Our Education System is Broken | Transition Into the New Internet & Technology Age

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As everyone already knows or suspects, our education system is broken. We are sending our youth to outrageously expensive colleges & universities to get degree in worthless fields of study, and forcing them into massive debt to learn skills that will be useless for the job market of tomorrow

If you’re going to school to learn a specific skill set, such as to become a doctor or lawyer, then that is a different story. But a many students today have know idea what they are meant to be based on their talents and ambitions, and are in fields of study that will result in nothing more than finding a mediocre job to pay of your newly acquired debt load.

In school, students are taught to follow rules, not to question authority or think for themselves, and to depend more and more on our ever growing government system. To put it plainly, they are being taught how to be good indentured servants.

So what is an indentured servant? 

An indentured servant is a person forced to work and labor for someone else, in exchange for the basic necessities needed to survive. No matter how hard or how many hours you work, you leave each day with only your master’s scraps.

Our education system teaches only one thing, how to be a good employee and get a job. Instead of learning how to monetize and navigate this new internet age we have just entered, students are being taught the mundane skills to simply get and sustain a 9-5 job.

The 9-5 job is a dying practice.

It is simply a productivity strategy from the industrial age for large factories. People are slowly starting to move away from depending on a job to earn a living, and using this transition into the internet & technology age to build a lifestyle around their talents and passions. In this new era, not only will people begin learning & self educating themselves on the subjects they actually wish to learn, but will also be able to monetize the knowledge that is acquired to earn a living  by leveraging the internet and new technology. 

The 9-5  job (and the middle class for that matter) was created by the auto industry. All Ford needed was a functioning body to work their specific duty on the assembly line from 9-5 each Monday through Friday to keep cranking out those cars. You follow the rules, and do the same repetitive task for 40 years or more, which means you spend the best years of your life building someone else’s dream, only to be allowed a break to enjoy life after you have gotten too old, sick or disabled to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

The same is true today. You must get out of the job mentality. 

At a job, you don’t have freedom. You can’t say what you really want. You are forced to become someone else each day from fear of disciplinary action from your boss (master) for saying the wrong thing or acting the wrong way. You have to pretend to be someone else for half your life, while sitting in a cubicle, doing things you don’t want to do, with people you may not even get along with. At a job, you have a set pay or salary, that MIGHT get raised 4-5% after years of hard labor and hours of time dedicated to building someone else’s dream…

For the young people out there, you might get a job for maybe 3 or 5 years for training, and to earn a living while you build your own business during the free time you’re allowed to have. Running your own business is the only way to get paid what your time is truly worth. If you start and build your own business, the potential to scale is unlimited.  You no longer have to depend on the table scraps handed down to you from your master, or boss. 

With your own business, you have the time and the freedom to innovate, create, learn, experiment,  build and spend your time working on the things you know your were meant to do.

You must get your time back. 

Time is the most important commodity that has been given to you on this earth, so you have to take every step necessary to get your time back so you can become the person you were meant to be. Go out and start creating value for others. 

The more people you help, the wealthier you will become monetarily, mentally and spiritually

Until next time!

Jason Gandy

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