Larimer Strikes Back! A New Social Media Platform on EOS?

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It looks like Dan Larimer isn't happy with what Steemit has become and plans to release a social media platform on his upcoming EOS platform.


There's not a lot of info on this right now just the short twitter conversation below:


Sounds exciting.. can he come up with a fair distribution system? Steemit is getting highly centralised by few big whales who are now trying to rule over.. Hopefully the new Social Media Integration on EOS must have some feature where everyone will get whatever they truly deserve

Thanks for sharing this bud, what are you're thoughts on EOS over a long enough time span.I see them as one of the platform's to watch over the next 2-3 years.Lets see how they develop over time.

thank you for your information :)

Mmmh, the concern here is that Dan has proven himself and eos has some top backing...

STEEMIT needs to steal a march now and sort out some internal issues if it wants to ward this threat off.

Ya for sure, I think as investors we need to hold Steem and EOS because there's no room for bias when investing. Obviously Dan knows Steem very well and how he'd improve upon it and I'm sure he will. But it won't be easy, Steemit could have 2 millions users by then and be in a big growth cycle. Plus the Steemit team is committed to improving Steemit and the Steem blockchain, where the EOS social media site would be a dapp on top of EOS and not Dan's primary project. Also, Dan is very smart but doesn't have a good track record of seeing projects through.

I wonder if EOS is talking about a social media website or a social media template for dapps to build off?

Yes, fair points all round. There's a lot to be said for 'first mover advantage'.

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I didn't know about Steemfollower and Steemengine, nice info. Thanks