How I predicted a $20,000,000 Crash in the BTC-STEEM Market and earned 19 US-Cent for it.

in money •  2 years ago

Hello Steemians,

in the last days I had predicted in a series of posts that the BTC-STEEM market will crash. Now, STEEM has lost 20,000,000 USD market capitalization within a couple of hours and I earned around 0,19 USD for all of my predictions.

For the records:

4 weeks ago I've warned that BTC/STEEM will probably retest 0.0025 BTC and I earned 0,00 USD for this forecast.

Yesterday I've warned TWICE IN TIME that the current crash is incoming and earned 0,19 USD for both forecasts:

As predicted 4 weeks ago, BTC-STEEM was falling down to 0.0025 BTC.

Next time better follow the advice of @holzmichl ;-)

Best regards,

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Why you did not bet on it? :)

All I wanna know is, where's Steem going to next? I'm following you. Lets see if it was a fluke or not!


To be honest, I dont know where BTC-STEEM is going next. Some days/weeks ago the patterns were "crystal clear". Ok, "crystal clear" is dishonest, but the odds where on the short side / falling price. But now I need to wait for another usefull pattern. As stated in another reply, I have bought STEEM at 0.002501 BTC, and if we go to 0.0016 BTC, I will buy more, because I belief in this tech.

Need to follow you!:)

Maybe now they will believe you.

Live and learn...

I liked your post maybe you'd like one of mine ...[]

This means we can go to the moon now, right?


At least STEEM has to go over 0.0033 BTC for a new uptrend. And if we go to moon? I'm not sure due to the high inflation of STEEM. But one thing is true. We all love this bitch called Steem. Nothing has given me more desire in the last years than this tech.

Thanks for doing the analysis. I am sure there were a lot of traders who thought the steem price will not fall and that's why they ignored your warning.

You made the right call. Now I think a few more people will be listening to your warnings.

Over time your reputation as a chartist will grow and your predictions will garner more attention.

By the way, you got my first upvote of the evening.

Steem on,

Well done, my twin bro :-)

Being right & being ignored happens more than you think - mostso if you catch a trend (or change in the trend) early. Comes with the territory. :)

hattest wohl recht.

Super Analyse. Wo hast Du das gelernt?

Auf jeden Fall gefolgt und geupvoted! :)