your transportation, food, cell phone plan, etc, because if you don't you can't grow your wealth, you always be broke which it will be optimistic because more then likely you probably always be in debt.

Most people today spend about 125% of what they are earning. You need to take a percentage and have to put it to work, growing your wealth, power of compounding / power of compound interest.

Decide now to live in X percentage of what you take in every week or every month.

You use that percentage and then use it to invest that percentage in 3 buckets.

Bucket number 1 - Low risk so usually means low return investments but almost all investments in this bucket have no risk at all then it means also low reward.

Bucket number 2 - Moderate risk, moderate return. In this bucket you can have real estate investments, stocks and investment funds.

Bucket number 3 - High risk but also have potential to high return. Mostly new emerging tech stock companies, it means high reward.

Depending of your profile and character you decide the % for every each bucket but never forget that bucket number 1 should have the biggest % because like that can never be lost the principal.
Then decide according your personality if you like more to take risks for example the percentages for buckets number 2 and 3.

Decide today to learn how the money system works that is designed to keep you in dangerous servant.

Have a great week and decide to be in GOOD mode ( Get Out Of Debt ).

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