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in #money2 years ago

So, does anyone have an idea of how much this might be worth as a collectible?

Or maybe for some rich guy to tuck away in his wallet for when the random game of Liar's Poker comes around?

I received this last night during the course of my usual business. An avid Liar's Poker player in the past, I decided to keep it myself, figuring someone would be willing to pay more than $100 for it one day.

I've done a little research online, and so far my reviews are mixed. I came across someone "asking" for $777 for a twenty dollar bill with six 7s on it ...
... as well as an asking price of $2,888 for a $100 bill with "Seven of a kind" ...

So there's a market out there for sure. A market of sellers anyways. Doesn't mean they'll get what they're asking. Time will tell if there's any buyers. Just wondering if Steemit can tell me something Google isn't forthcoming with so far.

But I'm planning on "hodling" it for awhile - maybe I'll get smart and just invest it in crypto eventually.


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